Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Legendary San Diego Concert Promoter Makeda Dread.

I caught Makeda Dread cooking in the kitchen, as she is getting ready for her Reggae Concert “Tribute to The Legends” at Balboa Park. This is a two day event and her first ever hosted concert at the World Beat Center.

Performing at the the concerts are Legendary Artists such as Don Carlos, Luciano, Lil John and more!

For more info go to And Get your TICKETS TODAY!

Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews John Putman, SDSU Director of Int’l Business

Professor John Putman is the Director of the International Business Program as well as an associate professor at the Department of History at San Diego State University–not too mention that he is a fellow alum.

Mr. Putman began teaching in the mid-90s when he was currently finishing his dissertation as a graduate student at UC San Diego. Looking for ways to support him and his family, he went into teaching which he took on a few teaching jobs at community colleges and SDSU–teaching 1-2 courses a semester while earning his Ph. D. Lucky for him not only did he finished his Ph.D on-time but earned a full-time teaching position at SDSU–where he continues to teach Aztecs on the history of the United States, including a new-forgotten course “Constitutional History.”

As the new director of the International Business Program, he says, is a huge honor for him–especially teaching U.S. History for 20 years at San Diego State University. The International Business Program, he says, is not only new for him but unique because it is housed in the College of Arts and Letters–and not in the College of Business. The idea behind it is to immerse SDSU students in the culture and language of a particular region that they wish to specialize in, and blend them with a good number of business courses. By doing this, students will be able to interact in a global economy. He says, students can either be living abroad (doing business at a region that they studied for), or represent American companies abroad. The International Business Program strongly believes that culture and language is crucial to succeed in a global economy.

Today the International Business Program has 10 languages and six regions, which they are now looking to expand more into Brazil! They are also looking to bring more international students here at SDSU so they can take advantage of their program.

Professor Putman is also a huge “Trekie” or Star Trek fan which he teaches it at SDSU and lectures at Star Trek’s annual conventions–he has one coming up this August at Las Vegas.

To learn more about Professor Putman go to his webpage:

To learn more about the International Business Program go to:

Thank You Dad!


On January 8th 2015, my brothers, myself, and my cousin Dr. Sarpoma Sefa-Boakye commemorated my dad’s six years of service as chair of the OB/GYN Department at Scripps Hospital in Chula Vista, Ca. We took one last group photo in front of his photograph which will be taken in the weeks to come.

“Thank you Dad for all that you do and I am very proud to call myself your son” –Prince.

If you haven’t heard his story of how he became the prestigious doctor that he is today, click on the link below.

Talk Tuesdays w/ Dr. Kofi Sefa-Boakye, Medical Doctor and Board Certified OB/GYN

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Throwback Thursday: My Interview w/ Dr. Aaron Bruce, Chief Diversity Officer at SDSU

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous blog/picture/article that I have featured in the past or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s ThrowBack Thursday Edition: My interview with Dr. Aaron Bruce, Chief Diversity Officer at SDSU.

This interview was recorded in the summer of 2014 at my old alma mater San Diego State University–GO AZTECS! And in this interview, not only did I learn more about his role at SDSU, but his passion for international diversity.

2014-08-26-AaronBruceToday I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr. Bruce at SDSU, where he continues to create an inclusive and supportive environment for all SDSU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and visitors–working very closely with senior level administrators, deans, and committees throughout the campus, who are all also dedicated to diversity inclusion strategies. In our conversation, he told me that he is travelling to college campuses across the nation to give important lectures on race topics, such as “Ferguson.”

Here is an article on Dr. Bruce, from Huffington Post, urging students of color to study abroad: Dr. Aaron Bruce Urges Students of Color to Prepare to become International Leaders.

To read my original post on Dr. Aaron Bruce, click on the link below:

Prince in The City w/ Dr. Aaron Bruce, Chief Diversity Officer at San Diego State University

If you wish to learn more about his current activities in recruiting Staff Diversity in International Education, go to

If you wish to contact him to give lectures on diversity inclusion and important topics on race such as Ferguson, email him at or Google him.

You can also follow Dr. Aaron Bruce on Twitter @DiversityJedi and on

Birthday Surprise!


Today my dad, myself, and my two brothers surprised our mom. What she thought was Asante’s birthday was actually her [surprise] birthday. Not only did we surprise her with a cake but a new Marc Jones purse and perfume. She was totally surprised. This was my dad and my brothers’ way of saying “Thank You” to a wonderful and beautiful mom–and how much we appreciate you.

Doug Luffborough publishes his new book, “Watch Me Rise”


Doug Luffborough

Doug Luffborough, Harvard Graduate and Heart Inspired Speaker, has just published his long awaited book “Watch Me Rise” detailing his memoirs from a life of homelessness and gang activity to a life of academic achievements and possibilities at Harvard and the White House. My mom was fortunate enough to run into Mr. Doug Luffborough yesterday at Starbucks, in San Diego, Ca, where she was honored to have received his newly published book–and is sending one to me in Boston, Massachusetts.

“Thank you Doug, so much for sharing your story both to me and my mom, and the world. Continue to inspire the youth like the way you have inspired me.” –Prince

If you wish to receive a copy of Doug Luffborough’s new book, go to or and get your copy today! P.S. Dont forget to ask him to sign your book too!

Below is my first YouTube video, of Prince In The City, with Doug Luffborough. You can also check you my interviews and posts of him, by clicking the links below.

UR Business Network: Prince in The City w/ Doug Luffborough

Motivation Monday: Set Your Dreams High and Never Take Your Eyes Away From Them

Prince’s Briefcase: How Not To Pay Off Your Student Loans (Johnson v. Otterbein University)

Here is a case which a handwritten letter, promising to pay off your student loans, is not a legal consideration to enforce a promise

prince's breifcaseThis case comes from my Contracts class where we are studying the “Doctrine of Consideration.” Below is my case brief which thousands of law students use to help us understand the cases and root out the “issue.”

Case Name, Author, Citation
Johnson v. Otterbein University, Supreme Court of Ohio, 41 Ohio 527 (1885)

Procedural Posture

The defendant (Otterbein University) sues the appellant or plaintiff (Johnson) for failure to fulfill his promise stated in a note sent by the plaintiff. The note was a student repayment loan, and that the defendant alleged that it was without consideration and was denied in the reply. The court entered judgment in favor of the defendant and a motion for a new trial was overruled. The Plaintiff then preceded to appeal in efforts to reverse judgment of the trial court.

The case is about the validity of the note, sent by Johnson to Otterbein University in what appears to be a Student Repayment Loan, and whether it should be a valid consideration to enforce his promise:

Westerville, Ohio, May 6, 1869
Three years after the date, I promise to pay to the trustees of Otterbein University of Ohio, or their agents, one hundred dollars, with interest, at the rate of no per cent., to be used exclusively to liquidate the present, that is, February (1869) indebtedness of said University. Should this donation ever be used for any other purpose than herein specified, the trustees of said University shall be held bound to refund said sum of money to the donor.
–John Johnson”

This note was signed and delivered to Spangler, an agent of Otterbein University, along with similar notes promising to pay $100 to the University in 3 years to help pay off the current University debt. These notes and others were accepted as a fund with which to liquidate his debt. The trustees of Otterbein (the defendant) then sued Johnson in December 1875 claiming that his 1869 note was not paid.

Prince: Does Johnson’s promise (in the form of a note(s)), that brings benefit to him or detriment to Otterbein University, constitute as a legal consideration?
Legal interpretation: Whether a valid consideration was given in a promise to pay money as a gift?

No; The court says that the creation of the fund (from the notes he sent) with which to pay the university’s indebtedness was not a consideration for the promise.

*Court: An executory contract “to give” is without consideration, and a promise to pay money as a gift may be revoked at any time before payment
Court: The trustees’ acceptance of the writing containing the direction to apply the fund did not give rise to a case of mutual promise (Prince: a mutual promise which both parties agreed to at the same time.

Prince’s Reasoning
A simple IOU note, or sticky notes, in the form of a letter saying “I promise to pay back my loan” in a fixed time frame is not a legal consideration to enforce a promise from the person who is making the promise (promissor)
**FOLLOW UP FROM CLASS: The fact is Johnson will be paying off his student loan debt regardless of any intervening factors. So his notes don’t count for anything. There is no benefit for Johnson or detriment to Otterbein. And Otterbein did not give a promise in an exchange for Johnson’s Promise. This is not a Bargain; more of a gratuitous promise

Court: A note to repay a student loan should be in the form of a promissory note. And any other forms should have an implicit duty to apply its proceeds to proper corporate objects that would rise upon acceptance. A promissory note is a valid consideration

Judgment of Trial Court is reversed favoring the Plaintiff (instead of the Defendant)

Prince’s Takeaways

  • Know what is a legal consideration to enforce a promise
  • Don’t write a letter to your university promising to pay off your student debt in a fixed time frame. Under this case, a Promissory Note is more acceptable than a letter promising to repay your student loans. This is paying money as gift which is not a legal consideration
  • In Contracts, you will learn that reasonable people are not entirely reasonable in their words or actions when they strike deal–so we have rules to remedy “contract breaches” such as this one
  • This case was back in 1885, and a lot has changed. So don’t take it true to fact
  • Usually its the plaintiff (Johnson) that sues the defendant first. But since this decision came from the Supreme Court of Ohio, I guess the parties may have switched roles when they litigated up the state court system (In this case there is no mention that Johnson sued Otterbein first, just that he appealed)
  • $100 dollars is pretty reasonable for a student today to pay off his/her student loans!

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Photos from My Vacation


Hey everybody! Just compiled a gallery of my vacation photos on Flickr. My photos include my trips to Disneyland, Universal City Studios, Downtown LA, and USC!

(FYI: The statue where my brother and I are standing, is the location where my parents first met–and the rest was history!)

To see click on the link below.

LA Trip

I also created a gallery of my mom, Elizabeth Sefa-Boakye, from her years as a model and a young mother of two kids (Me and Asante Sefa-Boakye). To see click on the link below.

Memory Lane w/ Elizabeth Sefa-Boakye

Here is link of a YouTube video that my mom auditioned for: Room 222

Prince in The City: Makena Gargonnu on Social Media

The Power of Social Media by Makena Gargonnu In this special talk I get to sit down with Makena Gargonnu and listen to her story: behind her discovery of Social Media and how she is using it in her day-to-day business as a Celebrity Event Producer.

Makena discovered the power of social media, when her husband Nasara was using Facebook to reconnect with his old college buddies. Observing how Facebook was able to reconnect with old friends, and how accessible it was to invite her clients to her shows, Makena immediately incorporated it into her business and she is now today known as the Facebook Event Guru of San Diego; because she is everywhere on Facebook!

If you wish to contact her to have your next celebrity event produced, go to her Facebook Fanpage by Makena G.

( Or call her at 619-438-0777

Be sure to check out my radio talks at

Prince in The City w/ Makena Gargonnu, Woman Entrepreneur and Celebrity Event Producer for San Diego, CA

In this interview I get to connect with Makena Gargonnu, woman entrepreneur and Celebrity Event Producer for San Diego, Ca.

Makena started her career in event producing, back in 1998-2000, when she worked as a registration manager for Maria Dowd and her company “African American Women On Tour”. Every year Makena would travel to eight cities with Maria and watch her work with celebrities like Debbie Allen from FAME, Dr. Maya Angelou, and Malcolm Xs daughter.

Being around an African American woman in business, Makena says, was a huge inspiration. And seeing her in action was more reason enough to start her own business in event planning.

Her biggest advice to all aspiring event planners and producers out there especially young African American women is to keep the “Hope” alive! Have a plan and know your purpose for hosting an event. A good example is her “Conscious Comedy Explosion.” Her plan was to expose people to clean comedy but her purpose was to teach San Diego black history and black culture through clean comedy. From this she was blessed to have Dick Gregory, the Godfather of black comedy, to come and perform for her church last year!

“Business is a journey that we have to take every single day–You never know what turns you will take. So be flexible”


Today Makena continues to provide celebrity events and clean conscious comedy to the city of San Diego, and owes all of her success to God, her mentor Dr. Al-Najjar, and her loving husband Nasara Gargonnu.

If you wish to contact her to have your next celebrity event produced, go to her Facebook Fanpage by Makena G. (

Or call her at 619-438-0777

Check out my radio talks at and click “Prince in The City”

Prince in The City w/ HBCU S.T.A.R.S at UCSD

Meet the next generation of African American doctors in the field of Biological Science and Engineering. Not too mention that these students are HBCU students; Morehouse College and Howard University.

The University of California, San Diego Summer Training Academy for Research in the Sciences (STARS) program is an eight week summer research academy for undergraduate students, recent graduates, and masters students. STARS offers an exciting research internship for students by participating in an ongoing UCSD research project and experience the rigors and challenges of graduate study at a top rated research institution. (

Everyone in this group is doing one type of STEM research, while learning and preparing for their graduate entrance exam to pursue a doctorate if they so choose. One student from Morehouse College, Julian Pilate–Hutcherson, tells me that he is studying nano-particles, and is learning how they function so that they can be used as a model to make synthetic lungs! Another type of research is social networking which Taylor Facen, from Howard University, is studying what key factors that an individual has to lead a group of people based on who they are connected to!

“This program is really tailored to you and what you want to study in the future,”

–Taylor Facen

If you are an undergraduate and are thinking about pursuing a doctorate degree, and/or a graduate degree, then I highly suggest you participate in the STARS program in San Diego, Ca at UCSD!

When I asked Julian “why should students, from across the country, come here and participate in STARS?” he said that the weather is great and that UCSD is one of the top rated research institutions in the country.

For more information on the STARS program, contact Elisa Maldonado

Here are the next rising African American scholars in this year’s program!

Howard University:
Kayla Bishop, Jeremy Blackstone, Taylor Facen, Deborah Fadoju, Rajae Gayle, Erin Manaigo, Robert Neblett, Armisha Roberts, Betelehem Sheferaw, & Kevin White.

Morehouse College:
Christian Aganze, Jeremy Ariche, Jarrhett Butler, Saidou Ngaide,
& Julian Pilate-Hutcherson.