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Boko Haram leader admits to kidnapping 200+ Nigerian school girls and plans to sell them in the market; U.S. Rep King says Benghazi committee will finish its investigation by 2016 election; The Los Angeles Clippers are advancing to the playoffs; Here are Obama’s top 10 2014 lines from the White House Correspondents Dinner; and Happy Cinco de Mayo (A complete list of tequila cocktail recipes). All this and more, please follow the links below.

Boko Haram leader says he will sell the Nigerian girls in the market

Rep King says Benghazi committee should finish its probe by 2016

LA Clippers are advancing to the playoffs

here are Obama’s top 10 WHCD from 2014

Happy Cinco de Mayo (A complete list of Tequila cocktail recipes)

Prince in The City Show: My 2 cents on Russia’s PM Vladimir Putin and His Influence over Crimea and the World

Prince in the city

On each and every show, I don’t just provide you news in the City but current events around the world–and how they impact you and the world around you.

On this special segment, I give my “2 cents” on Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his influence over Crimea and the World. In a public display of defiance, on March 18th 2014, Putin signed a treaty to annex Crimea completely–despite global resentment from its international partners (the US and Europe). Describing his move as correcting past injustice and a necessary response to what he calls “Western encroachment” upon Russia’s vital interests, the US has now issued economic sanctions to punish the Kremlin’s actions–even though he has made it clear that he does not want to move into other regions of Ukraine.

How does this impact you?

This impacts you greatly because it will revamp an old war, between two superpowers, that has never been fought; but has played a vital role in international politics: The Cold War. A war that has forced the world to institute a foreign policy initiative known as the “Iron Curtain” and a war that has forced a country to alienate its own people through the “Red Scare.” Although this new war (over Ukraine) will not be like the original Cold War, it could very well drag the US into another war that will cost the country more energy and more tax-payer dollars. If there is no diplomatic resolve over sovereignty in Ukraine, then the next step is military action.

However, what I mainly iterate is Putin’s hypocritical behavior. When we declare military action on Syria–to discontinue Bashir Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own people–Putin writes a New York Times op-ed pleading for diplomacy. But when he invades a country that is not his (using military force), he ignores diplomacy and resentment from his international partners. So in short Vladimir Putin is not only a hypocrite, but a liability because he is dragging the world into a costly conflict.

To listen click on the link below

Prince in The City Show: Prince talks about Issues in Ukraine

Disclaimer: Prince’s opinions and the opinions of others, do not have any affiliation with UR Business Network.

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Twitter is reportedly testing a mute button for politely ignoring people; House GOP leaders will appoint a select committee to investigate the Benghazi attacks; Obamacare reports 8M enrollees; Which European cities are most satisfying to live in?; and Why women CEOs are more likely to get sacked from their jobs? All this and more, please follow the links below.

Twitter is testing a mute button

Benghazi Returns

Obamacare celebrates it’s 8M enrollees

Which European cities are most satisfying to live in?

Why women CEOs are more likely to be sacked from their jobs

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Brunei has become the first East Asian country to adopt Sharia law, despite international outcry; MH 370 relatives are distraught as airline urges them to go home; Ukrainian police and Pro-Russian activists clash at prosecutors office in Donetsk; Military sexual assaults claims are up to 50% says Pentagon; and Divorce is more likely to happen when wife falls ill. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Brunei has become the first East Asian country to adopt Sharia Law

Hotels are closing their support centers to MH 370 relatives

Ukrainian police and Pro-Russian forces clash at prosecutor’s office on Donetsk

Pentagon reports up to 50% claims of military sexual assault

Divorce is more likely to happen when wife falls ill not husband

Weekly Political Report: What It Takes To Be An American

Every week I write a political issue that affects YOU and the World AROUND YOU.

This week’s Weekly Political Report: What It Takes to Be An American


On Monday April 21st 2014, I attended the 118th Annual Boston Marathon event. Not only was this my first Marathon, but my first experience in witnessing history: seeing Meb Keflezighi “take back the finish line” as the first American to do so in over 31 years.
Meb Keflezighi, who is an American immigrant from Eritrea and a proud native of San Diego, Ca, made history when he became the first American to win the Boston Marathon in over 31 years. After winning the race he said this:

“This is probably the most meaningful victory for an American, just because of what happened here last year. Up till now I’d say my career was 99.9 percent fulfilled. Today I’d say it is 110 percent fulfilled!”

Noting what the Boston Red Sox had done in the World Series championship last year (2013), he added that he wanted to provide a similar boost: “When the Red Sox did it, I said, ‘I want to do it for Boston.'” –Meb Keflezighi. And what was truly inspiring was the fact that he wrote the names of the Boston Bombing victims (Krystal Shakespeare, Martin Richard, Ling Zi and Sean Collier) on his racing Bib–and how he honored them in his race. They helped me carry through. At the end, I just kept thinking ‘Boston Strong’. I gave everything I had for Boston,” said Meb Keflezighi. His victory did not only bring a lot of joy but controversy–about what it means to be an American. A theme that has brought back this controversial article from the grave.

When Meb Keflezighi won the NYC Marathon back in 2009, CNBC Sports Writer Darren Rovell had this to say in his article, “Marathon’s Headline Win is Empty“:

Meb Keflezighi, who won yesterday in New York, is technically American by virtue of him becoming a citizen in 1998, but the fact that he’s not American-born takes away from the magnitude of the achievement the headline implies.

Nationality in running counts. It’s why many identify Kenya as the land of the long distance champions. As for the United States? Not so much

Given our disappointing results, embracing Keflezighi is understandable. But Keflezighi’s country of origin is Eritrea, a small country in Africa. He is an American citizen thanks to taking a test and living in our country.

Nothing against Keflezighi, but he’s like a ringer who you hire to work a couple hours at your office so that you can win the executive softball league.

Fortunately, Darren took back his comments–which he apologized and said that “Meb Keflezighi is an American” –but America today is still struggling to visualize “What (exactly) is An American?”

So why does this affect you?

It affects you because it is a reoccurring divisive theme in American politics–from Immigration to Race. It is this type of reoccurring theme that has led Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump and others on a wild goose chase to obtain a birth certificate from the President of The United States; because his name sounded foreign. To the unfortunate remarks that were written against Meb Keflezighi in 2009. If we don’t tackle this problem as a collective nation, our nation will continue to divide into smaller nations, and politicians will continue to abuse their power by not serving the best interests for All Americans (Americans like Meb Keflezighi).

I, for one, am glad that Meb won the marathon that day, because he has allowed us to rethink of “What It Takes To Be An American.” An American, who out of thousands of runners, wrote the names of the Boston Marathon Bombing victims on his bib. And an American, who dedicated his whole run and win on behalf of those victims. THAT IS AN AMERICAN!

To those who continue to chastise his ethnic background, his path towards citizenship, or his name is UN-AMERICAN! Especially after what he accomplished in a 26.2 mile run.

If you wish to follow Meb Keflezighi you can do so via Twitter @runmeb



Prince in The City Show: Prince Opens Up His First Show

Prince in the city

Prince Sefa-Boakye host of the Prince in The City Show opens up his first show with the UR Business Network Crew.

On each and every show, I don’t just provide you news in the City but current events around the world–and how they impact you and the world around you.

On this special segment, I broadcast my very first radio talk show on UR Business Network with the help of Himali Patel (UR Business Staff) and Nathan Roman (co-host of the Business Side of Sports). The topics that I featured on the show were: the departure of the Piers Morgan Show, America becoming financially conservative; tying the shoes the right way and a weekly spiritual digest that I pulled from my website
Our most engaging topic of discussion, was my Weekly Political Report “Being Financially Conservative This Holiday Season.

This weekly political report was written back in December of 2013, when America was moving closer and closer to another government showdown–especially after just recovering from an unnerving government shutdown. What I mention in my talk is that the average American has embraced financial conservatism last holiday season while lawmakers in Congress has not. Last holiday season holidays shoppers have spent an average of $407.20 between last Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Sunday, which went down 4 percent from the $423.55 they spent last year–a 2.9% reduction from last year’s spending. (Washington Post)

While this does indicate that Americans are being smart with their money, it is still does not imply that our economy has fully recovered (especially from last year’s report).

So how come? How come ordinary Americans can manage their own budget and high ranking members in Congress (not the White House) cannot. The answer to this boils down to ideology–or difference of opinion.

“Should the working poor, or middle class Americans, shoulder the economic deficit by working more hours and paying more in taxes than the average person from Wall Street? Or should Wall Street, multinational corporations, and even individuals with incomes of 500k continue to protect their self interests and ship jobs overseas–or pay lower taxes?

The answer is common sense, but having the majority of votes in Congress to support it is difficult which leads to a fiscal showdown–or worse a government shutdown.

While there is room to argue on what influences a lawmaker to manage the budget, but the fact is: there are middle class Americans and the very rich and powerful. And so, what reforms or cuts in a budget, should benefit whom?

From an American perspective there should be economic growth in both sectors: public and private.

For people who want to serve our country by means of public service (to be a soldier, police officer, public official, firefighter, teacher, bus driver etc.) should have the financial stability to support their families (meaning no sequester cuts) so they can continue to serve and make our country great.

And for people who want to start a business in this country through the private sector (with little to no risk) should prosper from their labor. But must also keep their business(es) at a fair playing level so everyone in the country can prosper. Which means investing in American jobs, fairer wages, and paying fair taxes.

To Listen to our conversation, click on the link below.

Prince in The City Show: Prince’s First Show on UR Business Network

To give me your opinion on the matter, drop a message on my Contact Page.

Thank you Himali and Nathan for your opinions and great insight.

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Today is my 25th Birthday; The NBA Bans LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life, here are the next steps after the decision; More government offices has been seized in Ukraine and Moscow still denies it’s involvement; Adidas reinstates their sponsorship with LA Clippers after Don Sterling’s ban; Brazilian football star Neymar fights racism with brilliant PR move; and British actor Bob Hoskins dies at 71.

The next steps after NBA’s lifetime ban towards Donald Sterling

Moscow still denies any involvement while more government offices are seized in Ukraine

Adidas reinstates their deal with LA Clippers

Barcelona football star Neymar fights racism with brilliant PR move

The Actor in “Who framed Roger Rabbit” dies at 71

Prince in The City Show!

20140429-172055.jpgPrince in The City Show! Just wrapped up 9th show w/ @urbusinessnetwork. Today was a triple slammer! I discussed politics and sports on Don Sterling’s racist comments; interview MA Bar Lawyer and #Harvard Law Alum Suneal Bedi; and interviewed my Dad Dr. Kofi Sefa-Boakye. Thanks to everyone who contributed and UR Business for making my radio interview with my dad possible! These talks will be made available next week!


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Morning Breakfast with My Dad


I got to share my morning breakfast with my Dad at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Thank you Byron for being a gracious host.

Later today I will be with UR Business Network to discuss Don Sterlings Racist Comments–and get the “business side behind sports” with Nathan Roman on this topic. Don’t forget that I will be also interview MA Bar Lawyer Suneal Bedi and learn about his experience at Harvard Law School. If you have any questions that you would like to be read on the show, then tweet them to me via Twitter @princedjc or hashtag #princeinthecity.



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NBA commissioner Adam Silver will make statement today at 2pm EST on Don Sterling’s racist comments; State Secretary John Kerry makes offensive ‘apartheid’ comments on Israel; White House takes measures to combat campus sex assaults; Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are celebrating their 3rd Wedding Anniversary; and Craig Ferguson will be leaving his ‘Late Late Show’ at the end of this year. All this and more, please follow the links below.

The most important moment in Adam Silver’s career in the NBA today at 2pm

AIPAC calls John Kerry’s comments troubling

White House takes measures to combat campus sex assaults

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrate their 3rd wedding

Craig Ferguson announces his late-night retirement

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Harper Lee turns 88 and gives approval to have her book “To Kill A Mockingbird” digitized; Obama to levy new Russia sanctions today in retaliation for alleged provocations in Ukraine; Pro-Russian forces freeze Western military observer in eastern Ukraine; Syria’s Assad to run a third term as President; and The Ukrainian mayor has been shot and wounded. All this and more, please follow the links below.

To Kill A Mockingbird is finally going digital

Obama to levy a new sanctions to Russia in retaliation for alleged provocation in Ukraine

Pro Russian forces frees Western military observer and eastern Ukraine

Syria’s Assad to seek reelection

The Ukrainian mayor has been shot and wounded amid unrest in Ukraine

Meet The Candidates: Steve Kerrigan, Lieutenant Governor Candidate

image (2)

Steve Kerrigan, born in Central Massachusetts and raised in a small town called Lancaster (North Worcester), has risen up the ranks in politics–dedicating himself to almost two decades of public service for the Massachusetts government and several charities.

He has served as an appointed and elected leader in his hometown of Lancaster; he is a loyal and spirited public servant to U.S. Senator Edward (Ted) M. Kennedy, Mayor Thomas M. Menino and Attorney General Tom Reilly; and has served through two campaigns, in senior roles for President Barack Obama–he co-chaired on the Presidential Inaugural Committee, a post which the President asked him to fill after a two-year stint as CEO for the 2012 Democratic National Convention Committee (leading the most successful Presidential nominating convention ever!)

In our interview, he tells me first hand about his experience and relationship with the late great Sen. Ted Kennedy; and how it helped him to not only regain his passion for politics, but sit on senior position roles for the State–As chief of staff to Massachusetts Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly, Steve has helped set the agenda for the largest public law office in New England and has served as a top adviser to Reilly on all issues and with oversight of more than 440 employees and a $30 million budget.

His first priority as Lt. Governor is to make sure that the government reflects the whole of Massachusetts in terms of diversity and wants to chair a “competitive Commonwealth council,” where he can look at all aspects of life in Massachusetts and find ways to make Massachusetts competitive on a global scale–while balancing the budget.

Today, he is the first openly gay candidate to run for Lt. Governor in Massachusetts (and if he does win, he will be the first openly gay elected official in the United States) and serves as the President of the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund: a private non-profit organization dedicated to providing support, programs and services to the families of military service personnel from Massachusetts who have fallen in service to the United States since September 11, 2001.

To listen to our interview, click on the link below

Meet The Candidates: Steve Kerrigan, Lt. Governor Candidate (UR Business Network)

To learn more about Steve Kerrigan, go to www.stevekerrigan.org

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