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Today marks the 50th Anniversary of President JFK’s assassination; Harry Reid invokes the “Nuclear Option,” changing the Senate forever; House Speaker John Boehner is officially enrolled in Obamacare; Studies show that unemployment makes men age faster; and The DC government owns a strip club. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Remembering JFK after 50 yrs

Sen. Harry Reid changes the Senate forever

House Speaker is officially enrolled in Obamacare

Unemployment makes men age faster, studies show

DC Gov owns a strip club

Daily Newsfeed

US & UK made a secret deal to allow NSA collect personal data of Britons; The horrible beginnings of the NSA spy avalanche; Senators are planning to use defense bill to force NSA to disclose more of its surveillance program; Time Magazine shows President JFK’s most iconic moments; and A condom contest produces 812 ideas for improvement. All this and more, please follow the links below.

US, UK struck deal to allow NSA collect personal data of Britons

The beginning of the NSA spy avalanche

Senators pushing Defense bill to force NSA to disclose more

JFK Remembered after 50 yrs–his most iconic moments

Condom Contest produces 812 ideas for improvement

Motivation Mondays: Treat Every Misfortune As A Gift

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Treat Every Misfortune As A Gift

In this 3 minute TED talk video, we see brand strategist and brain tumor survivor, Stacy Kramer, give a most touching talk of an unlikely gift that changed her life forever. Stacy does not only do a brilliant job in drawing the audience into her story, but questioning their own motives in life.

When I watched the first few minutes of Stacy’s TED talk, I was emotionally drawn into her story; I really wanted to know what was inside that box. What she described to me, and to everyone, was everything that I ever wanted from life–especially eight weeks of doing absolutely nothing. However, it would not be until she opened the box that I (including everyone else) had to take a step back and question my own motives in life–maybe the misfortunes that exists in our own lives are actually gifts in disguise.

“The next time you’re faced with something that’s unexpected, unwanted and uncertain, consider that it just may be a gift.” –Stacy Kramer

So this week, treat every misfortune as a gift no matter how big or small. Stacy’s gift truly altered her life forever; she obtained everything that most people dream for a lifetime. Although I may not want Stacy’s gift in the size of a golf ball, but I do want what comes with it: adoration and rest.

If you wish to follow Stacy Kramer and her TED Talks go to: http://www.ted.com/speakers/stacey_kramer.html

You can also follow Stacy’s branding company, BrandPlay, at http://www.brandplay.com/

If you are curious of what is a hemangioblastoma? go to http://nyp.org/health/hemangioblastomas.html

or go to wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hemangioblastoma

Motivation Monday: Walk and Talk; Don’t Discuss Business Sitting Down. Watch business innovator Nilofer Merchant give an eye-raising TED talk on how sitting down can actually kill us. And convinces us all to conduct on our next meeting on our feet; and not on our tush. To watch and read my excerpt, go to www.princesdailyjournal.com @ted #tedtalks #princesdailyjournal #motivation #inspiration #business #smallbusiness #walk #talk #community #world #entrepreneur #sharing #love #health #nature #peace #coffee #networking #nilofermerchant

Motivation Monday: Walk And Talk; Don’t Discuss Business Sitting Down

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Walk and Talk; Don’t Discuss Business Sitting Down.

In this short 3 minute TED talk video we see business innovator Nilofer Merchant, give an eye-raising talk on how sitting (whether it be brainstorming or discussing the most innovative ideas with colleagues) is actually killing us. She does not only provide chilling statics behind the health consequences of sitting down (breast cancer and colon cancer 10%, type 2 diabetes 7%, & heart disease 6%], but provides persuasive reasons why we should conduct our next meeting on our feet; and not our tush.

When I saw this, I was truly shocked. Who would of thought that our tushes could be the closest thing to smoking when it comes to our health. It makes sense that the lack of physical activity does lead to health consequences but I never would thought that the most common practice of sharing ideas and listening to conversations is actually hurting our bodies, without us knowing it. Furthermore, we treat our obligations of taking care of business and our health as two separate entities–when we really they are one.

If we are going to solve problems and look at the world differently whether it be governance, job creation or environmental issues etc., [then] maybe we can think about how to reframe those problems as having both things be true [to not have opposition]

–Nilofer Merchant

So this week conduct your next meeting on your feet, and not your tush. Not only only does your body command it but your mind as well. Some of the greatest ideas came from the great outdoors.

If you wish to follow Nilofer and her Ted Talks go to: www.ted.com/speakers/nilofer_merchant.html

You can also follow Nilofer Merchant on
Twitter: @nilofer
Website: wwww.nilofermerchant.com

Motivation Mondays: Try Something New (For 30 Days!). Watch Google Engineer and Webmaster, Matt Cutts talk on how “trying something new for 30 days” can actually help you get the most out of your life. To watch, go to www.princesdailyjournal.com. #princesdailyjournal #monday #motivation #google #siliconvalley #engineer @ted #tedtalks #inspiration #supersizeme #seo #webmaster #tech

Motivation Mondays: Keep Your Goals To Yourself

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week and you need words of empowerment to start off your week of right.

This week’s words of motivation: Keep Your Goals To Yourself

In this short 3 minute TED talk video we see musician and entrepreneur, Derek Sivers, give an interesting TED talk on the misnomer of telling your goals to the world. Not only does he provide humor but compelling evidence (stretching far back as the 1920s) to his reasons why we should keep our goals to ourselves.

Telling someone your goals I think really depends on the goals themselves, but in terms of short term and long term goals. Short term goals are harder to accomplish because they require little focus. So when do you tell your short-term goals to anyone, lose 45 pounds in 1 month, chances are you won’t accomplish them or forget to do them altogether. In contrast to long-term goals, they require more focus like pursuing an education, graduating from college, becoming rich, or making a trip to Europe or to an exotic island. You can aspire to accomplish these goals even faster by telling your closest friends and family because they will all motivate you if not give you advice–plus the expectations are not as great versus telling your goals to the whole world.

So this week, do keep your goals to yourself and do plan accordingly. Your goals are your life, so do handle them with care–or give them away carelessly.

To follow Derek Sivers and his Ted Talks, go to http://www.ted.com/speakers/derek_sivers.html

You can also follow Derek Sivers on the web (http://sivers.org/) and on Twitter (@Sivers)

Motivation Monday: Finding Inspiration From Within

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of empowerment to start your week off right.

This weeks words of motivation: Find Inspiration from Within.

In this short 10 min TED talk video, we see graphic designer Saki Mafundikwa show a hidden language of Africa’s unique writing system. In this talk he does not only show us the beauty and elegance of Africa’s symbols, but encourages his students and the world to remember the past; recognize Africa’s unique hand written languages; and more importantly find inspiration from within–and not from the outside world.

What I related to most, from his TED talk, was his idea that we must find inspiration from what’s in front of us (or within)–and not from looking “outside.” Like his students, I struggled to find inspiration (or success) when I moved to Boston. I have been to find success or inspiration by what’s being shown “outside” of one-self (Television Ads, Media, etc.). It was not until I stopped looking to the outside world, and began looking from within, that I found my inspiration and my hidden value.

“Sankofa” does not only imply to “remembering the past or history” but remembering one-self. I had to remind myself that I was handsome; that I loved to write; and that I loved to talk with people. Doing this, I was able to create my career path for myself.

So this week, practice inspiration by looking from within or what’s in front of you. Remember who you are, remember what you love to do, and pursue it. You will be amazed of just how special and intricate (like the hidden language of Africa’s symbols) you really are. Return to the past and look what’s right in front you for inspiration.

If you wish to follow Saki Mafundikwa and his TED talks, go to:


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Motivation Monday: Edit Your Life! Watch founder of Treehugger.com Graham Hill give a revolutionary talk on “less stuff;” and how less is better. Prince: “If we can edit our social circles, then surely we can edit our own living spaces.” To watch go to www.princesdailyjournal.com. #princesdailyjournal #motivation #treehugger #ecofriendly #wisdom #green #conserve #sustainability #kitesurfing #surfing #sailing #saveourplanet #tedx #TEDtalks #rainforest #ny #manhattan #sd

Talk Tuesdays w/ Drew Dudley, Founder and Chief Catalyst of Nuance Leadership. My rare interview with a TED talk speaker. Not only did I learn about his rise to fame, but his values; and how he is changing the world by redefining what “leadership” is. To learn more about him and his company go to www.princesdailyjournal.com under “interesting people” #princesdailyjournal #leadership #tedtalks #canada #toronto #motivation #inspiration #talk #values #loyalty #friendship #respect #integrity #interesting #networking #tedx #entrepreneurship @donlemoncnn @drewdudley

Motivation Monday: Get More Sleep!

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week and you need words of encouragement, to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Get more sleep!

In this 4 min TED talk video, we see co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, share a small idea that can awaken much bigger ones: sleep! In doing so, she urges all of us to shut our eyes and see the big picture; and how we can make better informed decisions by not reducing our hours of sleep.

When I watched this video and found it truly amazing because all of it was true; however, what was preventing me from acting on this idea was my ignorance. It’s one thing to actually say that you will sleep than to actually doing it. Indeed, I remember once when I was writing a report late at night; and around 2:00 am, I was struggling to finish because I felt sleepy.

When I awoke from menial slumber I found that all of my work was gone–I didn’t save my work because I made a bad informed decision to not sleep (or not complete my report ahead of time) which again links to less hours of sleep.

Sleep, as simple as it sounds, is the most difficult thing to do because we are chasing after time, money, and life goals. Sleep is the most common attribute that all human beings share, but it is most careless action that we as human beings have performed. Our bodies need rest.  Even though we try to fight it, our bodies will eventually find a way to sleep.The funny thing is that we actually teach our children to get enough sleep, but us adults don’t teach ourselves. No wonder why children are smarter, healthier, and more productive than us.

So this week’s words of motivation is to get more sleep! [including myself] If the Chief-in-Editor of Huffington Post says the secret to success is “to get more sleep,” then she means it!

To follow Arianna Huffington and her TED talk go to


You can also follow Arianna Huffington on her website (wwww.huffingtonpost.com) and on Twitter (@ariannahuff)