Morning Coffee Ed.: Tabac Cafe


Wherever my work takes me, so does my coffee. And so today’s edition is Tabac Cafe.

Located on the corner of Market and 3rd Ave, Tabac Cafe provides a whole new cultural experience by infusing urban hospitality with international exotic flavor.

After my day of relaxation and comfort, at the downtown massage parlor (Downtown Dcompress), I was in search of a nearby coffee shoppe, where I can begin my daily blogging and applications to fellowships, scholarships, and of course Law School. Unannounced to me, I happened to find a coffee shoppe that was right across from me. And I when I entered, I was stunned by its intricate interior design: A Victorian chandelier hanging from the ceiling; urban steel furniture; and to top it off a cigar and hookah room. I didn’t know if I was in Europe or in the Middle East. It came me to later that it was a combination of all three: Coffee, Cigar, and Hookah Lounge.

And so today, I had the pleasure of sipping their famous White Casablanca Coffee. An espresso stirred with white chocolate, caramel syrup, steamed milk; topped with chocolate shavings and fresh whipped cream. As I am molding myself in becoming a connoisseur in coffee tasting, this is by far the best espresso I’ve had thus far. They made no mistake to name it Casablanca because my taste buds had a delicious rendezvous with Love. If coffee tastes this good, then I’m heading to Morocco in the near future (which I plan to).

Tabac is conveniently located across the street from the massage parlor and yoga center Downtown DCompress and international hostel SDInternational. So after a day of relaxation or Yoga, come by Tabac Cafe and grab yourself a Casablanca.

Here’s looking at you kid!

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Men’s to do list: Sunglasses


“50 Shades of Cool”

Fashion comes and goes, but sunglasses are forever! Sunglasses do not only give us protection from the blinding sun and flashing “paparazzi” lights, but also sex appeal. Sunglasses can boost our clothing apparel and sex appeal by five brownie points-if worn the right way!

For us gentlemen, it’s already self-explanatory of how powerful sunglasses are; so there’s no need to put this on our to-do list. However, what is important, which I do want to emphasize is this:

“You do not pick the sunglasses–the sunglasses picks you!”

Like in the first Harry Potter movie, when Harry Potter was selecting his first wand: he did not choose the wand, the wand chose him. The same supernatural connection that is shared between wizard and wand, works the same with man and sunglasses.

Sunglasses can fend off enemies and attract romance at the same time (and in most cases, vice versa). Again, we know this because we have seen it in action.

And so, gentlemen when you select your shades remember that it has to represent you and more importantly your WORK! Your work is what gives you your appeal, your clients, and most importantly your business. Always keep that mind–Always!

For complete selection of the type of shades out there, go to:

Photo: Horton Plaza “Sunglasses Hut”


Morning Coffee Ed.: Operacaffe


Wherever my work takes me, so does my coffee. And so today’s edition is Operacaffe.

Right across from the legendary Balboa Theater in San Diego, Ca, lies a masterpiece of Italian cuisine and taste. Operacaffe, award winning restaurant and winner of San Diego Magazine’s “Critic’s Pick Award” (2009), provided me a taste of Florentine hospitality.

This morning, while I was exploring the busy streets of San Diego for my next photo shoot location, I came across a coffee shoppe that was unfamiliar to me–it’s name that spelled “cafe” with two “f’s” instead of one. And as I approached this cafe (or restaurant), I could not help but to be drawn by its interior design: brick walls and shelved wine glasses across the walls. And it was their Tuscan interior design that made me sit down and enjoy their cup of coffee.

And so, this morning I had the pleasure of sipping their cappuccino. A bold and strong taste with creamy foam on top. It gave me the boost and satisfaction I needed to enjoy my newspaper while posing in front of the camera.

For great coffee, great Florentine Food, and wines, I highly recommend that you go to Operacaffe. If you wish to start your morning right (like I did), then sip your coffee on the front patio; you will get that rush and adrenaline of San Diego city life. Their hospitality that they showed me was by none the friendliest, and that is something that I will always take with me.

Bon Appetit

To make reservations call: 619-234-6538

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Men’s to do list: Dry Cleaning

My Fellow Gentlemen,

If you are away from home, and you don’t have time to iron your clothes then I highly recommend that you incorporate DRY CLEANING as part of your bi-weekly regimen.

My philosophy is simple: “If you can afford your own apparel, then surely you can afford dry cleaning.”

As a man, one must take responsibility to maintain its integrity. Maintain what you paid for.

“Your clothing apparel is like your battle armor. If tarnished or badly bruised, your enemies will not look twice to pierce your soul.”

And so, Gentlemen I highly urge you to visit your local dry cleaners, and rebuff your battle armor. We live in a world of professionalism and your clothing apparel could be the difference of you landing that perfect job interview to landing that romantic date

So give yourself a break, and go to your local dry cleaners. Not only are you helping your small business, but you will still get that same love and perfection that you would also get from ironing your clothes.

You can also receive great discounts (especially if your Military) from your store as well. Today I received 10% off!!

Luxury Cleaners
110 B Avenue
Coronado, CA 92118

(With Maryam. She has done my clothing since I was little kid; she’s been a mother to me)