Krista Lombardi, San Diego Realtor for Berkshire Hathaway

Where can I find a realtor in San Diego, Ca.? Contact Krista Lombardi, San Diego Realtor for Berkshire Hathaway.

krista lombardi (san diego real estate cafe)Krista Lombardi represents buyers and sellers in home purchases and sales, and is a certified negotiation expert. And her strategy is to always make sure that her clients pay the least amount possible when buying a home and make top dollar when they sell it. She has won San Diego Magazine’s Best in Client Satisfaction for nine consecutive years and, as a top producer at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, has the put the company at #24 in the county of San Diego and #43 in the state of California.

Krista began her career in real estate in Italy where she did entrepreneurial work. It was there that she discovered her passion for selling real estate and opened her own business in San Diego called, “San Diego Real Estate Café.” San Diego Real Estate Café, she says, is a blog that provides a friendly environment for all homeowners to shop for homes and get the latest help from top notch realtors and agents in the San Diego area. Comprised of Krista Lombardi, three residential agents, and one commercial agent (known as the Lombardi Team), their combined 50 plus years of real estate experience has instilled confidence in every client that they have represented–ensuring a stress free and successful close on every property.

Krista, and her team, truly prides herself in providing excellent customer service. And what she says is the secret to her success is “to keep moving forward and never stop believing.” It is those words that has helped her culminate the success that she enjoys today.

To contact Krista Lombardi and her team call 619-519-3251 and/or email

Her office is located on 890 West Washington Street, San Diego, Ca. 92103

To check out Krista’s blog go to

Elizabeth Perez Barletta, Suffolk Alum, talks about Real Estate Law

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Elizabeth Perez Barletta talks about Real Estate Law on “50 Shades of Law”

Elizabeth “Liz” Perez Barletta Esq. is an associate at Ligris+ Associates. And prior to joining the firm, Liz worked at the general practice firm of Sasson & Cymrot in Boston, Ma where she focused her practice on residential and commercial real estate transactions. In her interview she tells Prince her journey of becoming a lawyer and how she is using her law degree to help people purchase homes and sell their real estate.

To listen to this interview click on the link below

Elizabeth Perez Barletta talks about Real Estate Law on UR Business Network

The first thought of becoming a lawyer began when Liz was a little girl. And at that time, her family befriended a lawyer by the name of Paul, who would always invite her and her family to his house for outdoor barbecues, etc. And as Liz recounts, Paul was the coolest and smartest lawyer that she knew; that’s how she was inspired to become a lawyer (like Paul). But what made her choose real estate law was her work experience at Sasson & Cymrot, where she was exposed to all different types of law and found that real estate law was her niche.

Liz says that real estate law is vast because it encompasses so many aspects like zoning, lord tenant issues, etc. But what she does is the “conveyance” of buying and selling real estate. What Liz would do is represent either buyers, lenders (when they often time look for a mortgage) or sellers, and assist them with their negotiation agreements on the purchasing and selling of their real estate–attending closings, explaining documents, etc. Her greatest joy is popping up on the front doorstep of her client’s apartment, and present them with a set of keys to their newly purchased home–all with an energetic smile.

Her advice to those who want to practice, or want to go to law school and study the law, is to really know what you want to do before and after you graduate from law school. Too many times Liz has seen recent law school graduates struggle because they did not know what they wanted to do after they graduated–not to mention the added financial costs from attending law school. Liz asserts that being a lawyer is a great profession, but don’t become one just because you couldn’t find any other profession.

Liz graduated in 2007 with a B.A. in Communications from Boston College and graduated with a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in 2010 (where Prince is currently attending). Her biggest reason for going to Suffolk University Law School was its keen location (situated in the heart of Downtown Boston), and its phenomenal alumni network. Her first job came from a mutual connection that she had with somebody who went to Suffolk University Law School. The power of networking, Liz says, is a key factor in the practice of law and in real estate law–”You have to be in front of people!” Liz says.

Liz is originally from Miami, Florida and is fluent in Spanish. Liz is a licensed attorney in both Massachusetts and Florida.

If you wish to reach out to Liz for advice on law school or legal representation in Real Estate, you can go to and search for Elizabeth Perez Barletta . You can also reach out to her via email ( or by phone (617.274.1500).

Her firm has three locations in Newton, Cambridge, and Boston.

Don’t forget to listen to her on the UR Business Network Channel at “Desocial Strategies” with Jeffery Desocio

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Daily Newsfeed

Firefighters Fight to Protect Yosemite National Park at All Costs; Doctors Urge More Hospital to Perform More Abortions; Income Inequality Continues To Get Worse and Worse; Israeli Baseball Competes for Spotlight Against Israeli Soccer And Basketball; and New York Attorney General Sues Donald Trump For Phony School. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Firefighters protect Yosemite at all costs

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Income inequality continues to decline

Israeli Baseball competes for spotlight

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First Person News Story: Boston Construction Workers go on Strike


On my way to Boston Common Coffee Co, I ran into a construction protest on Washington Street in Boston Massachusetts. Here is my interview with two construction workers who led the protest.

Construction Protest 12:15 pm
Corrected 5/17/2013
Corrections: *workers did not appear to have green cards.

Disclaimer: Construction own words.

Prince: Tell me what’s going on? What is your struggle?

Construction Worker #1: He’s got out-of-state contrators; we also been told that the *workers did not appear to have green cards. He is working under the table. He is not paying health benefits..

Construction Worker #2: He has added million to his bank account! And he’s not paying the guys enough to have insurance!

Prince: What is his name?

CW #1: David Pogorelc

Prince: David Pogorelc

CW#1: Yeah you know He is not paying any health benefits, their paying under the table, he is not paying any taxes to the city, which doesn’t go back to the police department, fire department, the schools..

CW#2: HE doesn’t care if workers cant buy homes! HE doesn’t care if workers can’t send their children to school! HE gets richer the poor gets poorer!

CW#1: Right

CW#2: HE doesn’t care about this city! He doesn’t care about you! He doesn’t care about me! He only cares about himself and his BIG FAT BANK ACCOUNT! HE gets RICHER and we get POORER!

Crowd: That’s right! Tell him!

CW2: HE doesn’t pay the people enough money for health insurance. He is a no good dirty Rat! And he doesn’t care about this city! And he needs to be driven out of the city! He is a RAT! A RAT!

Crowd: (Laughing) You tell him Buddy!

CW#1: That’s how it goes brother. Thank you.

Prince: No problem

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