Raptivist Aki Explains What The Color Green Means to Him

Hip Hop Artist, Raptivist Aki Kharmicel is on my show again but this time to talk about the “Conspiracy” of the color Green. Each week I will get inside the guru mind of Aki Kharmicel and record his words of wisdom to the universe. His wisdom is outside this world!!!

To learn more about Aki Kharmicel and his music go to www.releaseakikharmicel.com

Congratulations to Kojo Sefa-Boakye on Graduating from Coronado High School

Kojo Sefa-Boakye (princesdailyjournal)Congratulations to Kojo Sefa-Boakye on successfully graduating from Coronado High School–Class of 2015! I am very proud to say that he is the last Sefa-Boakye in the family to graduate from Coronado High School, especially on it’s 100th year anniversary! Kojo is planning to pursue his musical career, in the Fall, at a two year university where he will be studying Jazz Music and Piano Studies.

The Sefa-Boakye Brothers (princesdailyjournal)

Congratulations Kojo! You made your older brothers very proud!

A Big Thank You to Mom and Dad for making this monumental moment possible!

To see my pictures of Kojo’s Graduation on Flickr, click here

Here is a YouTube clip of Kojo singing “Ordinary People” by John Legend while playing the piano.


Interview w/ Raptivist Aki aka Mr. Aki Kharmicel

Raptivist Aki Kharmicel is no stranger to Hip Hop music. And in this in this interview, I do not only learn his life story but his philosophy on not prostituting your worth.

Raptivist Aki has now launched his website www.ReleaseAkiKharmicel.com where he will feature local artists and bring the power back into the community–the Hip Hop Community of San Diego, Ca. CLICK ON THE LINK AND CHECK IT OUT!

To follow his music go to www.soundcloud.com/Aki-Kharmicel

Here are his YouTube video links that he wishes to share with you.

LIKE JPLovesit’s New Facebook Fanpage: JPLovesit Hangouts !!

“Where Music Meets Reality!” -JP LOVESIT
To join her Facebook Fanpage “JPLOVESIT HANGOUTS” go to www.facebook.com/jplovesithangouts
You can also go to her Personal Facebook Fanpage www.facebook.com/jplovesit
Check out her studio session that she posted on Facebook.

JPLovesit’s New YouTube Show, “JPLovesit’s Hangouts”

JP has created a new Youtube web series called “JPLovesit’s Hangout” made especially for her friends and fans alike- “It’s where music meets reality,” JP says. The idea behind the web series is to get rid of the middle man and allow artists to interview each other, themselves, and other fun stuff!

“I think this is an excellent idea because it will present an opportunity for my fans to get to know their artists even better, and see that there is a side to of all of us, besides the professional one. To summarize, this pretty much means an underground artist will have a chance to be in the spotlight and a chance for her audience to get to know her better!

As many of you already know, I’m quite down to earth. I love writing and talking about everything that goes along with passion, our feelings, love, and even subjects such as woman rights and empowerment. Besides that, expect a lot of fun, engaging, and interesting content, with special inspirational quotes, facts, images, gags and all that fun stuff in general!” –JPLovesit

To follow JP and her music go to www.jplovesit.com

JPLovesIt, Rising New Music Star in Boston, Ma

JP Lovesit (princesdailyjournal)

JP LovesIt (Joanne Pritemps) is a burgeoning music artist who is ready to take over the music scene of Boston, Massachusetts, with her star powered voice and authentic flair.

JP was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, but was raised in Boston for almost all her life. Her love of music came from her Haitian roots, where she was exposed to all genres of music: from the carnival rhythms of Zouk music to the soulful ballads of Country music.

She began her singing career as a child when her parents enrolled her into the Handel and Hayden Society–an after school program that is known for their Classical and Opera training. Witnessing her natural musical talent, JP was recruited by the New England Conservatory and starred in operatic plays with the Gilbert and Sullivan Production Company. What began as an after-school hobby would evolve into a life long passion (Written by Attey Harper)

Today she is getting ready to make her encore debut this summer at Boston’s annual Haitian Carnival! And in preparation, I will be sending out weekly press releases to keep you up to date with her music, videos, interviews, and red carpet appearances in Boston, Ma.

To learn more about JP Lovesit and her music, go to www.imjplovesit.com

To check out her music go to www.reverbnation.com/JPLovesit

You can also follow her on Twitter @JPLovesIt

Os Malandros De Mestre Touro presents Batisado 2015

Os Malandros de Mestre Touro (princesdailyjournal)

My capoeira group (Os Malandros de Mestre Touro) will be hosting their annual Batisado (Bah-chi-sado) event at the World Beat Center in San Diego, Ca., this Saturday! Batisado is an initiation ceremony, where we welcome new capoeristas into the fold of Capoeira and graduate recent ones by their mark in skill and wit. I was honored to be a part of this ceremony, 3 years ago, where I earned the respect and recognition from the masters and capoeiristas of Os Malandros de Mestre Touro.

mestre preto velho (Menkiti Rice)

“Capoeira is a mental technology–a way of problem solving. Capoeira finds balance in chaos. Capoeira is a black art.” –Legendary Mestre Preto Velho

Guests who will be attending this event are: Mestre Biquinho, Mestre Ze, Mestre Ephraim, Mestre Forca; Capoeiristas Dende, Jahsun, Albatroz, Jorge, Bode and…

Mestre Touro (princesdailyjournal)

Grand Master and Legend Mestre Touro (straight out of Brazil), the founder of Os Malandros de Mestre Touro. Legend has it that he defeated 15 policemen in the art of Capoiera while drunk.

The event will start at 3:30 pm and the admission fee is only $5.00. To RSVP for this event call my Capoeira Master Mestre Preto Velho (May-stre Preh-to Vay-o) at 619-518-7782.

I encourage you all to come to this event, if you are in San Diego, and help celebrate black culture and keep this positive art alive in the community!

To learn more about Capoeira and my Master Mestre Preto Velho, click on the links below.

Mestre Preto Velho

What is Capoeira?

Prince’s Personal Story of Mestre Preto Velho

In Loving Memory of Mark Alan Fischer (1950-2015)

Mark Fisher, Copyright Litigator and Entertainment Lawyer

It is with a heavy heart that I say my mentor, Mark Fisher, has passed away.

Yesterday I had the privilege and honor to attend Mark’s Memorial Service, where I listened to friends and family share a testament to Mark’s amazing life. A life that many people including lawyers wish to have in a lifetime. I heard stories from Mark’s revolutionary accomplishments in the world of Copyright and Entertainment law to his love for music (opera), creativity, clothing, the Red Soxx, his friends and his loving wife Marnie. One thing that is true about Mark, which we all shared in our eulogies, was that he had an extraordinary gift of drawing people to him.

The first time that I met Mark was at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), on the seaport of Boston, where I was working as a caterer for ICA’s social media event two years ago. My job that day was to greet guests, standing up-straight with a tray of white wine in one hand and a smile on my face, as they would walk-in–and that’s when I saw HIM (no pun intended). Walking through the doors was a man who had the finest light blue (bespoke) suit in the room–topped off with the coolest white brim feather hat you have ever seen. When I saw him, my eyes lit up–I told myself that I had to get the number to his tailor. Anyways, when I approached him and asked “what do you do for a living?” he said, “I’m a lawyer.” I stared at him with a confused face and quietly said “lawyers dress like that?!” During our conversation I told him about my blog and my aspirations for going to law school and that I would love to get together with him to learn about him and the law. He kindly smiled and gave me his card, and the rest as you would say was history.

Mark Fisher Copyright Litigator and Entertainment Lawyer

The one thing that I won’t forget about Mark was his sincere gift of inspiring people to do great things. When I asked him if I could interview him for my blog (my pride and joy), he candidly said, “yes”–which most lawyers today would not always do. But somehow he saw something special in me and agreed to do it–with no questions asked.

For those of you who may not know this, Mark was one of my inspirations (as well as my recommenders) for applying to law school–I can’t stress enough how important mentors are. Without his letter of recommendation, I probably would not have been accepted to Suffolk University Law School. He showed me that you can live life to the fullest and still be a good lawyer–and make a fashion statement. He really sparked my interest to explore entertainment and copyright law.

One of Mark’s clients and colleagues, who read my blog, reached out to me: to not only express the tragic news but to commend me on a well-written interview story about him. He said that I really captured his personality. After our conversation, I am reminded yet again of why I have this “silly” website that you all come to know as princesdailyjournal.com.

So today Mark I wish to pay tribute to you for entering into my life as you always did with so many of us: with class and style. I’m sorry we couldn’t get together sooner (due to school and all) but thanks for showing me the “cool” side of law. May you Rest in Peace with the Stars! Your story and your legacy will always live-on, here at princesdailyjournal.com

To check out my photos from the service, click on the link below.

Mark Fischer’s Memorial Service

If you haven’t read Mark’s story, you can check it out under 50 Shades of Law: Mark Fischer.

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ThrowBack Thursday: Paul Sullivan, The Taxi Cab Cowboy

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous blog/article/post that I’ve written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s Throwback Thursday edition: Paul Sullivan, The Taxi Cab Cowboy


I wrote this post to promote my good friend, Paul Sullivan, and his new CD album “A Long Time Comin”. I met the “Taxi Cab Cowboy,” on the night of my birthday (April 30th) last year, when I was looking for a ride home. Not only is he one of the kindest taxi cab drivers in Boston but the most original musicians I’ve heard.

His music is “real” and “bold”; the first words that came to my mind when I listened to his music on the way to my first my Zydeco event. His music is deeply rooted in country and blues which makes it easy for anyone to distinguish if his music is “real” or “watered-down.”

I am pleased to say now that Paul is finishing up his new CD and will have it published in 6-8 weeks, if not sooner.

To read my ThrowBack, click on the link below.

ThrowBack Thursday: Paul Sullivan, The TaxiCab Cowboy

If you wish to learn more about his music go to www.taxicabcowboy.com

To help him raise money for his new album go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-the-taxi-cab-cowboy-releasing-his-debut-album-a-long-time-coming

You can also follow him on Twitter @taxicabcowboy

Here is an introduction to the “Taxi Cab Cowboy”

Motivation Monday: Write A Love Letter Today!

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Write a Love Letter Today!

In this short TED talk video, we do not only see the power of the pen but the beauty of love letters.

Hannah Brencher, letter enthusiast and founder of The World Needs More Love Letters, began writing her love letters back in college–which she would address them to her mother, who did not believe in emailing or texting her loved ones. And it would take Hannah one bad day for her to realize her true gift and mission in life.

Hannah experienced her bad day when she moved to New York City after college. But instead of doing the orthodox to console her pain, she did the unorthodox: she wrote letters to complete strangers and hid them throughout the Big Apple! (cafes, libraries, the U.N, etc.). Furthermore, she blogged about them and made a promise to the Internet, which evidently changed her life forever: “If you ask me for a hand written letter, I will write you one–no questions asked.” And so, what started out as a kind favor turned into a call of public service overnight.

One of the greatest takeaways from her TED talk video (and is my favorite) is the story of the man who almost took his life–but did not because of what Hannah and her team of “strangers” wrote for him. When I saw this, it reminded me of the interviews I had with people (on my website)–and how they all changed my life for the better.

Storytelling is what the world is really about: listening, reading, and sharing each others stories. TED talk speaker Drew Dudley, who I interviewed, told me that “storytelling is the basic unit of human understanding.” When we share our stories with each other (especially through letter-writing) we do not only save lives, but empower ourselves and others too.

So this week (and today), when you are at work or school, grab yourself a piece of paper, note card, thank you card, etc.; write a letter with inspiring words of love (NOT HATE); and tuck it away in a spot where a stranger can pick one up and read it.

[I’m going to start mine today (and this week) and see what happens!]

To follow Hannah and her TED talks go to www.ted.com/speakers/hannah_brencher

If you want to be part of this movement (which I strongly urge you all to do) go to www.moreloveletters.com, and learn how you can help a stranger through your words of love.

You can also go to Hannah’s website (www.hannahbrencher.com) and follow her on Twitter @hannahbrencher

Motivation Monday: Set Your Dreams High and Never Take Your Eyes Away From Them

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Set Your Dreams High and Never Take Your Eyes Away From Them.

In this video, we do not only see the beauty of Doug’s baritone voice but the power of dreams–and how dreams can ascend from all obstacles in life.

Doug Luffborough, who is now a heart inspired speaker and chief managing consultant of Turning the Hearts Center, was selected from his alma mater Northeastern University to give the keynote speech to his graduating class of 1993–a speech that would soon be the starting point of his speaking career.

In his speech, Doug starts out by singing Harry Belafonte’s famous song, “The Banana Boat Song”–and tells us just how much he wanted to go home after spending one week at Northeastern University. But the problem for him was that he had no home to go to. However, what prevented him from going back to his impoverished neighborhood was his dream of attending college–and how his mother, who sacrificed everything, made his dream possible.

One of the greatest takeaways from his speech was how his mother told him to set his dreams high (high in a corner) and to never take his eyes away from that corner. And it was through those words that he was able to go from “Homeless to Harvard”–and travel to the White House to meet the former President of the United States Bill Clinton himself!

Thank you Doug for your empowering words and I am elated to see the many successes that you have made thus far. You are a living testament of what dreams can do, when one does not look away. I am glad that I was able to share your story with the world.  –Prince

So this week, set your dreams high and never take your eyes away from them. Follow Doug’s mother’s advice and challenge each other for the great things in life while helping people along the way; so they can turn their lives around too.

And never live life with words like “I should’ve“; “I could’ve“; or “if only I had“. Instead live life with words like “I can“; “I will“; and “I did.

If you wish to contact Doug Luffborough for your next leadership workshop or speaking engagement, go to www.dougluff.com.

You can also follow Doug via Twitter @dougluff

Here is Bill Clinton’s Reaction from Doug Luffborough’s speech

(Update: Doug Luffborough is no longer a Chief Managing Consultant at Turning The Hearts Center. He is now a full-time Heart Inspired Speaker! [7/9/2014] )