Mohamed Ahmed, CEO and Co-Founder of CURE Africa

CURE Africa (mohamed ahmed)How do I start a non-profit organization in Africa? Contact Mohamed Ahmed, CEO and Co-founder of CURE Africa.

CURE AFRICA (which stands for Communities United Reviving East Africa) was founded in 2011, alongside Yousef Abraham, a fellow alum from San Diego State University, as a famine relief  in Somalia. But now, through the course of four years, it has transformed into one of the most successful non-profit organizations in San Diego and Somalia. Its mission is to mobilize the East African community and end famine in the Horn of Africa. It has facilitated awareness programs on campuses like San Diego State University, California State University-Long Beach, University of Minnesota, etc. and has raised $30,000 in donations to build an elementary school in Somalia.

mohamed ahmedBorn in Mogadishu, Somalia Mohamed Ahmed moved to San Diego as a refugee in 1995. Mohamed graduated from Crawford High School (School of Law & Business) and then studied International Security and Conflict Resolution at San Diego State University in 2013 where he obtained his Bachelors of Arts and Sciences and also awarded ISCORIAN of the year award for his great achievements and contribution to the arena of International Security. Mohamed was also one of four selected American participants at the Hansen Institute on International Leadership and Cooperation where he worked with over twenty participants from conflict and developing countries and regions of the world on leadership and cooperation in 2013 at the University of San Diego. Biography Courtesy of CURE Africa

Today he continues to create educational opportunities in his non-profit organization and maintains good relations with the governing officials and bodies here in the US and abroad.

Mohammed’s most notable achievements are Community Activist of the Year, presented by Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.:, Community Leader of the Year presented by Somali Youth United and ISCORIAN of the Year presented by SDSU International Security and Conflict Resolution

To learn more about CURE Africa, go to

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Mark Halby, San Diego Financial Planner

Where can I find a Financial Planner in San Diego? Contact Mark Halby Certified Financial Planner and AIFIP Certified.

Mark Halby (princesdailyjournal)Mark received his Certified Financial Planner certificate from the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards and has been in the Financial Services Industry for over five years–committing himself to the betterment and wellness of his clients. Growing up in Northern California, Mark looked up to his father, Anthony Halby, as his inspiration for becoming a Financial Planner.

Seeing his father work and changing the lives of countless clients through his prowess of financial planning, for over 40 over years, allowed Mark to explore this field of finance. And so when he moved to San Diego, CA in 2004 to attend San Diego State University, where he studied financial services, he discovered how important Financial Planning was for him and immediately made it a profession to pursue. As a result, in his senior year at San Diego State University, he joined the local Financial Planning Association and became a founding member of the Financial Planning Associations’ Student chapter at SDSU–serving as its first membership chair!

My main reason for reaching out to Mark Halby was his warm personality and knowledge on Personal Identity Theft. Mark was able to meet with me at a convenient location and give me a set of requirements to protect my personal information.

Today Mark holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University and is now advisor to the same chapter that he founded alongside his classmates. He continues to demonstrate his dedication to the Financial Planning profession and has been an active member of the Financial Planning Association since 2008. Mark remains very involved in the community and is a member of the San Diego State University Alumni Association as well as a member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

To reach Mark Halby via email, email him at
To reach Mark Halby via phone, call him at 619-331-0427
You can also follow Mark on Twitter @MarkAHalby

To Reach the Halby Group go to
or call 530-265-2400

Spotlight Feature: Marissa Johnson, Rising Star at San Diego State University

Marissa Johnson princesdailyjournal

Marissa Johnson is a rising star at San Diego State University, where she is currently a sophomore student pursuing a degree in Psychology. Marissa has not only proven to be an academic achiever but a servant in the community, which she has served as a Student Advisor for the City of Pasadena in the last three years (September 2009 –June 2013). While she was completing her studies at high school in Pasadena, she attended monthly meetings on job readiness; leadership and advising; and worked with vendors and organizers of Pasadena. Her most notable achievement is her Certificate of Congressional Recognition given to her by Congresswoman Judy Chu of the 32nd District of California.

When I asked her what was her favorite quote, she says her favorite quote comes from R&B music artist Trey Songz.

“I vow to never let the voice of people’s opinions drown out my inner voice. Mind over matter so their minds never matter”

She says there is something about this quote that stuck with her today since high school–and is now important to her than ever. This is what she had to say to aspiring college students, who are struggling to find success:

On my quest to find myself in a world that is busy and hectic, everyone has an opinion and direction for you. But I always believe that it is important to have a PERSONAL goal–to not set boundaries on it–and accomplish it!

Many people want to steer you towards their path, but follow your own journey and create a life and a path for yourself, regardless of what everyone else wants you to be. At the end of the day, you are only accountable for you. –Marissa Johnson

Today she is a Student Diversity Commissioner at San Diego State University, where she represents on behalf of Afrikan Student Union (a cultural organization), promoting diversity and inclusion on campus. By being a liaison between the two executive boards, she gains work experience around business environments, with a voting seat, and emphasizes on planning and development. Her duties are planning annual high school conferences with a five figure budget; attending meetings and retreats on personal and group development; and establishing core values for the commission while enforcing their mission statement.

Marissa’s greatest strengths are Public Speaking, Event Planning, and Entrepreneurship. And she is best described as Hardworking, Ambitious, and Open-Minded.

Her goal now is to complete her college education at San Diego State University and apply to law school, where she will utilize her Psychology major in the study of law.

If you wish to contact her, for questions about college studies or to arrange diversity inclusion events at SDSU, email her at

You can also learn more about Marissa on her LinkedIn Profile

Marissa is also a contestant of the Phi Beta Sigma Chapter Beauty Pageant at SDSU! She invites you all to come and support her and the fellow contestants of the Phi Beta Sigma Chapter Beauty Pageant this Saturday at Montezuma Hall (located at campus of San Diego State University). The pageant starts at 6:14pm!

miss phi beta sigma princesdailyjournal

Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews John Putman, SDSU Director of Int’l Business

Professor John Putman is the Director of the International Business Program as well as an associate professor at the Department of History at San Diego State University–not too mention that he is a fellow alum.

Mr. Putman began teaching in the mid-90s when he was currently finishing his dissertation as a graduate student at UC San Diego. Looking for ways to support him and his family, he went into teaching which he took on a few teaching jobs at community colleges and SDSU–teaching 1-2 courses a semester while earning his Ph. D. Lucky for him not only did he finished his Ph.D on-time but earned a full-time teaching position at SDSU–where he continues to teach Aztecs on the history of the United States, including a new-forgotten course “Constitutional History.”

As the new director of the International Business Program, he says, is a huge honor for him–especially teaching U.S. History for 20 years at San Diego State University. The International Business Program, he says, is not only new for him but unique because it is housed in the College of Arts and Letters–and not in the College of Business. The idea behind it is to immerse SDSU students in the culture and language of a particular region that they wish to specialize in, and blend them with a good number of business courses. By doing this, students will be able to interact in a global economy. He says, students can either be living abroad (doing business at a region that they studied for), or represent American companies abroad. The International Business Program strongly believes that culture and language is crucial to succeed in a global economy.

Today the International Business Program has 10 languages and six regions, which they are now looking to expand more into Brazil! They are also looking to bring more international students here at SDSU so they can take advantage of their program.

Professor Putman is also a huge “Trekie” or Star Trek fan which he teaches it at SDSU and lectures at Star Trek’s annual conventions–he has one coming up this August at Las Vegas.

To learn more about Professor Putman go to his webpage:

To learn more about the International Business Program go to:

Prince in The City: The War in Gaza, with special guest Dr. Sariel Birnbaum

prince in the city1

On each and every show I don’t just provide you news in the City, but current events around the world–and how they impact you and the world around you. And on this show, I talk with Dr. Sariel Birnbaum, Middle Eastern media specialist and visiting professor at San Diego State University, to break down the war in Gaza and the deep rooted history between the Israelis and Hamas.

DSC_0114 Douglas GuthrieDr. Sariel Birnbaum received his PhD in Middle Eastern studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is a fellow at the Hebrew University’s Harry S. Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace. He has written and published numerous articles on the Middle East, (such as “Revolutions of the Arab World,” “Image of the Jew in Arab Cinema”, and “PLO, Hamas, and their historical narratives”) and I was fortunate enough to have him call-in from Jerusalem, to explain the current situation in Gaza–which he said it had a long history of autonomy struggle (between Israel and Hamas) and that Hamas is using Gaza to launch missiles and tunnel attacks at Israeli villages.

hamas-620x425Hamas, known today as a terrorist organization, has been deeply rooted in Palestinian political affairs. It was established in the year 1988 and rose into power in 2006, when they won the Parliamentary elections. They worked alongside the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization–another radical political faction of Palestine), for sometime after the election, but they later took them down by throwing them off of skyscrapers and shooting them in the knees. Today, Dr. Sariel says, Hamas has gained complete control of the Gaza strip and is making it difficult for lasting peace in the region because of their constant deference of peace talks with Israel and use of missiles, which Israel is responding back with their missile defense system.

When I asked Dr. Sariel who is to blame for the the overwhelming number of Palestinian casualties, he said Hamas because they are using its own people as body shields, when they launch missile rockets, (at Israeli villages) from highly dense populated areas in Gaza.

If you have any questions or concerns about the war in Gaza that you would like Dr. Sariel Birnbaum to answer, contact him via email at He will also be teaching a course on Israel-Arab relations in the Middle East at San Diego State University this month! If you are in San Diego or a SDSU student, please contact him to learn how you can sit-in on one of his classes.

To listen to this talk, click on the link below.

Prince in The City: Dr. Sariel Birnbaum speaks on the War in Gaza

(Update: As of Aug. 8, 2014, Isreali troops have now destroyed terrorist tunnels and are no longer in Gaza)

For more information on Dr. Sariel Birnbaum go to

Disclaimer: Prince’s political opinions and the opinions of others, have no affiliation with UR Business Network.

Prince in The City w/ Adrian De Arriba, Fellow Aztec and Rising International Economist

In this talk I get to catch up with fellow classmate and Aztec, Adrian de Arriba.

Adrian de Arriba was born in A Coruña, Spain but moved to the United States, when he was only 10 years old–where he had a great and wonderful experience growing up in Coronado, Ca.

Adrian and I both attended Coronado High School together (2007) and San Diego State University (2012), where he majored in Economics. And after completing his college education, he then went abroad to Bocconi University in Milan, Italy to earn his Masters in Economics, which he is now working on his thesis.

Studying abroad especially at the graduate level, he says, was difficult; “when you go abroad you go to a different educational system.” Not only do you have to adapt to the pace of graduate school, but how they conduct classes and examinations. But overall, he says, he thoroughly enjoyed his academic experience at Bocconi University. His biggest advice for future economists out there is to take mathematics (courses) seriously and really research graduate programs based on what you are interested in.

Today he his back in Coronado, Ca where he will be completing his thesis and aspiration of becoming an economic analyst.

If you wish to contact him for advice on pursuing a undergraduate and graduate degree in Economics or ask him about his experience at Bocconi University, email him at

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Week In Review

Prince in The City (YouTube Interview): Dr. Aaron Bruce (Chief Diversity Officer at SDSU); Johnathan Burns (Longtime Friend); Jon Medel (Photographer & Filmmaker);

Networking: Testimonial from Matt Rinkey; 2nd Annual African American Heritage Night at Petco Park

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Prince in The City w/ Dr. Aaron Bruce, Chief Diversity Officer at San Diego State University

In this talk I get to connect with Dr. Aaron Bruce, Chief Diversity Officer at San Diego State University.

Dr. Aaron Bruce is not only a renaissance man but a global citizen. He has held management positions in Latin America and Africa–conducting research on management strategies, public health, and education in Cuba, Mexico, and Kenya–and has a Master’s degree in International Business Administration from United States International University.
How he gained his passion for diversity and serving the international community stemmed from his parents, who weren’t like most parents.

Like most parents who spoil their children with ribbon laced gifts on Christmas Day, Dr. Bruce didn’t get that special treatment from his parents. Instead his parents would give him two gifts: a Christmas present and a plane ticket to an exotic country. He remembers a time when he and his family flew to Venezuela, and asked his parents if they spoke any Spanish. To his surprise they did not, but his father told him this: “If you can’t speak [Spanish], then we can’t eat.” It was then and there that he discovered how being a member in a global community was truly important.

Today as a Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Bruce is responsible for helping create an inclusive and supportive environment for all SDSU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and visitors. He works very closely with senior level administrators, deans, and committees throughout the campus, who are all dedicated to diversity inclusion strategies. He sits on several boards (including National Association for Diversity Officers in Higher Education, VP of the Southern California Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education) and is editing his first book titled, “Beyond the Black Horizon; African American Experiences Abroad.”

He volunteers his time educating fellow SDSU students and African American youth on education excellence, and is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

If you wish to visit SDSU for the very first time or wish to contact Dr. Bruce to learn more about SDSU’s commitment to diversity and multiculturalism email him via or Google him.

To read his biography, click here

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Week In Review

Prince in The City (YouTube): Doug Luffborough (Heart Inspired Speaker); Stefanie Davis (SDSU college student); Dr. Joanne Cornwell (Founder of the Sisterlocks),

Networking: Spotlight Feature: Bobbie Gray, Career Counselor at San Diego State University; James Drake Art Exhibit; Student Orientation Day at Thomas Jefferson Law School

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Prince in The City w/ Stefanie Davis, Rising College Student at San Diego State University

In this video I get to connect with a fellow Aztec and college student here at San Diego State University.

Stephanie Davis who is now in her 4th year (majoring in Management Information Systems) was kind enough to share her college experience to the world.

Today she works as a student assistant at the Career Services offices, offering her tremendous skills in Information Systems, and has just received a new job offer to work as a Knowledgebase Application Specialist for international company called ESET (IT Security Company)

ESET is a IT Security Company that helps customers find out information about their security software and protect their systems from viruses. She will be managing a business application which has been used in 180 countries!

To reach her you can do so via email, LinkedIn, and Twitter @techmagicsd

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Spotlight Feature: Bobbie Gray, Career Counselor at San Diego State University


I’m standing with my greatest mentor and friend Bobbie Gray, Career Counselor @SDSU.

She has been a huge factor towards my success after college and she was the one (next to my mom) who really persuaded me to go to DC when I didn’t want to.

Today she continues to help fellow Aztecs find their career paths and establish their dream jobs through her new program “Aztec Mentor Program” (Go to and click Aztec Mentor Program) She’s proud of my accomplishments and I am proud of hers! Great Seeing you Bobbie!

Instagram: #princeinthecity #princesdailyjournal #sdsu #goaztecs #college #mentor #education #networking #entrepreneur #work #study #play #sandiego

Check out this video of her new program and how it has enriched the lives of both SDSU students and alumni. (Plus Richard Tharin is class of 2002 and lives in Boston, Massachusetts!)

Daily Newsfeed

Federal Judge rules NSA program unconstitutional for collecting domestic phone records from Americans; Snowden writes open letter to Brazil to help probe NSA program; Gunman opens fire at Reno Hospital in Nevada; 20 yr old Harvard student is charged with campus bomb hoax; and Major League lacrosse picks up first female player. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Federal Judge rules NSA program unconstitutional

Snowden writes open letter to Brazil to help probe NSA; he mentions need for asylum

Gunman opens fire in Reno Hospital

Eldo Kim sent emails of bomb threats to skip his finals

Major League lacrosse picks Devon Wills to become 1st female lacrosse player