Motivation Monday: Keep Your Head Up!

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivations: Keep Your Head Up!


1rid·i·cule (\ˈri-də-ˌkyül\): The act of making fun of someone or something in a cruel or harsh way : harsh comments made by people who are laughing at someone or something.

I was inspired to write this, when I reminisced the difficult years of my childhood–and my young adulthood. My story is not unique nor special to anyone else’s, but I remembered how it felt to be disrespected; to be unappreciated; to be frowned upon; to be talked down to; and to feel lesser than you think are. What helped me the most during those difficult times in my life was essentially turning a deaf ear (two deaf ears in fact) to negative remarks. As naive as it sounds, I loved myself too much to not care what people thought of me.

It’s shame to see how bullying has transcended itself into cyber-bullying; verbal abuse is still abuse! And I remember being one of those kids receiving the full brunt of a negative joke or comment. However, it was my ability to turn two deaf ears towards negative remarks that I am able to celebrate the many blessings and successes that I am enjoying today. Looking back at it now, I am glad that I did not let my peers or their words shape my destiny.

So this week, keep your head up and let negative remarks fall on deaf ears. Don’t let your peers (whether you are a child, teenager, adult, or senior) shape your destiny. You’d be surprise how many people actually enjoy the faults that you were ridiculed for!

To that little boy or girl who is constantly being ridiculed by their peers: do not listen to their words; keep your head up! Time will reveal how special you really are. Take it from me.  –Prince 

To see how I am keeping my head up and living like an Entrepreneur, go to

Photo Credit: Artur Andronic

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Meet The Candidates: Mike Lake, Lt. Governor Candidate


Mr. Mike Lake was born in Melrose, MA. He graduated from Northeastern University in 2002 (being the first in his family to attend college) and is the first in Massachusetts history to complete five majors simultaneously: Finance, Political Science, Communications, Entrepreneurship and Management Information Systems. His education has not only allowed him to become President Bill Clinton’s special appointee in White House Operations, but a director of development for United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, where he raised a record-breaking $5.8 million to reduce family homelessness and poverty in Massachusetts.

In our interview, we discussed his initiatives for Massachusetts as the next Lieutenant Governor and his personal journey in life. Our biggest topic of discussion was the minimum wage in Massachusetts ($8.00) and how the average family in Massachusetts must work three full-time jobs to support themselves. We also discussed his embarrassing moment at the White House during the Clinton Administration.

Today he is the President and CEO of Leading Cities, and is working to fulfill “The Massachusetts Promise” as the next Lieutenant Governor in Massachusetts. He wishes to build a community where children can attend the best schools in the world, where friends and neighbors can live in cities and towns that have the resources to tackle modern challenges, and where individuals can find meaningful employment that sufficiently supports them and their families.

To listen to my interview with Mike Lake, click on the link below.

Meet The Candidates: Mike Lake

To learn more about Mike Lake go to:


My co-host in this interview was Sy Yules, musician and UR Business Network Radio host of The Sounds of Business. To learn more about him (and listen in on his talks with musicians, filmmakers, songwriters, etc.) click on this link: Sy Yules, Sounds of Business (UR Business Network)


ThrowBack Thursdays: Believe in Yourself! (My First Motivation Monday Post)

Every Thursday I post a miscellaneous article that I’ve written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s ThrowBack Thursdays: Believe in Yourself! (My First Motivation Monday Post)

I wrote this post, one year ago, on a bright Monday morning in San Diego, Ca. And I clearly remembered that I was at home, in the kitchen, when I did it.

This video, of this little kid celebrating his accomplishment of riding a bicycle (along with the catchy music in the background), inspired me so much that day that I wanted to share it with the world. And I remembered (while I was thinking to myself) that this video would be a great way to start a Monday morning off with; hence the title “Motivation Monday.”

This little boy is an inspiration to us all because he reminds us to believe in ourselves, which is the greatest weapon in achieving anything that we want in life. And if you don’t get it the first time, then just keep practicing and you will get better and better as you do it.

So it doesn’t matter if you are learning to ride a bike, starting your own business, or studying for that big LSAT/GRE/GMAT/MCAT exam, just keep practicing and you will get it!


To take a look at my first Motivation Monday Post, click here: Motivation Monday: Believe in YOURSELF!

To follow this video and other entertaining videos from schmoyoho, the Gregory Brothers, click on this link:

Now check out this super fly compilation mix from the same song!!!

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Motivation Monday: Tie Your Shoes [The Correct Way]!

It’s Monday, the beginning of a new week, and you need words of motivation to start your week off right.

This week’s words of motivation: Tie Your Shoes [The Correct Way]!

In this hilarious TED talk video, we see how one little detail can make all the difference in the world, especially when it comes to a life long skill that has been taught to us when we were little children: tying your shoes.

Terry Moore, founder of the Radius Foundation, is like all of us. We tie our shoes enough times in our livelihood that we do not care or worry about its appearances. But if it wasn’t for Terry’s close eye to detail towards his discomfort of “round nylon shoelaces,” then he would have never gained a lifelong lesson which would ultimately change his life [and others] for the better. Who would’ve thought that his embarrassing moment of not tying his shoes correctly [for 50 some odd years] would be broadcasted on the first ever TED talk video in the world of TED talks?

So this week, and before you walk out the door, Tie Your Shoes [The Correct Way]!

Pay close attention to details, or the little discomforts in your life, because you never know if that detail or discomfort will yield you great knowledge or rewards in the future!

To follow Terry, and his TED talks, go to:

And if you wish to learn more about Terry’s “Radius Foundation,” go to:

Week In Review

Talk Tuesdays: Prince in the City at UR Business Network

Weekly Political Report: The Minimum Wage Hike Paradox

ThrowBack Thursdays: My Interview w/ Mike Brady, Founder and Producer of Income Opportunity Expo

Networking: My First Ever Radio Interview; I’m on Podcast!; Prince in the News: UR Business Network Story; Saturday Breakfast w/ Manos Koundourakis

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Give Him Praise! Praise to The Lord!


20140218-133630.jpgOn Tuesday, I will be airing my first ever Radio Talk Show called “Prince in the City” at UR Business Network. So please join me at 1 PM to me hear me speak and talk on headline news, a political editorial, self-improvement talks, a bible verse, and of course, people!



THEN at 2:30 pm, I will be interviewing Mike Lake, who will be introducing himself and his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts this year! During my interview, I will have the opportunity to select questions that you, the audience, may have for Mike via Twitter.

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Daily Newsfeed

First Lady encourages “young knuckleheads” to get healthcare; Ukraine president and protesters have brokered a deal and president will sign it to end the crisis; Here are the 10 best moments from the Brit awards last night; Actor Liam Neeson opens up about his wife who was killed in a skiing accident; and Hollywood is coming to Capitol Hill to testify. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Michelle Obama encourages kids to get health insurance

@cnnbrk: “Ukraine’s president, opposition poised to sign deal designed to end crisis there,” Polish FM says

10 Best Moments from the Brit Awards

Actor Liam Neeson after 5 years opens up about his wife

Ben Affleck and Seth Rogan will appear before two different senate panel

Sen. Rand Paul: Ted Nugent should apologize to Pres Obama

I’m on Podcast!


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ThrowBack Thursdays: My Interview w/ Mike Brady, Founder & Producer of the Income Opportunity Expo

Every Thursday, I post a miscellaneous article that I have written in the past or an interview of an extraordinary individual.

This week’s ThrowBack Thursdays: My interview w/ Mike Brady, Founder and Producer of the Income Opportunity Expo.


Mike E. Brady is one of the most interesting individuals that you will ever meet in your lifetime. He has hosted and produced PBS broadcast segments, dozens of TV and radio interviews and a variety of talk shows, as well as becoming a filmmaker. He has traveled the world, and holds a college degree from Boston University in geography.

Mike began his career in New York City during the late 1980’s and has independently produced dozens of successful consumer trade shows (Holistic Health Expos, Bridal Shows, Arts & Crafts Expos, Environmental Expos, and World Music Festivals)–attracting tens of thousands of attendees to a broad spectrum of industries in some of the largest and most prestigious hotels, convention centers and venues across the Northeastern region. But what people fail to recognize is how down to earth and compassionate he really is.

When I first met him at the Small Business Expo at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Ma, he did not in no way perceive himself to be a “hot-shot”–which there were plenty of at the expo; I met him when I just got done introducing myself and my website to a business woman during lunch hour at the cafeteria. When I got up, Mike approached me and said that he was interested in my services and would loved to be featured on my website–he immediately wanted to do an interview!

I was quite surprised by his response because my site at the time didn’t generate a modest value to anyone just yet. However, I still scheduled an interview with him for the following week, we met up, and he began to tell me his life story and his upcoming expo: “Income Opportunity Expo.”

When I sat down with him, I was truly amazed by his accomplishments and travels. But yet he sounded so humble that it was very hard to believe him sometimes. When I asked him, “How do you define success?” He put it simply and said:

“Being comfortable in your own skin, while living in the moment.”

Furthermore, he quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson and says, “To be yourself, in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.”

From my interview not only did I learn a great deal on what “success” is, but his passion towards helping people; Today I am glad that I have documented his passion in our interview together.

Thank you again Mike for the opportunity to interview you and I am so glad that my website has been useful to you. I look forward in doing great things with you and UR Business Network!

If you wish to hear his voice and learn more about his passion go to: “Lemonade Stand” featuring Mike E. Brady 

To get a complete bio of Mike go to

To read my interview with Mike E. Brady, click on this link: Mike Brady: The Man Behind the Income Opportunity Expo

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Daily Newsfeed

The violence in Ukraine rages on and creates a deepening rift between the East and West despite truce; Families torn apart for more than 60 years by Korean War were reunited at mountain resort in North Korea; New research shows that prolonged periods on your bum puts the elderly at risk for disabilities; 101 year old Florida man is running for Congress; and Fake Viagra pills were sold in Pakistan using President Obama’s image. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Violence in Ukraine rages on

Families were reunited after 60 years of separation from Korean War

New research shows that prolonged periods on your bum puts the elderly at risk for disabilities

101 year old Florida man is running for mayor

Fake Pakistani Viagra pills sold in Obama’s image

Facebook buys What’s App, in attempts to dominate social media

Weekly Political Report: The Minimum Wage Hike Paradox

Every week I write a political issue that affects YOU and the World AROUND YOU.

This week’s Weekly Political Report: The Minimum Wage Hike Paradox


After two weeks of implementing the minimum wage hike into law, a law which requires federal contractors to pay their employees $10.10 per hour instead of $7.25, a recent report came out, from the Congressional Budget Office (a non-partisan government agency), saying that the executive order, signed by President Obama to lift 900,000 Americans out of poverty, might actually kill 500,000 jobs simultaneously by 2016–the probability of this happening are two-thirds.

So how can a legislation that lifts 900,000 people out of poverty somehow kills 500,000 jobs in the process? CBO explains,

“…because more workers would see their wages rise; the change in their wages would be greater; [and, CBO expects,] employment would be more responsive to a minimum-wage increase that was larger and was subsequently adjusted for inflation”

…After reaching $10.10 in 2016, the minimum wage would be adjusted annually for inflation as measured by the consumer price index.”

So I guess the best explanation for this paradox is inflation–and how the consumer price index will measure that in the years to come.

*[Consumer Price Index, by definition, is an index of the variation in prices paid by typical consumers for retail goods and other items; and Inflation, by definition, is a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.]

However, despite these facts,  Republicans and Democrats alike did not waste any time to use these findings to strengthen their bully pulpits.

“The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office confirmed yet again what we know to be true of government overreach in the marketplace: raising the minimum wage would slash jobs and harm an already fragile workforce”

–Sen. John Cornyn, the chamber’s second-ranking Republican.

Furthermore, Republicans are saying that this increase would make it more expensive for businesses to hire; some have called for “expanding the earned income tax credit” to counterbalance the wages of the working poor.

On the other hand Democrats, such as House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, disagree with this logic; and stands firm behind the CBO’s findings of lifting 900,000 Americans out of poverty:

“No matter how the critics spin this report, the CBO made it absolutely clear: raising the minimum wage would lift almost one million Americans out of poverty, increase the pay of low-income workers by $31 billion and help build an economy that works for everyone.” –Nancy Pelosi, House Democratic Leader

President Obama has not yet to comment on this report, however, his administration did comment on how the CBO’s findings were exaggerated in terms of likely job losses; and supported their comments with verified conclusions from economists:

“CBO’s estimates of the impact of raising the minimum wage on employment does not reflect the current consensus view of economists. The bulk of academic studies have concluded that the effects on unemployment of minimum wage increases in the range now under consideration are likely to be small to nonexistent.” –Jason Furman, head of the Council of Economic Advisors.

So how does this affect YOU and the WORLD AROUND YOU?

Well, for one thing twenty-one states along with the District of Columbia have already increased their minimum wages above the federal level; and California are scheduling to lift its minimum wage to $10 by 2016. So, it’s not likely that the 21 states nor America would repeal this minimum wage hike.

Also, this report reminds us, and the world, that income inequality does exist. CBO even stated that 900,000 Americans live in poverty. That’s like the U.S. population size of Montana! Or the population size of the Fiji islands!

In my opinion, this minimum wage hike will help 900,000 Americans who are in poverty. Republicans say that it will hurt businesses from this tax hike; however, businesses that do not raise their minimum wage, or do not have higher minimum wages to begin with, will end up hurting their business overall. Higher Wages = Higher Morale = Higher Productivity. Business need to encourage their employee’s morale even if it means higher wages; that’s how businesses thrive–take Costco or Starbucks.

Their alternate plan “to expand the earned income tax credit” may sound doable, but it does not speak the common language that 90% of Americans speak:

Higher Wages = Better Living.


Below are some facts that I pulled from Please read and be informed.

If you wish to learn interesting facts about population sizes by state and country, follow these links: Population Size by State and Population Size by Country

And if you wish to learn more of the political story behind the Minimum Wage Hike go to Politico: “CBO: Minimum wage hike would boost earnings for over 16.5M, cost 500k jobs”

The Facts from the Minimum Wage Hike

  • The increased earnings for low-wage workers resulting from the higher minimum wage would total $31 billion, by CBO’s estimate. However, those earnings would not go only to low-income families, because many low-wage workers are not members of low-income families. Just 19 percent of the $31 billion would accrue to families with earnings below the poverty threshold, whereas 29 percent would accrue to families earning more than three times the poverty threshold, CBO estimates.
  • Real income would increase, on net, by $5 billion for families whose income will be below the poverty threshold under current law, boosting their average family income by about 3 percent and moving about 900,000 people, on net, above the poverty threshold (out of the roughly 45 million people who are projected to be below that threshold under current law).
  • Once the increases and decreases in income for all workers are taken into account, overall real income would rise by $2 billion.
  • Families whose income would have been between one and three times the poverty threshold would receive, on net, $12 billion in additional real income. About $2 billion, on net, would go to families whose income would have been between three and six times the poverty threshold.
  • Real income would decrease, on net, by $17 billion for families whose income would otherwise have been six times the poverty threshold or more, lowering their average family income by 0.4 percent.

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Prince will also be sharing the microphone with Mike Brady, Founder and Producer of the Boston Income Opportunity Expo Media, to talk more about his upcoming expo. To read his story go to: Mike Brady: The Man Behind the Boston Income Opportunity Expo  

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