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Indiana lawmakers worked late into the night on religious freedom law fix; Iranian nuclear talks will extend for another 3 months; Impoverished pregnant woman from Tanzania is forced to haul water to their own baby deliveries; Ted Cruz has the worst Senate Armed Committee’s attendance by far; and Here’s how police and prosecutors are treating “raping while black” like a crime. All this and more please follow the links below

Indiana lawmakers fix religious freedom

Iran Nuclear talks will extend to 3 months

Impoverished Woman forced to haul water to their own baby deliveries

Ted Cruz’s poor performance in the Senate Armed Committee</a

“raping while black?”

Daily Newsfeed

France wants US Allegations of NSA spying the European Summit Agenda; Dead Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect implicated in 2011 triple murders; JP Morgan has struck deal w/ Justice Dept to pay $13B over dodgy mortgage products; Syrian Snipers are targeting unborn babies; and Libyan Terror suspect implicates himself in terror crimes according to federal prosecutors. All this and more, please follow the links below.

France wants US allegations on the Euro Summit Agenda

Dead Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect linked tripled murder

JP Morgan pays $13B to DOJ

Syrian snipers are targeting unborn babies

Libyan Terror Suspects forfeits his Miranda Rights

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