ThrowBack Thursdays: Lydia Edwards, Director Of Legal Services for the Brazilian Immigrant Center

Every Thursday I will miscellaneously post an article that I’ve written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This weeks ThrowBack Thursdays: Lydia Edwards, Director Of Legal Services for The Brazilian Immigrant Center.


Not only do I have the absolute privilege to know Ms. Edwards, but the sheer pleasure to work side by side with her as grassroots organizers for the Obama campaign last year, in the 2012 presidential elections–campaigning in the freezing cold while knocking on doors in New Hampshire for the President. She is a remarkable woman and her legal intelligence is her first greatest asset, next to her beauty–she is a huge pioneer behind Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in Massachusetts, which is soon to be put forward in a legislative hearing in November 2013.

Thank you Lydia for the opportunity to interview you and share the good works that you have been doing for immigrant families and workers in Boston. Continue to fight the good fight! –Prince  

To read her story, click on the link below

Her Story and How She is Leading the Fight Against Social Injustice

If you also wish to contact her, go to and contact her via “Contact Us” or at

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