Tito Jackson’s Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway

Proud City Councillor Tito Jackson will be hosting his 4th Annual Turkey Giveaway at his district, Roxbury Crossing, in Massachusetts.

Each year benefactors, from all over Boston, provide Mr. Tito Jackson with thousands of turkeys. And each year Mr. Tito Jackson takes one day aside from his civic duties to giveaway turkeys to families less fortunate in his low income area of District 7–one turkey per family.

The mission of the Tito Jackson Community Fund is to give back to those in need, and to provide a meal that has been celebrated in our great nation for over a century.

Mr. Tito Jackson is looking for volunteers and if you are interested he asks that you RSVP with his overseer Monica Cannon via phone 857-269-9340 or email (titojacksoncommunityfund@gmail.com).

You can also RSVP via Facebook to attend the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/843812225651539/

Ladarrel Hagans

A special volunteer who will be helping in this effort is LaDarrel Hagans, Singer and Well-Renowned Community Organizer. Read his story and learn how he became the outstanding grassroots organizer that he is today.

LaDarrel Hagans: His Story and How He Organized His Community for Change

Weekly Political Report: Prince Sefa-Boakye’s Reaction to the 2014 Midterms

Each week I write a political editorial that affects you and the world around you.

This week’s political editorial: My Reaction to 2014 Midterm Election.

Republicans winNovember 4th, was surely a night to remember. What America thought was impossible became the possible, with Republicans sweeping the Senate election race and the governor race across the nation especially here in Massachusetts–Not to mention that pot is now legal in Washington, D.C. And the politics that really dominated the air waves of this race was, of course President’s Obama presidency.

It seems as though you don’t need to have any government experience to run for office. As long as you have enough TV attack ads to criticize the president and attach any of his progressive policies to a candidate, that you can win election! And more importantly you can suppress a significant portion of citizens from not voting at all, which I think happened in this Midterm election. And so my reaction to this Midterm election was shocking and disappointing–disappointing in regards to Martha Coakley and Celeste Ribeiro Myers’ lost in the Massachusetts Gubernational race.

In June of 2014, after the Supreme Court upheld to lift the cap on Political Spending, I made a prediction on Twitter (and a radio talk on UR Business Network: Money and Politics inside the Supreme Courthouse of The United States), that “midterms elections will be ugly” and sure enough I was right. But the biggest thing you should take away from this election is the geography.

If you take a look at the map above, you will see the geography of how the election was fought–the distinct colors of state, corresponding to their political parties. A lot of people may not know is that most of the contested states were, for the most part, Republican states–and if not were surrounded by Republican states. And so it was very hard for any Democrat to have strong hold over a state, when it was a Republican state to begin with. But the key states that were fought for the soul of the Senate (just to name a few) were North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, and New Hampshire. These were considered “up for grabs” states since they switch their allegiance from one party to another on each election. And as you can see from the map Republicans were not only successful in their geography but their unlimited resources (due in part of the Supreme Court’s decision to lift the cap on Political Spending)–to attack the name “Obama” and attach it to his supporters via air waves. This is in a sense of how politics in this country works. Rather than talk about ideas of progress or mobolizing people to exercise their civic duty to vote, it was more about “mud-slinging” and collecting votes, especially if you have friends at the Supreme Court level who can bend the rules on fair play: Striking down a Key Provision of Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Political Spending).

In all honesty, politics is about helping people and marshaling positive ideas to move people forward especially to the polls. Today it’s about slinging mud to an oppressor, when there is no oppression to begin with or collecting votes. In this case, it seems to me that Republicans only want to repeal Obamacare for their own benefit and not the benefit of the whole country, which has cost America a government shutdown. Now with this seized golden opportunity, Republicans (in both houses) can now bend the will of the president, and have him serve their needs, without thinking twice to those who don’t share their ideals or financial means to get by in life. Rand Paul admittedly said that the GOP has done a terrible job of reaching out to the minority community, so what makes you think that this election will be any different? Maybe now, with their newly claimed territory in the Senate House, will Republicans reach out to the minority community and engage in their issues.

So here are my predictions from here to 2016:

  • President Obama’s legacy in the White House will be more to difficult to create and restore after the huge fallout of congressional seats in both houses.
  • More gridlock than bipartisanship in DC because of prior failed attempts to agree on any issue. There will never be a bi-partisan up-down vote on any proposal, except for Immigration, but only if, Republicans will be willing to consider serious reforms and object bias opinions. Moreover, there will be more “blocks” and “vetoes” until someone blinks. But “executive orders” from the President will be a defining moment in his Presidential legacy
  • The Hilary Clinton campaign will need to have a serious assessment of how to enter the Presidential race, even if they consider a bid for President in 2016.
  • Possible repeal in ObamaCare, and a possible implementation of Keystone Oil pipeline
  • Possible cuts in Education and other programs (Medicare, Unemployment insurance, etc) that many Americans still see as a valuable.

Personal Note: On a personal note I want to send my best wishes to Celeste Ribeiro Myers and Martha Coakley for a hard fought campaign–and I am deeply saddened by your loss. I am a big fan of you and your principles of fairness and equal opportunity for everyone–the same principles that have led me here two years ago, to campaign for Elizabeth Warren on the Massachusetts Democratic Party campaign. I know this is a huge set back for Massachusetts but these same principles still exists in the hearts of many, which have made Boston and the Commonwealth great.

Go Out and Vote!


Just Rocked Out The #MAVOTE for 2014. Have you?! If not get to the polls! If you don’t know where your poll booth is go to www.mass.gov. The POLLS CLOSE AT 8pm!!! Remember to vote for Celeste Ribeiro Myers! Also check out my interviews on UR Business Network if you need help in deciding on who to vote for (besides Celeste Ribeiro Myers for State Rep!)

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I’ve also been featured on the Boston Metro News. Check it out, by clicking on the link: Mouners withstand Nor’easter for Menino


Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Scott Lively, Pastor Running For Massachusetts Governor

Scott LivelyDr. Scott Lively is a full-time missionary pastor who preaches the word of God in the inner-city of Springfield, Massachusetts. Scott is running for one reason: to bring Biblical values back into the politics of Massachusetts: Anti-Abortion, Natural Family, and Basic Conservative Values. Values, which he said still defined the grassroots of the Republican Party. Dr. Scott Lively is a man of many trades: he is a building contractor, Christian social activist, and a constitutional lawyer–all the while earned his doctorate in Theology. He is a fifth generation Massachusetts citizen and his family has been here since the 1620s.

(UR Business Network): Scott Lively, Pastor Running for Massachusetts Governor

Scott tells me that he is grieved by the decline of Commonwealth’s neo-christian values–values he said has been handed down for five generations. He is tired of seeing the rise of the Marxist philosophy, pervading his beloved Commonwealth state and his country, and wants to put a stop to it. Two tasks that he will accomplish as the next governor of Massachusetts is Micro-financing in inner-city neighborhoods and a citizen oversight panel to scrutinize corruption in government.

As a full-time missionary he has traveled to over 40 countries, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to countries (in Africa) that have little resources. It was during his missionary work that he saw the power of Micro-financing, which donors gave small loans to inspired farmers and push-cart merchants and taught them basic business and entrepreneurial skills. The results, he said, were tremendous and the people in Africa were able to pull their own bootstraps, pull themselves up out of poverty, and be successful. Dr. Lively says, he sees too many inner-city families (going back to three generations) that are dependent on the government. He quotes a Jewish proverb: “If you give a man fish, he eats for a day. But if you teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” This is what inspires him to break “government-dependency” in inner-city neighborhoods. Then lastly he wants to institute a citizen oversight panel chosen by lottery, to oversee the corruption in government and have a panel of lawyers to prosecute corrupted public officials. He sees too much greed in politics and wants to put a stop to it.

Dr. Lively understands that he speaks differently from the rest of the candidates, but one thing he wants to tell you is that he is honest and a straight-talker, even if you don’t agree with his views. He does not engage in mudslinging, he is not here to pander votes, and he is not a cardboard cut-out. He is an independent who wishes to restore Christian values back into the Commonwealth.

If you wish to reach out to Dr. Scott Lively and his campaign, go to www.livelyforgovernor.com

Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Evan Falchuk, Independent Candidate for Massachussetts Governor

Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Evan Falchuck, Independent Candidate for Massachusetts Governor

FalchukEvan Falchuk, who is now 44 years old, is a successful entrepreneur. He has served 13 years on the executive leadership team of Boston-based global health care company, Best Doctors, Inc., and has played a lead role in helping to grow the company–placing the company in Inc. magazine’s list of “Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America”, from 9 employees to over 600.

In this interview Evan tells me that he is running for governor not just as an independent but as a founder of a new political party in Massachusetts called the United Independent Party.

He founded this group because the political process today is not representing people like it used to–it has now been exclusive to interest groups. His vision for this new party was based on these principles: equality, civil rights protection for everyone, AND smart spending–the Commonwealth must spend taxpayer money wisely. Although the pragmatic combination of these principles does not fit into the traditional Democratic or Republican “boxes” it does fit exactly into what the majority of voters prefer. For him it’s all about believing in issues that are consistent with our beliefs.

One of his main platforms that he is advocating on is reducing the cost of living in Massachusetts. He says right upfront that the cost of living in Massachusetts is “too high.” And the two reasons behind it are healthcare and housing costs, which a lot of state legislators are making a lot of money off of. And when I asked him to share an embarrassing story from the campaign trail, he actually talks about the embarrassment of this race due to the recent issues that have been raised.

Evan says that these debates are not serious. Instead of talking about racism, housing costs, medical costs, seniors, or student debt, these debates raise issues like “what is your favorite Halloween costume?”, “Who do you think your opponent should play in a movie?” or “When was the last time you cried?” He was quite embarrassed because nobody was talking about the real issues in Massachusetts. He even called out the Boston Globe, a respectable newspaper, for their reporting because they rather investigate politicians’ coffee habits instead of the issues. When the Press starts acting like “info-tainment” instead of a watch dog, he says “that is embarrassing”–and they are getting paid to do it. However his biggest concern is that leaders do not inspire their citizens to go to the polls and vote.

One person said to Evan, “they come to collect our votes and then leave and comeback in two years.” Sixteen percent of Massachusetts population voted in the primaries last year, so Evan wants to make sure that on November 4th, leaders are inviting as many people as they can to the polls and vote–and seek ways to mobilize them towards positive change.

If you wish to ask questions for Evan to answer go to his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/EvanFalchukMA

To learn more about him and his campaign go to http://www.falchuk2014.com

For more people and politics go to http://www.princesdailyjournal.com

And check out my interviews at http://urbusinessnetwork.com/category/prince-in-the-city-radio-show-and-podcast-with-host-prince-sefa-boayke/

Prince Sefa-Boakye proudly endorses Celeste Ribeiro Myers for State Rep


I proudly endorse Celeste Ribeiro Myers for State Rep in East Boston. Her drive and commitment to fair play, diversity, and community service will no doubt revive East Boston back to its original glory. She is not tied down to private interests nor the status quo.

On Nov. 4th be sure to check off Celeste Ribeiro Myers on your voting ballot.

To watch my interview with her, click on this link: Prince Sefa-Boakye interivews Celeste Ribeiro Myers, Candidate for State Rep

For more information on Celeste and her campaign go www.celesteforeastboston.com

Also look at Celeste’s new TV ad and share it with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Email!

“Community First” – Celeste Ribeiro Myers for State Rep. from Audissey Media on Vimeo.

Former Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino Dies at age 71

20141030-010226 PM.jpg

The longest serving mayor of Boston, Massachusetts, Thomas M. Menino, has died today at the age of 71. Boston mourns the loss of her son, and contributions that he has done to make her city great. I was fortunate enough to meet the Mayor in-person on the campaign trail last year, when I was Campaign Manager for Mr. John Ribeiro Jr.

Thank you again Mayor, for making the city of Boston great and welcoming for out-of-state residents such as myself. –Prince

To follow the story, click on the link: Boston Globe: Former Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino Dies at age 71

Prince Sefa-Boakye attends Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts Forum: “Why Are We Fighting?” (50 years later)

CRA 50th
The Urban League Of Eastern Massachusetts hosted a Panel Forum “50 Years Later: Why Are We Still Fighting” to discuss Post-Civil Rights Era and Current Events. Guests including Mimi Ford, Civil Rights Activist and Wendy Wilson, Managing Editor of Ebony Magazine.



Mimi Ford, was fortunate to tell her first-hand experience with us of having acid poured on her and others in a pool during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Unfortunately, she told us that the man who committed shameful crime was not brought to justice, even till his death which was two years ago.

Here is video footage of the Panel Discussion

A big thank you to Suffolk University Law School and fellow 1L student Nehemie Cange for making this event possible.

To learn about this event and others hosted by the Urban League go to www.ulem.org. Also go to their Facebook page at facebook.com/UrbanLeagueofMassachusetts

To follow Wendy Wilson and Ebony Magazine go to www.ebonymagazine.com

For more of my photos, go to my Flickr Album: Urban League of Massachusetts CRA 50th

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Statewide Rally with First Lady Michelle Obama and Martha Coakley

IMG_8215Today I attended the StateWide Rally with First Lady Michelle Obama and Martha Coakley, who is running to be the next governor of Massachusetts, at the renown Strand Theater in Dorchester, Ma,

This event did not only drew fellow democrats and supporters of President Obama, but iconic public figures and speakers like Mayor Marty Walsh, City Councilwoman Ayanna Pressley, Sen. Ed Markey, the current Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and of course the First Lady of the United States of America Michelle Obama,  to endorse and commend Martha’s work and stance on early education for children, food nutrition, public safety, equal pay for women, human trafficking and raising awareness on domestic violence.

Each speaker had a story tell but nothing came close to the touching story that First Lady Michelle Obama told which she met kids all across America, who are putting in the extra effort to go school and achieve a higher education while working two jobs and feeding their familes–despite their physical limitations and financial circumstances. She says, “If they are not giving up, we can’t either. We have to be more passionate and more hungry than ever before. We can’t let our kids down!”

Also in support of Martha Coakley, Lt. Governor candidate Steve Kerrigan was recognized, by the foray of speakers, for his public service– who I also had the pleasure to interview at the UR Business Network studio.

For more information about the Martha Coakley Campaign go to www.marthacoakley.com

You can also listen to my interview with Steve Kerrigan and his story by going to my “Meet the Candidates” section, where you will find him under “Boston, Lt. Governor.” Or click the link below

Meet the Candidates: Steve Kerrigan

Below are a few photos that I captured at the event. For more photos go to Flickr Page at First Lady Michelle Obama and Martha Coakley Event

A special thank you to Ladarrel Hagans for inviting me to this event.


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Press Release: Leland Cheung for Lt. Governor

My name is Leland Cheung, and I am running to be your Lieutenant Governor.

The race for the lieutenant governor’s office is currently heating up. We surprised the party by doing in 4 months what my other two opponents have spent the last 4 years doing by landing on the September primary ballot. We outraised every other candidate last month in August. And the latest polls have us tied in first place.

I am the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor with experience in both the private and public sectors. It is my mission to focus on creating a Massachusetts that is “fiscally progressive”, connecting all of the different sections of the state, and all of their unique capabilities to make the create opportunity and prosperity for every resident.

As Lieutenant Governor, I will fight to ensure that all Massachusetts residents have access to high-quality universal pre-kindergarten, along with increased access to higher education at our state universities, and job training programs to give residents access to careers, not just short-term jobs. Massachusetts needs to take every step possible to ensure that every person has the tools and education they need to succeed in the globalized economy of tomorrow.

As the proud father of a newborn daughter, I will continue to advance gender equality, fighting for equal pay for men and women. As the only minority seeking higher office in Massachusetts in 2014, I’ll fight to provide for those most in need, working on behalf of all residents of the Commonwealth the ensure that their civil rights and liberties are protected.

I have served on the Cambridge City Council since 2009. As the only candidate currently in elected office, I’m the only candidate with the vision, plan, and experience necessary to be a true partner to our next Governor. Prior to joining the city council I attended Stanford University for my undergraduate degrees in physics, economics, and aerospace engineering, and hold graduate degrees from MIT Sloan and the Harvard Kennedy School. I am the only candidate with private sector experience in the ‘innovation economy’ every gubernatorial candidate is talking about expanding, and have worked at the state and national level – as a Board Member of Massachusetts’ economic development agency and at the Department of Energy.

Ever since I was first elected I have publicly listed my personal cell phone to be available to any resident who’s in need or has an idea to share. It’s a practice I’m committed to continuing as your Lieutenant Governor. For more information, feel free to check out my website at www.lelandcheung.com, or contact me directly at Leland@LelandCheung.com or by cell at (617) 444-9080

You can also listen to my interview with Leland under “Meet The Candidates”. Click the link below to listen

Meet The Candidates: Leland Cheung, Lt. Governor Candidate

Here is another YouTube video of Leland addressing the MassDem Convention

Spotlight Feature: Bobbie Gray, Career Counselor at San Diego State University


I’m standing with my greatest mentor and friend Bobbie Gray, Career Counselor @SDSU.

She has been a huge factor towards my success after college and she was the one (next to my mom) who really persuaded me to go to DC when I didn’t want to.

Today she continues to help fellow Aztecs find their career paths and establish their dream jobs through her new program “Aztec Mentor Program” (Go to www.career.sdsu.edu and click Aztec Mentor Program) She’s proud of my accomplishments and I am proud of hers! Great Seeing you Bobbie!

Instagram: #princeinthecity #princesdailyjournal #sdsu #goaztecs #college #mentor #education #networking #entrepreneur #work #study #play #sandiego

Check out this video of her new program and how it has enriched the lives of both SDSU students and alumni. (Plus Richard Tharin is class of 2002 and lives in Boston, Massachusetts!)

Prince In The City w/ Doug Luffborough, Heart Inspired Speaker

In this video I get to catch up with my good friend Doug Luffborough, an inspirational speaker who I featured on Motivation Mondays: Set Your Dreams High and interviewed on my radio talk show “Prince in The City” at www.urbusinessnetwork.com. Not only was this my first meeting with him (face to face), but my first video interview broadcast.

Doug Luffborough was born in Worcester, Massachusetts to a family of four children (him being the eldest), and had much of his youth tainted with the absence of his biological father, domestic violence, gang violence, and homelessness. However, it would not be until the love of a stranger, the loving support of two women, and the faith of God, that he would reach for the stars and obtain a graduate degree from Harvard University.

Today Doug travels the country to speak on his personal journey in life (from Homeless to Harvard), and gives inspiring words of encouragement to every heart he touches.

This summer he is traveling to Boston to speak and commemorate the life of Maya Angelou and will be on UR Business Network to talk with Neil Anderson!

Doug is also publishing his first book this summer (an autobiography) called, “Watch Me Rise”–which tells the story of how he went from homeless; to meeting Bill Clinton; to graduating from Harvard University.

To listen to our radio interview on UR Business Network and learn more about his story, click on the link below.

Talk Tuesdays w/ Doug Luffborough, Heart Inspired Speaker

For more information on his speaking engagements and how you can get your copy of his new book, go to www.dougluff.com

And to listen to my radio talks go to www.urbusinessnetwork.com.

(Update: Doug Luffborough is no longer a Chief Management Consultant for Turning the Hearts Center. He is now a full time heart inspired speaker)