Motivation Monday: Write A Love Letter Today!

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Write a Love Letter Today!

In this short TED talk video, we do not only see the power of the pen but the beauty of love letters.

Hannah Brencher, letter enthusiast and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters, began writing her love letters back in college–which she would address them to her mother, who did not believe in emailing or texting her loved ones. And it would take Hannah one bad day for her to realize her true gift and mission in life.

Hannah experienced her bad day when she moved to New York City after college. But instead of doing the orthodox to console her pain, she did the unorthodox: she wrote letters to complete strangers and hid them throughout the Big Apple! (cafes, libraries, the U.N, etc.). Furthermore, she blogged about them and made a promise to the Internet, which evidently changed her life forever: “If you ask me for a hand written letter, I will write you one–no questions asked.” And so, what started out as a kind favor turned into a call of public service overnight.

One of the greatest takeaways from her TED talk video (and is my favorite) is the story of the man who almost took his life–but did not because of what Hannah and her team of “strangers” wrote for him. When I saw this, it reminded me of the interviews I had with people (on my website)–and how they all changed my life for the better.

Storytelling is what the world is really about: listening, reading, and sharing each others stories. TED talk speaker Drew Dudley, who I interviewed, told me that “storytelling is the basic unit of human understanding.” When we share our stories with each other (especially through letter-writing) we do not only save lives, but empower ourselves and others too.

So this week (and today), when you are at work or school, grab yourself a piece of paper, note card, thank you card, etc.; write a letter with inspiring words of love (NOT HATE); and tuck it away in a spot where a stranger can pick one up and read it.

[I’m going to start mine today (and this week) and see what happens!]

To follow Hannah and her TED talks go to

If you want to be part of this movement (which I strongly urge you all to do) go to, and learn how you can help a stranger through your words of love.

You can also go to Hannah’s website ( and follow her on Twitter @hannahbrencher

Motivation Monday: Set Your Dreams High and Never Take Your Eyes Away From Them

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Set Your Dreams High and Never Take Your Eyes Away From Them.

In this video, we do not only see the beauty of Doug’s baritone voice but the power of dreams–and how dreams can ascend from all obstacles in life.

Doug Luffborough, who is now a heart inspired speaker and chief managing consultant of Turning the Hearts Center, was selected from his alma mater Northeastern University to give the keynote speech to his graduating class of 1993–a speech that would soon be the starting point of his speaking career.

In his speech, Doug starts out by singing Harry Belafonte’s famous song, “The Banana Boat Song”–and tells us just how much he wanted to go home after spending one week at Northeastern University. But the problem for him was that he had no home to go to. However, what prevented him from going back to his impoverished neighborhood was his dream of attending college–and how his mother, who sacrificed everything, made his dream possible.

One of the greatest takeaways from his speech was how his mother told him to set his dreams high (high in a corner) and to never take his eyes away from that corner. And it was through those words that he was able to go from “Homeless to Harvard”–and travel to the White House to meet the former President of the United States Bill Clinton himself!

Thank you Doug for your empowering words and I am elated to see the many successes that you have made thus far. You are a living testament of what dreams can do, when one does not look away. I am glad that I was able to share your story with the world.  –Prince

So this week, set your dreams high and never take your eyes away from them. Follow Doug’s mother’s advice and challenge each other for the great things in life while helping people along the way; so they can turn their lives around too.

And never live life with words like “I should’ve“; “I could’ve“; or “if only I had“. Instead live life with words like “I can“; “I will“; and “I did.

If you wish to contact Doug Luffborough for your next leadership workshop or speaking engagement, go to

You can also follow Doug via Twitter @dougluff

Here is Bill Clinton’s Reaction from Doug Luffborough’s speech

(Update: Doug Luffborough is no longer a Chief Managing Consultant at Turning The Hearts Center. He is now a full-time Heart Inspired Speaker! [7/9/2014] )

ThrowBack Thursdays: The Lord’s Prayer (Boston Marathon Tribute)

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous blog/article/review or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s Throwback Thursdays Edition: The Lord’s Prayer (Weekly Spiritual Digest: Forgive, for it is in The Lord’s Prayer)


“Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy Name, thy kingdom come,
thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us of our tresspasses, as we forgive those
who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever. Amen.”

I wrote this Weekly Spiritual Digest, six days after the Boston Marathon Bombing–one year ago. And in my post I wrote this:

“Finding the right words or verse to reflect on what happened six days ago in Boston was difficult–knowing what I saw and what I experienced could not be consolidated into words. However it was not until I visited the memorial site, of where it all began, that I began to recite the Lord’s Prayer.”

My epiphany, from reciting the Lord’s Prayer, came when I manifested on the Lord’s Prayer and it’s call to forgive: “And forgive us of our tresspasses, as we forgive those
who trespass against us”

In righteous anger I asked myself and even to God Almighty, “How can I forgive anybody, let alone those two men, after what they have done to those innocent men, women and children?”

It was very hard for me to understand this concept. But once I asked myself this question, everything began to be clear:

“Then why are you reciting The Lord’s Prayer?”

I remembered that I was reciting The Lord’s Prayer that day to deliver the world from evil; to have mercy on us; and for peace. And I realized that in order to receive those requests, (to deliver us from evil, to not lead us into temptation or for peace) I must forgive those who have trespassed against me; or the Father will not forgive me of my trespasses against Him.

Gandhi once said that, “If we want change, then we must be the change.”

So now if we want peace, then we must be the peace.


The Lords Prayer is perhaps the oldest prayer in the world and it took me several years to realize its true importance.

So this week, practice forgiveness of others, regardless of the circumstances. And more importantly be THE PEACE. If we want to see PEACE in this dark world, then let us forgive and practice peace for it is in The Lords Prayer.

My prayers and thoughts still goes out to the victims who were affected by this tragedy.

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To read my Weekly Spiritual Digest, click on the link below

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Forgive, for it is in The Lord’s Prayer

Also read my First Person Narrative of the Attacks of When it First Happened. To read click on the link below.

Weekly Political Report: First Person Narrative of The Boston Marathon Bombing Attacks

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Motivation Monday: Get Back ON Your Feet and Dance Again! (A Tribute to Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Adrianne Haslet-Davis)

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Get Back ON Your Feet and Dance Again!

In this TED talk video we do not only see the future of bionic limbs and robotic prosthetics, but the beauty of the human spirit; and how it can triumph over all obstacles.

Hugh Herr, head of the MIT Media Lab Biomechatronics, lost both his legs in an ice climbing accident. But instead of allowing his disability to control his future, he built his own–using innovation as a new approach to prosthetic engineering. Today it serves as the bridge between the impossible and the possible–driven by nature and human ingenuity.

In his TED talk, he shows us first-hand how his bionic limbs function (fusing biomechanics with microprocessors) while sharing personal stories of those who were transformed by his invention. More so, he emphasizes the power of the human spirit. And what better example to prove his point than showing off the beautiful Adrianne Haslet-Davis.

Adrianne Haslet-Davis is a remarkable woman–a woman who breathes and lives dance. However, when she lost her left leg in the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, she was temporarily crippled to dance again. But like Hugh Herr, she refused to accept failure–promising herself that she would return to the dance floor regardless of her disability. And so with the help of Hugh, his media lab team, and her human spirit, she got back on her feet and danced again for the first time on-live television. It is this type of teamwork that makes “dreamwork.”

picture provided by

 Every person should have the right to live life without disability if they so choose–the right to live life without severe depression; the right to see a loved one in the case of seeing impaired; or the right to walk or to dance…As a society, we can achieve these human rights if we accept the proposition that humans are not disabled. A person can never be broken.” –Hugh Herr

“Tomorrow (April 15th) will mark the One Year Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing Attack and I want to say thank you (to Hugh and Adrianne) for reminding the world the power of unity and the beauty of the human spirit–and how both of them will never cower against the face of terrorism or acts of violence.Thank you so much for sharing this remarkable story and I wish you two the best success!”  –Prince

To follow Hugh and his TED talks go to

To learn more about Hugh and his biomechatronics research group go to:

To contact Hugh go to:

To follow the beautiful dancer Adrianne Haslett-Davis go to Twitter @adriannehaslet and

Motivation Mondays: Don’t Be Normal, Be Extraordinary!

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Don’t Be Normal, Be Extraordinary!

In this short TED talk video, we are reminded on the importance of being different in a world that demands normalcy.

Faith Jegede, a writer and PhD student, shares with us her story of growing up with two autistic brothers (Remi and Samuel); and how they taught her to be extraordinary.

Remi is speechless but he communicates unconditional love and has never told a lie. Samuel has an impeccable memory and he can remember things that no ordinary human being can. Remi and Samuel do not conform to society’s version of normalcy, but Faith tells us that they do not need to because they are extraordinary!

My favorite quote from her TED talk video was this:

“A boy (Remi) who saw the world without prejudice a human that never lied.”

If that what it takes to make the world a better place, then we should all be autistic. Because of this video I gained a greater appreciation for autism awareness and I am reaffirmed that being normal or conforming to the world standards of normalcy is not a good thing.

So this week don’t be normal; be extraordinary! Because “the pursuit of normality is the ultimate sacrifice of potential. The chance for greatness, for progress, and for change dies the moment we try to be like someone else.” –Faith Jegede

If you see a person with autism, tell that person that he or she is extraordinary!

If you wish to see more of Faith Jegede’s TED talks go to:

To follow her blogs on writing, go to:

You can also follow Faith on Twitter @faithjegede

Motivation Monday: Spark Learning Through Curiosity! [Here Are 3 Rules on How!]

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Spark Learning Through Curiosity!

In this short TED talk video, we see the chemistry and magic of curiosity!

Ramsey Musallam, a high school chemistry teacher at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep in San Francisco, shows us how intense learning can be the heart behind successful life-threatening surgeries and  “the magnets” towards strengthening bonds between teachers and students–just by applying these three simple rules:

1. Curiosity Comes First!
2. Embrace the mess
3. Practice Reflection

My favorite takeaway from this TED talk was the simple fact that he asked his surgeon on how he performed his life-saving operation. The usual response that a surgeon would receive, after completing a successful surgery like this one, is this:

Thank you very much for saving my life!” and then walk out the door.

Admit it! We all have done it!

However, it was Ramsey’s curiosity that proved to everyone that intense learning or asking questions does in fact save lives!

In my personal opinion, I appreciated this talk very much because it sheds light on important issues that are missing in classrooms today nationwide: lack of curiosity and inquiry. It’s not standardized tests that yield success but engagement. If you can not engage your students or spark their learning through curiosity, then they will never be interested. I strongly feel that the biggest reason behind the high dropout rates amongst high school students at various high schools is that there is no curiosity or the will to try something new in the classroom!

My favorite teacher who was able to spark my curiosity more than ever was Mr. Ray Menegus, Retired Calculus Professor at San Diego State University. Even though his class dealt with difficult trigonometric functions and long differential equations, he was able to peak my curiosity through his life examples and dry humor. He made me love calculus–I would even attend two classes on the same subject just to hear him talk!

So this week, spark your learning through curiosity and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Also, try to apply these three rules in every endeavor of your life. Curiosity was the biggest engine behind Prince’s Daily Journal, so use it to jump start your learning curve or maybe your career!

If you wish to see more of Ramsey Musallam’s TED talks go to:

To learn more about him, and follow his blogs on education and technology, go to:

You can also follow Ramsey on Twitter @ramusallam

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Motivation Monday: Don’t Judge Teachers!

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Don’t Judge Teachers!

In this short TED talk video, we get hit hard with the brutal truth behind teachers–and “what teachers make” in society.

Taylor Mali, a full-time poet and vocal advocate of teachers, does not hold anything back when he answers the question: “What do you make?” And instead of giving us his salary figures, he gives us poetic and explicit details of what he really does with his students inside the classroom. 

After watching this TED talk video, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to have teachers–countries around the world would do anything to have teachers like mine. And although his blunt approach was a little too much for my taste, I still enjoyed his performance; I appreciate the sacrifices that teachers do make for their students, so they can become future doctors, lawyers, writers, entrepreneurs, musicians, engineers, diplomats, or even high-ranking members of Congress (which is why I still believe Congress should do more for teachers than small business tycoons or Big Banks).

So this week, Don’t Judge Teachers! And don’t consider teaching as the best “option” in life!

Here is a couple of special shout outs to teachers who have helped me become the person that I am today:

Mr. Steve Patrick, 5th Grade Teacher, Coronado Village Elementary School

Mr. David Murray, Middle School Band Teacher, Coronado Middle School

Mr. Heaphy, World History High School Teacher, Coronado High School

Ms. Sandra Davis, Calculus AB High School Teacher, Coronado High School

Mr. Steve Merril, Spanish High School Teacher, Coronado High School

Dr. Carl Hammond, COSA Instrumental Jazz Teacher, Coronado High School

Mr. Robin Adair (Deceased), English High School Teacher, Coronado High School

Kawika Riley, Applied Politics Teacher, George Washington University

Prof. Ray Menegus, Calculus Teacher, San Diego State University

If you wish to watch more of Taylor Mali and his TED Talks go to:

To learn more about Taylor Mali, and contact him for bookings, go to:

You can also follow Taylor on Twitter @taylormali

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Motivation Monday: Filter the News that Matter!

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right!

This week’s words of motivation: Filter the News that Matter!

In this short TED talk video, we are reminded of how much junk can really clutter the important things in our lives and in our future.

Kirk Citron, media consultant and founder of Long News, tell us first hand how much we receive news on a day-to-day basis. Reuters produced 3 1/2 million stories a year back in 2011. So, “how many news stories do you think are produced today?” However, the biggest takeaway from his TED talk is this:

“How many of those news will matter to us 50 years or 100 years from now? And more importantly, “What stories will make a difference to us in the future?”

He answers those questions by “filtering the news” showing examples of provocative and controversial news stories under important categorical issues around the world.

This is one of my favorite TED talks, because it reminds me of the work that I am doing today with Prince’s Daily Journal: providing you news and stories that matter! Which, you can use in your daily lives or in the future.

When I heard, “Britain would starve without genetically modified crops”–I was shocked because it took me three years to find this information. This talk provides more reason as to why we need to filter the news!

So this week, “Filter the News that Matter!” Find news stories that will benefit you in 50 years or 100 years! And I will continue to provide you beneficial news and stories that you can use on a day-to-day basis.

If you wish to follow Kirk and his TED talks go to:

If you wish to learn more about The Long News go to:

You can also follow him on twitter at @kcitron

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