Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Scott Lively, Pastor Running For Massachusetts Governor

Scott LivelyDr. Scott Lively is a full-time missionary pastor who preaches the word of God in the inner-city of Springfield, Massachusetts. Scott is running for one reason: to bring Biblical values back into the politics of Massachusetts: Anti-Abortion, Natural Family, and Basic Conservative Values. Values, which he said still defined the grassroots of the Republican Party. Dr. Scott Lively is a man of many trades: he is a building contractor, Christian social activist, and a constitutional lawyer–all the while earned his doctorate in Theology. He is a fifth generation Massachusetts citizen and his family has been here since the 1620s.

(UR Business Network): Scott Lively, Pastor Running for Massachusetts Governor

Scott tells me that he is grieved by the decline of Commonwealth’s neo-christian values–values he said has been handed down for five generations. He is tired of seeing the rise of the Marxist philosophy, pervading his beloved Commonwealth state and his country, and wants to put a stop to it. Two tasks that he will accomplish as the next governor of Massachusetts is Micro-financing in inner-city neighborhoods and a citizen oversight panel to scrutinize corruption in government.

As a full-time missionary he has traveled to over 40 countries, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to countries (in Africa) that have little resources. It was during his missionary work that he saw the power of Micro-financing, which donors gave small loans to inspired farmers and push-cart merchants and taught them basic business and entrepreneurial skills. The results, he said, were tremendous and the people in Africa were able to pull their own bootstraps, pull themselves up out of poverty, and be successful. Dr. Lively says, he sees too many inner-city families (going back to three generations) that are dependent on the government. He quotes a Jewish proverb: “If you give a man fish, he eats for a day. But if you teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” This is what inspires him to break “government-dependency” in inner-city neighborhoods. Then lastly he wants to institute a citizen oversight panel chosen by lottery, to oversee the corruption in government and have a panel of lawyers to prosecute corrupted public officials. He sees too much greed in politics and wants to put a stop to it.

Dr. Lively understands that he speaks differently from the rest of the candidates, but one thing he wants to tell you is that he is honest and a straight-talker, even if you don’t agree with his views. He does not engage in mudslinging, he is not here to pander votes, and he is not a cardboard cut-out. He is an independent who wishes to restore Christian values back into the Commonwealth.

If you wish to reach out to Dr. Scott Lively and his campaign, go to

Elizabeth Perez Barletta, Suffolk Alum, talks about Real Estate Law

20141015-111059 PM.jpg

Elizabeth Perez Barletta talks about Real Estate Law on “50 Shades of Law”

Elizabeth “Liz” Perez Barletta Esq. is an associate at Ligris+ Associates. And prior to joining the firm, Liz worked at the general practice firm of Sasson & Cymrot in Boston, Ma where she focused her practice on residential and commercial real estate transactions. In her interview she tells Prince her journey of becoming a lawyer and how she is using her law degree to help people purchase homes and sell their real estate.

To listen to this interview click on the link below

Elizabeth Perez Barletta talks about Real Estate Law on UR Business Network

The first thought of becoming a lawyer began when Liz was a little girl. And at that time, her family befriended a lawyer by the name of Paul, who would always invite her and her family to his house for outdoor barbecues, etc. And as Liz recounts, Paul was the coolest and smartest lawyer that she knew; that’s how she was inspired to become a lawyer (like Paul). But what made her choose real estate law was her work experience at Sasson & Cymrot, where she was exposed to all different types of law and found that real estate law was her niche.

Liz says that real estate law is vast because it encompasses so many aspects like zoning, lord tenant issues, etc. But what she does is the “conveyance” of buying and selling real estate. What Liz would do is represent either buyers, lenders (when they often time look for a mortgage) or sellers, and assist them with their negotiation agreements on the purchasing and selling of their real estate–attending closings, explaining documents, etc. Her greatest joy is popping up on the front doorstep of her client’s apartment, and present them with a set of keys to their newly purchased home–all with an energetic smile.

Her advice to those who want to practice, or want to go to law school and study the law, is to really know what you want to do before and after you graduate from law school. Too many times Liz has seen recent law school graduates struggle because they did not know what they wanted to do after they graduated–not to mention the added financial costs from attending law school. Liz asserts that being a lawyer is a great profession, but don’t become one just because you couldn’t find any other profession.

Liz graduated in 2007 with a B.A. in Communications from Boston College and graduated with a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in 2010 (where Prince is currently attending). Her biggest reason for going to Suffolk University Law School was its keen location (situated in the heart of Downtown Boston), and its phenomenal alumni network. Her first job came from a mutual connection that she had with somebody who went to Suffolk University Law School. The power of networking, Liz says, is a key factor in the practice of law and in real estate law–”You have to be in front of people!” Liz says.

Liz is originally from Miami, Florida and is fluent in Spanish. Liz is a licensed attorney in both Massachusetts and Florida.

If you wish to reach out to Liz for advice on law school or legal representation in Real Estate, you can go to and search for Elizabeth Perez Barletta . You can also reach out to her via email ( or by phone (617.274.1500).

Her firm has three locations in Newton, Cambridge, and Boston.

Don’t forget to listen to her on the UR Business Network Channel at “Desocial Strategies” with Jeffery Desocio

You can also check out my other interviews with interesting lawyers under my page 50 Shades of Law.

ThrowBack Thursday: My Interview w/ Attorney Mark Fischer, Entertainment Lawyer and Copyright Litigator

Every week I post a miscellaneous article/review/blog that I have written in the past, or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s Throwback Thursdays: My Interview w/ Attorney Mark Fischer, Entertainment Lawyer and Copyright Litigator. 


Mark Fischer is probably the most fashionable trendsetter in the practice of law. He is one of few, if not the only person that I have seen, who can sport a sleek contemporary linen suit with a wool square tie (topping it off with a sharp men’s dress hat) at his workplace. You don’t need to remind this lawyer on the latest trends in fashion!

I met Mr. Mark Fischer at a social media conference in Downtown Boston, where I was working as one of many assistants to provide food, drinks, and services to our invited guests. This event housed many social media entrepreneurs who have worked (or who are still working) for well-known television channels: Food Network, Travel Channel, MTV, VH1, etc. And out of the whole crowd stood a man with a light blue suit and a sharp dress hat, which I found to be very uncommon at an event like this.

When I approached him, I asked him where he got his suit from. And his response was: “I got this hand tailored in Brooklyn, New York!” But, what really surprised me was when he told me that he was a lawyer. When I heard this, I immediately took the opportunity to not only share my law school aspirations but my interest to feature him on my website–and it was the best decision that I could have ever made! 

Not only did he answer all of my puzzling questions that I had about the law profession, but he showed me a new way of utilizing a law degree to help others while satisfying your own interests in life!


Thank you Mark so much for providing me great insight behind the law profession–and that little push I needed to apply to Law School!

Today, he continues to represent and work with highly creative and innovative musicians, writers, software engineers, synthetic biologists, and artists.

To read my interview with Attorney Mark Fisher, click on the link below.

50 Shades of Law: Attorney Mark Fischer, Entertainment Lawyer and Copyright Litigator

If you wish to contact Mark Fischer, go to:

If you wish to gain more insight behind Copyright Law, read his blogs at

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