Week In Review

Motivation Mondays: Treat Every Misfortune As A Gift

Weekly Political Tweet: Remembering JFK

ThrowBack Thursdays: Fabrison’s Cafe–My First Coffee Review

Saturday Book Read: w/ Sharine Jones Chapter End of Chapter 1 (Love) 

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Do Not Fade Away w/ the World

Networking: My Talk w/ Attn. Mark Fischer; At the 3rd Annual Social Media Event at UMass


Prince’s Daily Journal will be observing the Thanksgiving Holiday Season and as such we will not be posting the following items:

  • Daily Newsfeeds (Mon-Fri)
  • Motivation Mondays
  • Talk Tuesdays
  • Weekly Political Report or Tweet
  • ThrowBack Thursdays
  • Saturday Book Read w/ Sharine Jones
  • Weekly Spiritual Digest
  • Week in Review

Please feel free to browse through Prince’s site for previous stories, interviews, and pictures. Also expect new posts from his page “Prince’s Travels” under San Diego, Ca.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!