Harley Lewin, Intellectual Property Attorney at McCarter & English LLC.

LewinHarleyHarley Lewin is a Renaissance Man of the Law. He is an Intellectual Property Attorney and Partner at McCarter & English LLC. With over 40 years of litigation experience, and traveling around the world, Mr. Lewin has been successful in protecting trademarks, designs, ideas, inventions, and clients’ businesses in general. Most notably, he is renowned for litigating and winning limited trademark protection for French luxury shoe maker Charles Louboutin against Yves Saint Laurent America, Inc. in the fight for Louboutin’s distinct red lacquered soles for women’s heels.

Prince in The City w/ Harley Lewin, Intellectual Property Attorney

Mr. Lewin initially became a lawyer as a last alternative, due to the Vietnam War. And during those times he said, “you had two choices: go to school or be drafted to Vietnam.” And so he chose the latter and completed his legal education at the University of Wisconsin School of Law. After graduating from law school, he then worked for a small boutique law firm where he practiced (soft) intellectual property and delved into the entertainment business, where he represented clients who needed protection from “copies” and “knock-offs” he says. Furthermore he says that he was the first and only person in the United States to practice trademark protection at that time.

Today he conducts investigations and legal action against people who are copying brands in over 50 countries (mostly in Asia); negotiates agreements for acquisition and rights; file and prosecute applications to report trademark infringement; and conduct major case litigation.

The clients that he and his firm represents are luxury goods (Dior, Alexander Wang, etc.), start up companies, fragrances, jewelry (both high end and costume), apparel companies, and manufacturing goods like Caterpillar. He recently represented Milk Studios, an entertainment company, who sued Samsung for copying their brand name in their online music videos.

What he enjoys most is representing the good guys of Intellectual Property–he and his firm assisted a Canadian company in acquiring their trademark from Indonesia!

His biggest advice for future lawyers is to work hard; hone your writing skills; and have fun–but to take Civil Procedure very seriously. Mr. Lewin cannot stress enough of how frequent and relevant Civil Procedure is in his line of work. So take Civil Procedure very seriously!

If you wish to reach Mr. Harley Lewin, you may do so via email hlewin@mccarter.com and phone: +1-212-609-6818

Daily Newsfeed

Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe will be the first Japanese leader ever to address Congress; Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid announced today that he is retiring; Germanwings co-pilot hid health conditions that would banned him from flying; At least 2 people missing after East Village explosion in NYC; and meet America’s first video game varsity athletes. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Shinzo Abe will be the first Japanese leader to address Congress

Harry Reid announces his retirement

Germanwings co-polit hid health conditons, banning him from flying

Two people missing after East Village explosion

USA’s first video game athlete

Daily Newsfeed

A stream of foreign wealth is flowing to the Elite Real Estate of New York; The state of California warns against intentional measles exposures; Samsumg reveals potential for smart TVs to eavesdrop; HSBC could face U.S. legal action over Swiss accounts; Teach For America is struggling to recruit college students; and Grammy Award winner Beck still shows love for Kanye West, even after his diss. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Foreign Wealth buying up Elite Real Estate property

California warns against intentional measles exposures

Samsung reveals potential for smart TVs to eavesdrop

HSBC could face US legal action over Swiss accounts

Teach For America is struggling to recruit college students

Beck still loves Kanye after Grammy diss

Daily Newsfeed

NYPD Commissioner calls for unity after the killings of two NYPD officers; Paul McCartney drafts Protest Anthems for Eric Garner Demonstrations; Veteran Politician Beji Caid Essebsi wins Tunisia’s first presidential free election; Sony still wants people to see “The Interview” ; and China indicts Jackie Chan’s son on a drug charge. To read this and more, follow the links below.

NYPD Commissioner calls for unity

Beatles Singer Paul McCartney drafts protests anthem for Eric Garner demonstrations

Essebsi wins Tunisia’s first presidential free election

Sony still wants people to see The Interview

China indicts Jackie Chan’s son on a drug charge

#FashionEmbassy Presents “Seven Looks” by Framingham College

Framingham College (Fashion Embassy)

Timeless Tuesdays at the Bond Lounge.

A once a month special occasion (the first Tuesday of every month) where you can network with professionals and see the latest trends in fashion with class. This month’s fashion featurette: Seven Looks.

“Seven Looks” was inspired by seven upcoming fashion designers, from Framingham College, who put together an ensemble of clothing wear from “Alice and Wonderland” to urban street wear. One of my guests, Meshi Davis, Magazine Editor of Bon Vivant Society, was able to speak with one of the designers, Corey Ortiz, and will be doing a story in the near future.

A special thank you again to Jaclyn Zukerman and Gilda (from the Bond Lounge) for coordinating this networking event; Dynasty Models for showcasing the beautiful fashion designs; and Framingham College for providing us with intelligent and talented fashion designers.

Meshi Davis and Corey Ortiz

To get more information on the next fashion show at the Bond Lounge, contact Gilda at 617-956-8765 and visit their website at www.bondboston.com

Fashion Designers: Framingham College Students
Models: Dynasty Models
Photos: Prince Sefa-Boakye

To see these photos go to my Flickr account, by clicking on the link below.

#FashionEmbassy: Seven Looks by the College Students of Framingham College

If you want more coverage of “what’s going on?” in the social scene of Boston, Massachusetts, then be sure to follow JZ and Meshi on Twitter.

Jaclyn Zuckerman aka “JZ”: @jaclynzuckerman

Meshi Davis aka “Miss Bon Vivant”: @miss_bon_vivant

You can also check out more fashion trends, from the shows that I have attended, by clicking on my tab #FashionEmbassy.

Instagram: #Poppin bottles again with hot #dynastymodels. http://www.princesdailyjournal.com #princesdailyjournal #princeinthecity @jaclynchristiee @ms_bon_vivant #boston #fashion #bostonevents #champagne #networking #work #study #play

York and Dillo Bowtie Collection Are on Sale!


York and Dillo is putting out a special collection, of their uniquely designed bowties, on sale for a limited time only–below are a few of their newly created designs.

If you wish to purchase these beautiful designs and others from York and Dillo go to shop.yorkandillo.com


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United We Stand, The 13th Anniversary of 9/11

As we pay our respects to those who have lost their lives thirteen years ago, and those who are giving their lives everyday for the sake of freedom, let us not forget our stance against terrorism and how we will never cower in its face.

Remember that it was 9/11 that truly divided our great nation apart and not the petty politics that we see today. It’s time to put the fingers down, link arm-and-arm in the fight against terrorism.

We are American Strong!

God Bless America and May God Continue to Give Rest and Peace to Those Who Are With Us In Spirit!

Remember to take time today, to pause and pay your respects.

Valerie and Geo’s Wedding Day!


Today is my cousin Geo and his fiance Valerie’s Wedding Day! And I have traveled all the way from Boston to New York to celebrate their special occasion.

As such I will be posting videos and pictures onto my Flickr Account, where you will see all of my wedding photos in one place, as they happen.

To check out some of the photos now, click on the link below.

Geo and Valerie’s Wedding Day!

Congratulations to The Happy Couple!!!!

If you wish to learn more about them, and send them a congratulatory note go to www.valeriaandgeo.com

Also check out my photos from my earlier excursions of New York City!

Prince’s Travels: New York

Motivation Monday: Write A Love Letter Today!

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Write a Love Letter Today!

In this short TED talk video, we do not only see the power of the pen but the beauty of love letters.

Hannah Brencher, letter enthusiast and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters, began writing her love letters back in college–which she would address them to her mother, who did not believe in emailing or texting her loved ones. And it would take Hannah one bad day for her to realize her true gift and mission in life.

Hannah experienced her bad day when she moved to New York City after college. But instead of doing the orthodox to console her pain, she did the unorthodox: she wrote letters to complete strangers and hid them throughout the Big Apple! (cafes, libraries, the U.N, etc.). Furthermore, she blogged about them and made a promise to the Internet, which evidently changed her life forever: “If you ask me for a hand written letter, I will write you one–no questions asked.” And so, what started out as a kind favor turned into a call of public service overnight.

One of the greatest takeaways from her TED talk video (and is my favorite) is the story of the man who almost took his life–but did not because of what Hannah and her team of “strangers” wrote for him. When I saw this, it reminded me of the interviews I had with people (on my website)–and how they all changed my life for the better.

Storytelling is what the world is really about: listening, reading, and sharing each others stories. TED talk speaker Drew Dudley, who I interviewed, told me that “storytelling is the basic unit of human understanding.” When we share our stories with each other (especially through letter-writing) we do not only save lives, but empower ourselves and others too.

So this week (and today), when you are at work or school, grab yourself a piece of paper, note card, thank you card, etc.; write a letter with inspiring words of love (NOT HATE); and tuck it away in a spot where a stranger can pick one up and read it.

[I’m going to start mine today (and this week) and see what happens!]

To follow Hannah and her TED talks go to www.ted.com/speakers/hannah_brencher

If you want to be part of this movement (which I strongly urge you all to do) go to www.moreloveletters.com, and learn how you can help a stranger through your words of love.

You can also go to Hannah’s website (www.hannahbrencher.com) and follow her on Twitter @hannahbrencher

Late Afternoon Lunch

20140411-170346.jpgToday I treated myself to a nice (late) afternoon luncheon after a long day of work. Today’s appetizer is “The Potato and Artichoke Soup.” My waiter told me that this is much better than the Winter Velouté soup, which I had three weeks ago. But I must say, after tasting this appetizer, the velouté is still the best out of the two! Thank you again Chef Andrew Yeo for the wonderful appetizer!

Artisan Bistro (Ritz Carlton Hotel)
10 Avery Street
Boston, MA

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ThrowBack Thursdays: Operacaffe–When My Website Really Skyrocketed!

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous blog/article/review or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s Throwback Thursdays Edition: Operacaffe

Throwback w/ Operacaffe

It all started on the morning of March 24, 2013. Jon Medel (photographer) and I were cruising around downtown San Diego in our limo (courtesy of Limo Car chauffeur Gabe Gebremedhin) to find the perfect coffee shop for my new photo shoot “Political Correspondent ON-THE-GO.” Not knowing where our journey would take us, we then found this little coffee shop, with a beautiful front porch; and it was love at first sight: Operacaffe. I introduced myself to the man in charge, began shooting, and the rest was history.

Their hospitality that they showed me that day left an ever-lasting impression on me and on my site–their front porch is still the face of my website today. And so, every time that I am in San Diego, Ca. I always go to Operacaffe to either treat myself, my mother, or a guest for coffee or lunch.

Peter Morales, the restaurant manager of Operacaffe, is as friendly and approachable as they come. What I love about him was his sincere appreciation, for allowing me to do my photo shoot and post pictures of his restaurant on my site–he didn’t ask for any paperwork. However, when I was vacationing back in my hometown of San Diego, Ca–having lunch with my mom at his restaurant–Peter shared with me terrible news that the man who built this restaurant, Roberto Bernardoni, recently passed away. Even though I was never given the chance to thank him personally, for providing me with such a beautiful location for photo shoot, I was still fortunate enough to have tasted his legacy and immortalized his restaurant through my website. 

pat rob-operacaffe-1

For great coffee, great Florentine Food, and great wines & spirits, I highly recommend that you go to Operacaffe–especially if you are thinking about your next photo shoot. If you wish to start your morning right (like I did), then treat yourself to nice hot cup of cappuccino and sit outside its front porch–you will experience the rush and excitement of San Diego’s city life!

To visit their website go to: www.operacaffe.com

To make reservations call 619-234-6538

You can also follow them on Twitter @operacaffe

Public Service Announcement: No ThrowBack Thursdays

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Sorry the inconvenience. But check out our previous ThrowBack Thursdays in the meantime!

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