ThrowBack Thursdays: Larry Bubb–Gospel Singer, Musician and Comedian Extraordinaire

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous article that I have written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s ThrowBack Thursdays: Larry Bubb–Gospel Singer, Musician, and Comedian Extraordinaire.


Going back to my humble beginnings as a blogger, when I truly caught the bug, I wanted to start featuring people and their talents to the world by writing a short post about them on my website: Spotlight Feature. Larry Bubb happened to be at the right time time when I had this idea.

I have the pleasure of knowing Larry as a teenager, when he came by my church in San Diego, Ca at Coronado Southern Baptist Church. Larry Bubb is traveling a gospel musician and comedian–traveling to 30 states across country sharing the good news about his best friend Jesus Christ. Not only has he made appearances on television and radio shows, but has made long lasting impressions on the people he has performed for. His music and whimsical humor has helped people bridge their relationship to God much closer, and has impressed famous stars such as Hollywood Actress and Academy Award Nominee, Angela Basset.

“I was so uplifted after hearing Larry’s message as he employs his gifts of humor & song along with practical Biblical instruction. He will especially bless the hearts of young adults, relating the word of God in a truly engaging manner.” –Angela Bassett

Thank you Larry for sharing the good news with me about your best friend Jesus Christ, and continue to make the world smile through your music and humor. To read my post on him, please click on the link below.

Larry Bubb!

To contact Larry Bubb for your next gospel service go or contact him via email at

Spotlight Feature: Nancy Basilicato, Team Coordinator for Pay it Forward Communications LLC


Nancy Basilicato is an awesome individual as well as a Team Coordinator for Pay It Forward (PIF) Communications LLC. And I have the pleasure of knowing Nancy through the Small Business Expo in Boston, Ma.

Pay it Forward (PIF) Communications is a LLC that provides the opportunity to own a home-based business without large investments, or large risks that most entrepreneurs undergo when starting their own business. With the total support of a large organization, behind you every step of the way, they offer services on household amenities that people are already using and spending money on such as phone service, wireless, natural gas and electricity, merchant services, high-speed Internet, TV, home security and automation and much more.

“There is no change in buying habits, and you are helping people save money on services that they already use.”


Nancy does not only find passion in helping people but in traveling too.

If you wish to contact Nancy and learn more about her business opportunity model, then email her at

Motivation Monday: Evolve the Art of Storytelling

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Evolve the Art of Storytelling

In this 3 minute TED talk video, we see iPad storyteller and entrepreneur, Joe Sabia, give an inspirational talk on the history of storytelling; and how technology was able to advance it thanks to German author, Lothar Megendoffer. Sabia does not only do a phenomenal job of storytelling (detailing each part of his story with powerful visuals), but an excellent job in conveying his point across.

“The art of storytelling has remained unchanged. And for the most part the stories are recycled. But the way humans tell the stories has evolved with pure, and consistent novelty.”

–Joe Sabia

Stories are what keeps the world spinning. And I am so fortunate that I am able to use my writing, and my website, as a platform to share people’s stories across the world via the web. 

*I invite all of you to check out my “Interesting People” section and read the amazing stories that I have amassed since I first produced my website to the world! 

Thank you Megendoffer for giving me, and the world, the Megendofferitis: to make our stories come to life. If you hadn’t said “Genug ist Genug,” then our stories would have never reached the medium to where it is today.

So this week, evolve the art of storytelling–and catch the Megendofferitis. Instead of sharing your story face to face, grab a phone and video stream your story online and make your story come to life. Utilize social media to make your story (and/or your product’s story) come to life!

To follow Joe Sabia and his TED talks, go to:   

You can also follow Joe on his personal website at or on Twitter (@joesabia)

ThrowBack Thursdays: Roy AfriQue, Promoter and CEO of AfriQue Events

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous article that I have written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary person.

This week’s ThrowBack Thursdays: Roy Afrique, Promoter and CEO of AfriQue Events


The first time that I met Roy AfriQue was when I first moved here to the city of Boston. Making friends very quickly during the first few weeks of my stay, I was very fortunate enough to be invited to a birthday party which Roy AfriQue was hosting. It only took one party, and one encounter to realize how cool he was–and still is.

His swag is like no other in the city of Boston–He is one of those few people who knows how to bring Sexy Back. He is the only African promoter (Uganda) in Boston that is putting people first before leisure, for over 5 years–“It’s all about relationships and customer service,” he says. Not only is he an established businessman, but a gentleman to the ladies–he doesn’t need much to impress a lady. He is the best promoter in Boston, and I am so lucky that I got to work under his wing for a short time period.

Prince’s Daily Journal proudly endorses him for any party that you are having–whether it be birthday parties or anniversaries. Roy can even help you find your perfect match!–Read his interview!

To read his humble beginnings as a promoter and how he is bringing people from all over the world on the same dance floor, click on the link below.

His Story on Promoting and How He is Bringing People Together on the Dance Floor

You can also follow him on Twitter to see when his the next party ( and RSVP at (His Next Party is This Weekend!! So follow him on Twitter; Don’t Forget New Year’s Eve Bash Too!)

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Daily Newsfeed

Kazakhstan sends three astronauts to outer space; HHS Secretary says Contractors needs a hundred of fixes on; Twitter has finally priced its IPO!; The Indiana Pacers beat the Chicago Bulls and remain undefeated!; and, Pope Francis Kisses a Disfigured Man. All this and more, please follow the links below

Soyuz rockets to International Space Station

Sebelius: Contractors need to fix “a couple of hundred” problems

Twitter has priced its IPO

The Indiana Pacers remain undefeated after win against the Bulls

Photo: Pope Francis kisses a disfigured man

Daily Newsfeed

TSA agent Geraldo Hernandiez dies in the line of duty at LAX Airport; IRS raises limit on tax free lifetime gifts; White House deploys a Twitter army; The New England Patriots defeat the Pittsburg Steelers; and the explosion of violence in Iraq turning into a political liability for President Obama. All this and more, please follow the links below.

LAX Shooting kills 1 TSA Agent

IRS raises limit on tax-free lifetime gifts

In the political message wars, WH deploys a Twitter army

55 to 31, Patriots

Explosion of violence in Iraq is turning into a political liability for Obama

Daily Newsfeed

President Obama asks companies from around the world to invest in America; Tech Giants bolster their defenses after the NSA scandal; Canada seizes cocaine filled pumpkins at the Montreal airport; Aviation regulators are giving airlines the ok to let passengers keep electronics on during take off; and why does Washington fear the ‘dark web’? All this and more, please follow the links below.

President Obama asks the world to invest in America

Tech Giants venting their anger after NSA scandal

Canada seizes cocaine filled pumpkin at airport

FAA is loosening up rules on gadgets during take off

Why does Washington fear the dark web

Daily Newsfeed

The Red Sox Take The Lead in the World Series; The White House grants extension on health law sign ups until March 31st; McDonald’s won’t be serving Heinz Ketchup anymore; Starbucks is now e-gifting through Twitter; US spy chiefs face Congress amid spying rift with Europe; and the World is debating if the Netherlands’ Sinterklaas feast is racist. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Red Sox lead the World Series, 3-2

The White House Extends deadline for penalty free sign ups

The Ketchup Wars: McDonalds says no to Heinz

Starbucks’ new program: “Tweet-A-Coffee”

US spy chiefs take the stand during spying rift with Europe

Is the Sinterklaas feast racist?

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Motivation Monday: Learn from 404 pages; Don’t Ignore Them

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Learn from 404 pages; Don’t Ignore Them

In this 4 min TED talk video, we see media strategist, Reeny Gleeson, talk on the most common and annoying incidence that has ever befallen on Internet users everywhere: the dreaded 404 page. Not only does Gleeson educate us on “what is a 404 page,” but teaches us how 404s can actually be beneficial in our own lives.

404 pages, as Gleeson tell us, is another way of saying, “that you fell through the cracks“; you made a mistake. Rather than having a beautiful picture that rewards us for finding the right page, we instead receive an ugly page for the mistake that we made. However, instead of ignoring 404 pages, Gleeson and his group of start ups turned it into an opportunity: to create interactive 404 pages. Not only was his team able to create fun and interactive 404 pages, which then turned into a contest for $404, but they learned a valuable lesson:

“Those little things, done right, actually matter. And that well-designed moments can build brands” –Renny Gleeson

To me, 404 pages are like the mistakes that we have in our lives; they teach us what we should do and not do. But if we choose to ignore our mistakes, or 404 pages, then we will never find innovative ways to succeed and create something spectacular. Remember that the light bulb was invented by a mistake (and plenty of them).

So this week don’t treat mistakes like 404 pages. Be innovative and creative; that’s how we learn from our mistakes.

If you wish to follow Reeny Gleeson and his TED Talks go to:

You can also follow him at

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Daily Newsfeed

The Red Sox Win their first World Series Game; Bank Of America is liable for countrywide mortgage fraud; Rapper Ja Rule is coming out with a prison cookbook; White House National Security Advisor Jofi Joseph loses his job over insulting tweets; and the search for “Fifty Shades Of Grey” movie characters Christian Grey is over. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Red Sox vs Cardinals 8-1, leading the series 1-0

Bank of America liable for mortgage fraud

Ja Rule an expert on microwave cuisine

White House staffer Jofi Joseph poses as an anonymous Twitter

The search for 50 Shades’ Christian Grey is over

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How to Tweet Red Sox’ 1st World Series Game


Hello Everyone. Tonight is a very important game for the Red Sox!
And as such I will be watching and chiming in my tweets with people (Red Sox Fans, entrepreneurs etc) all over the Twitterverse! If you wish to follow my tweets go to @princedjc

For those of you who are new to Twitter but yet want to utilize it for yourself or your business, then this a great opportunity for you to do it. Watch the game while tweet and have people read your tweets and see your profile–networking at finest!

Here are some few helpful hints:
–For every tweet you have the opportunity to mention a fellow twitter (example: @princedjc or @redsox) and trend using hashtags (#) (like #worldseries).

So here’s an example of a perfect tweet:

“Go @redsox! @princedjc Let’s win the #worldseries!”

Here you see, that you sent your tweet to me, the redsox, and the Twitterverse, while at the same time, trended the World Series so now everybody can read, retweet (RT) or favorite your tweet. Simple Right?!?

–And Remember to keep your tweets short! 140 characters. With a pic about 100
–Here is what’s trending on Twitter: #Worldseries #Game1 #Redsox!

Now get out there and TWEET!! Also for anyone who follows me and mentions me in a Tweet along with Go Red Sox!, I will retweet and comment back!