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Prince's Daily Journal Reggae Fest

Here are my photo’s from last night’s concert. More photos still to come as today is the last day of the Tribute to the Legends Concert. To see my photos, click on the link below. Artists include Sister Carol, Chronixx, and the Mighty Diamonds.

Tribute to The Legends Concert

For times on the concert performances tonight go to Tonight Legendary Reggae Artist Don Carlos will be the closing act!!

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Be Golden! Let the Fire Refine Your Faith!


So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while. These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

(1 Peter 1:6, 7 NLT)

This verse came to me on May 18th, 2014, when I was listening to a word of God from my pastor Jaime Perdomo at my church, La Iglesia Cristiana Nueva Vida. My Pastor, preached to me and to the congregation (in Spanish) on how our faith is like gold–but far more precious.

At first I could not fully understand his words, but when he so passionately repeated, over and over, on how necessary it was to put our faith over the fire–the trials and tribulations–so it can become Gold in Christ, I was totally floored. And it was at that moment that I finally understood his sermon and God’s plan in my life. For the first time, everything became clear:

The many fires in my life (or the trials and tribulations) were not there to torture me. The fires in my life were there to REFINE my faith, so it can BECOME GOLDEN–so I can become strong and pure in Christ.

Thank you Pastor Jaime for reminding of God’s plan, for showing me that the fires in our life are there to refine and purify my faith.

So this week and beyond, see the fire (or trial and tribulation) in your life for what it is: a tool which you can use to refine your faith and Be Golden in God’s Eyes!

Sunday Praise: Your Faith is Like Gold! (Pastor Jaime Perdomo)

#FashionEmbassy Presents Fashions of the Future


Timeless Tuesdays at the Bond Lounge. A once a month special occasion (the first Tuesday of every month) where you can network with entrepreneurs and see the latest trends in fashion with class. This month’s fashion featurette: Fashions of The Future.

A special thank you to Jaclyn Zukerman and Gilda (from the Bond Lounge) for coordinating this networking event. Jaclyn is a new socialite from New York and is in Boston to cover the latest social scenes. You can follow her on Twitter @jaclynzukerman.

To host networking events at the Bond Lounge contact Gilda at 617-956-8765 and visit their website at

Fashion Design: Fashions of The Future by Charles Neumann
Models: Dynasty Models
Photos by Prince Sefa-Boakye

To view these photos click on the link below.

#FashionEmbassy Presents Fashions of the Future (Flickr)

Visit @Miss_Bon_Vivant for more photos as well.

You can check out more coverage of fashion shows by going to my page #FashionEmbassy

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Weekly Spiritual Digest: Don’t Copy The World; Transform Yourself Through God


Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect. (Romans 12:2 NLT)

Be Yourself! And remember to always seek guidance from God.

I find this particular verse pleasing because of what God has done for me in my life recently. Ever since I have dedicated myself to God & His teachings, I have observed just how terrible and deceitful the world can be. Before God transformed me into a new person, I was forced to conform to the world because I believed it was the only way to garner success. However, looking back from where I was two years ago to where I am today, I am proud to say that I have found peace and success through God.

Pursuing God’s customs and behaviors (respecting and honoring your parents; loving your neighbor as thine self), and not the customs and behaviors of the world, has allowed to me garner the peace and success that I have always wanted. There is peace in submitting to God.

So my advice to anyone who asks is this: do not watch television. True Reality is outside the (TV) box. Do not believe what you watch and don’t copy their ways of seeking happiness and peace. Instead keep God’s commandments near your heart; refer to the Bible when you are lost; and enjoy life according HIM! In the great words of Bob Marley,

Wake up and Live!

The First Lady Marks Mother’s Day and Speaks Out on the Tragic Kidnapping in Nigeria

Please Watch and Share this Video to Anyone That You Know.

I hope this video reminds us why education is important in the lives of everyone and why terrorism seeks to destroy it–especially in the lives of these young Nigerian girls. Let’s not take our education for grant it, and recommit ourselves to providing equal and safe access to education here in the U.S. and around the world.

As Mother’s Day is approaching, let us not forget the mothers in Nigeria that will not be celebrating Mother’s Day with their daughters.

Run-In with Chef Andrew Yeo

20140414-123617.jpgToday I ran into Chef Andrew Yeo! The Man Behind my Lunch Special Food Review.

If you haven’t read my review of Andrew’s cuisine, click on Category “Cuisine & Dining”

Thanks Andrew for the #selfie and delicious cuisine! If you are in #Boston, I urge you to come here and have a morning breakfast or afternoon lunch! (He also tells me that he has best granola parfait yogurt in Boston! lol)

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Meet The Candidates: Leland Cheung, Lieutenant Governor Candidate

Lt. Governor Leland Cheung

Leland Cheung is a proud son of immigrants. Having been honored to serve as a City Councillor for the City of Cambridge for over five years, he has developed a sheer appreciation for civic engagement and American values.

Leland was first elected to the Council while he was pursuing a Masters in Public Administration at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and an MBA the MIT Sloan School of Management. Not only was he the first academic student to be elected to the Council but the first Asian American in Massachusetts.

Before he participated in civic engagement, he worked as a Senior Associate at Masthead Partners, a Cambridge-based venture capital firm focusing on digital media, mobile, and internet infrastructure. He utilized this work experience to guide his efforts as a board member of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and the National League of Cities.

In our interview he discussed his initiatives for Massachusetts, as the next upcoming Lt. Governor, and answered questions from Twitter as well as mine in regards to his personal journey in life and his candidacy.

Our biggest topics of discussion (and where his passion truly lies) is innovation and economy.

Leland tells me first hand that the main reason on why he ran for City Council in the first place was that nobody on the Council was talking about how to make sure that kids, who grew up in Cambridge, have the opportunity to work for Google or Microsoft which were literally located down the street from public housing. As the next Lt. Governor, Leland wants to make sure that the economy is not just benefiting for a few people (who live in the right zipcode), but for everybody–regardless if you have a PhD from MIT, a two year graduate degree or a GED. He wants to create economic opportunity for everyone.

However, the biggest obstacle that he faces, which he also sees in the Commonwealth, is the constant battle between Boston and Cambridge on innovation and economy. As Lt. Governor, he wants to put an end to this nonsense and make sure that everyone in Massachusetts (including Springfield) receives economic opportunity.

Today, Leland is happily married to his wife Yin and is a proud father of their 6 month old infant daughter Lela Marie. He is still currently serving as a City Councillor for Cambridge, but he is also serving as an Executive Committee Member of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee and a member of the Massachusetts Democratic Platform Drafting Committee. He is also a Commissioner on Governor Patrick’s Asian American Commission and is the Massachusetts State Chair of the Democratic Municipal Officials.

To listen to my interview, click on the link below.

Meet The Candidates: Leland Cheung, Lt. Governor Candidate (UR Business) Radio Interview

To learn more about Leland Cheung, and to follow his campaign, go to:

This interview can also be found under my “Meet The Candidates” section for Boston wide candidates.

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Cuisine & Dining: Artisan Bistro’s Lunch Special Food Review

Artisan Bistro's Lunch Special

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to taste Artisan Bistro’s Lunch Special (prepared by Chef Andrew Yeo). Here is my food review for each item on the menu along with my concluding thoughts.

Winter Vegetable Veloute
Pumpernickel croutons, olive oil

First impressions are everything. And I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by the first item that I had on the menu.

20140406-233959.jpgThe vegetable veloute was superb. The finest dish that I had in Boston–now there are only two dishes that I consider to be the finest. What made this soup so special was its taste. The soup was absolutely sweet–not too sweet but a solid sweetness! The taste of veloute closely resembled pumpkin soup. However, unlike the pumpkin soups that I had in the past, this did not burn my tongue at all. The taste that I experienced was a warm sensation– filled sweet hidden undertones of pumpkin. The presentation and the preparation was perfect–the pumpernickel croutons had a nice finish.  My only critique was not knowing the delicious ingredients behind this delicious soup. I give this veloute a 10 out 10.

Garden Salad
Pickled Squash, Sweet Potato Chips, Dried Cranberries Manchego, Raspberry Vinaigrette

For this item on the menu, it is originally called the Garden Salad w/ Grilled Chicken. And the only two ingredients that I asked to leave out were the Grilled Chicken and the Walnut Vinaigrette.

20140406-234021.jpgThe Garden Salad was exceptional. The main ingredient which brought out the taste of this salad were the cranberries–pairing well with the Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing. What I also enjoyed most, from this dining experience, was tasting the sweet thin-sliced potato chips. There was nothing traditional about this Garden Salad! The presentation of this salad was a piece of art made by an artisan–a collage of colors onto one dish. My only critique is that I could not taste the pickled squash. Unlike the other ingredients in the salad, I could not taste this particular ingredient. I give this Garden Salad a 7 out 10.

Chocolate Creme Brulee
Biscotti, Blackberries

Desserts are essential in every dining experience. Desserts do not only leave behind flavor but lasting impressions on the whole dining experience.

20140406-234059.jpgThe Creme Brulee was par excellence. What I loved most about the Brulee was its element of surprise. When I took my first bite, I assumed that I would only be tasting the chocolate. But instead, I was welcomed with a sweet tingling sensation of glazed sugar on top of my palette and melted chocolate on top of my tongue. The best words to describe this taste are:  “crunchy on the outside and gooey in the inside“–which first resonated from my mind while I was finishing my plate. What made this experience even more sweeter were the black berries–which really does not need any explanation. Unfortunately I did not try the biscotti with this dessert, but it did add a touch of class to the whole presentation. My only critique is that brulee should have been a tiny bit warmer (for my tastes of course). I give this Creme Brulee a 9 out of 10.

My Cuisine and Dining Score for Artisan Bistro’s Lunch Special: 26 out of 30

Concluding Thoughts

The lunch special provided by Artisan Bistro was truly exquisite; all for $20.00. I send my compliments to Chef Andrew Yeo for doing a great job on the preparation and presentation of each plate. (If I had tried the Grilled Chicken with the Garden Salad, I would’ve boosted my score by 1-2 points.) My favorite dish, which I recommend to any guest who do come here for lunch, is the Winter Vegetable Voulete. It is probably the best dish that you can either treat yourself to or that special someone in your life.

But above all, what made this lunch special truly special was the service behind the meals.

It does not matter what time of day you walk-in to Artisan Bistro; to have your morning breakfast or daily afternoon lunch. It’s staff are always patient and considerate of your needs–They will not mind if you need to stay an extra 30 minutes to finish your job interview or complete an important errand.

Thank you Artisan Bistro for providing me with such great cuisine and a wonderful dining experience!

Artisan Bistro is located at 10 Avery St. Boston, Ma 02111

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Meet The Candidates: James Arena-DeRosa, Lt Governor Candidate of Massachusetts

Meet The Candidates: James Arena-DeRosa

James was born in Boston and raised in Walpole. Born from a family Italian immigrants, and raised with the concept of making a difference in the lives of others, James always knew that his life as an American citizen was meant for public service.

During his academic years, James attended Xaverian Brothers High School and went on to graduate from Harvard University with a degree in Anthropology. Shortly after graduating college, he then began working to give back to his community and improve the lives of those around him. He became actively involved in local Democratic politics and was trained by the United Farm Workers in community and campaign organizing.

Some of his notable achievements in public service were: Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Director of Public Advocacy at Oxfam America, SEIU Union Leader, New England Director of the Peace Corps (appointed by the Clinton Administration), and Northeast Regional Administrator for the USDA (appointed by the Obama Administration), which he oversaw 15 federal food and nutrition programs with a $12 billion annual budget.

In our interview, we discussed his initiatives for Massachusetts as the next Lieutenant Governor and his personal journey in life. Our biggest topic of discussion was hunger and nutrition in Massachusetts. He told me that Massachusetts is ranked 48th in the country for school breakfasts! Furthermore, Massachusetts leaves half a billion dollars in already appropriated federal food funds on the table, in addition to meeting hunger and nutrition needs, that could be used for other critical needs. As Lt. Governor, he wants to ensure universal breakfast for every elementary classroom in Massachusetts so that our kids will do better in school, have fewer problems with discipline, and will do better on those standardized tests. He says by feeding those who are hungry, it will boost our economy by buying locally sourced food.

Today he is happily married to Lina Arena with their two sons, Anthony and Alessandro, and continues to be an active member of the community such being a member of the Finance Committee, a Little League Coach, and a photographer for the Holliston High School Theater.

James Arena DeRosa is running to be an advocate for the cities, towns, and underserved communities of Massachusetts.

To listen to my interview with James Arena-DeRosa, click on the link below

Meet The Candidates: James Arena-DeRosa

To learn and follow James Arena-DeRosa’s campaign go to

For more interviews with Lt. Governor Candidates, go to my “Meet The Candidates” section under “Boston” and then “Lt. Governor”

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Saturday Book Read w/ Sharine Jones: Ch. 3 Confused and Delusional Part 3

Reflections of A Woman’s Indiscretions

This book is dedicated to my mother Elena, grandmothers Josephine & Evril, & to all the Ladies in my life – Strong women I have seen Prevail no matter the circumstances or challenges.


February 2005

20131102-145624.jpg        I opened the long rectangular box and found a gold tennis bracelet lined with small diamonds. I was absolutely in awe that I quickly forgot all the ugly things he ever did to me up to this point. Perhaps, that was his plan. He was charming and intelligent, after all. Either way, that night was hands down one of the best I have ever shared with Slimm. There was no arguing or fighting; we were at peace. 
      But the crazy thing was, even though Slimm gave me a night of bliss, I could not stop thinking of Blu. I did not know if it was a feeling of guilt or if I was missing him–or maybe it was the fact that our wedding anniversary was coming within the week–but bottom line I was confused and I didn’t know what to make of my feelings; especially, since Blu had moved on as well – he had a new girlfriend.

March 2005

Today was my cousin Christine’s 21st birthday. Slimm, myself, my friend Ori, my sister Ashley, Jimmy (Slimm’s homeboy) and his wife Laura, all decided to celebrate her birthday at Jillian’s–a bowling alley and bar/lounge in Hollywood. And when we arrived, all fun broke loose.

Rapper 50 Cent’s song, “Just a Lil Bit” was bumping through the loud speakers and Ori and I were just dancing, while Slimm and his boy were conversing; Ashley, Christine, and Laura were at the bar. All of us were just having a good time:  the drinks kept coming; we owned a couple of shots; we bowled; and we talked shit. It was a fun night. After a couple hours, we were lit and decided to call it a night–but without grabbing some food first.

We exited the back door because upstairs was too loud and obnoxious. And once we did, I came across a long series of stairs that was directed towards the floor. While I was proceeding down the stairs, I suddenly tripped and lost my balance. But just when I was about to bite it on the stairs, Slimm reached out and grabbed me by his strong arm. I then started to crack up jokingly; I was faded, tipsy, and laughing. All of us were happy drunks , but that would soon change.

Once we made it to the cars, Slimm and Ashley took the steering wheels for the night: Laura, Jimmy, and I rolled with Slimm, while Christine and Ori rode with Ashley. Once my group got into our car, we waited for Ashley because she needed to follow us to the restaurant; we were waiting at southbound of Caheunga Blvd. Once we saw her car move toward us (with her headlights off), without a moment’s notice, the police swooped up right behind her their flashing lights–they pulled her over for making a left onto a residential street.

“Ah shit! They’re pullin’ her over cause her lights was off,” Slimm said as he got out of the car to see what was going on.

We followed Slimm around the corner where my sister was detained. She was out of the car along with Christine and Ori who were standing on the sidewalk with worried expressions on their faces. “If only she remembered to put her lights on, were my thoughts–especially after she failed the field sobriety test. Reflecting back, maybe this whole ordeal was to prevent something bad from happening.But when the officer put his handcuffs on my sister Ashley, I then became belligerent.

I turned to Slimm and said, “Please talk to them! Get my sister out of this!

Clearly I was intoxicated–“What could Slimm do to help Ashley?” All I knew was that he had a good mouth piece, and he could always get out of complicated situations. So I thought (in my drunken state) he could get my sister released. But then the officer put my sister in the back seat of the police car.

Crying, I screamed at Slimm: “You’re no help!”

I knew that he wouldn’t hit me with the law standing right there in his face, but the look in his eyes was so obvious, even to his boy Jimmy. Jimmy quickly intervened and said, “Man, she’s drunk, just let her talk.”

Slimm turned and walked away from me; he went to the police officer to talk about my sister’s car. In the end, the police decided not to impound Ashley’s car, but they still took Ashley into custody. We waited for her boyfriend to pick up her car, and at that point Christine left with him and Ori left with us.

The drive home was silent. No one said a word and I was knocked out instantly. I woke up at Del Taco’s drive-thru just as our order was ready. Slimm handed me the bag of food, but I was still drunk and pissed off at him. So I belligerently took the food out of the bag, and threw it in his face. Ori, who was sitting in the back seat, watched silently with unbelief. Slimm didn’t make a move and he continued to drive.

*For the record, that really isn’t my style. I consider myself a sweetheart; and someone who loves hard. But with experience I’ve learned when someone hurts my heart regularly, and makes it hard, I can be a mean bitch. For the first time I realized that I was adopting Slimm’s behavior. Back then I didn’t know it, but when people or relationships start to bring you out of character in a negative way, it’s probably a sign to let go. Love is supposed to bring out good qualities, not ugly ones. When you start misbehaving like the person you are with then it’s all bad. No one wins…it’s a lose-lose situation.

He pulled up on Don Lorenzo Drive where my car was parked. Ori jumped out of the rental truck and thanked him for the ride.

Me, I didn’t say a word. I jumped down from the truck and proceeded to walk to my car. Then out out of nowhere, I felt a swift kick of a size 12 foot shoe to my ass and I immediately fell to the ground on my behind; I broke my heel from my boot in the process. I was speechless. I had no idea that Slimm was right behind me when he did this to me. Slimm then rushed back to his truck, got in, and sped away.

Ori ran over saying,  “Oh my god. Sharine, are you okay?” with concern in her voice.

I’m alright,” I said, as I was fighting back my tears. I was angry–more than anything I was mortified. He knew how to humiliate me, that was certain.

Alcohol has the power to make a person bold and stupid – that’s what I know. I got up off of my ass and I limped to my car. With Ori as my passenger, I sped right behind him–flying down La Brea. I didn’t know what I was thinking or trying to prove but I was angry, embarrassed, and humiliated. But seriously, “What was I going to do, if I caught up with him?”

It was a blessing in disguise when I lost control of my car and ran into the curb just outside of Popeye’s Chicken. Lucky for me and Ori, it wasn’t through Popeye’s! Looking back at it now, I can shake my head and laugh. But right then and there it was far from amusing because I broke the right side suspension of my car. If I had lost control of my car, then I probably would have made a bad situation into a much worse situation.

As a result from this event, I lost my car for two weeks because of repairs. So I had no choice but to take public transportation to work, and depend on Blu to pick me up where I was slacking with the kids. I didn’t see or speak to Slimm for over a week and again I thought about our “good times,” which ultimately lead me to call him.

Our separation was short lived and another episode would be in the works sooner or later.



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Meet The Candidates: Mike Lake, Lt. Governor Candidate


Mr. Mike Lake was born in Melrose, MA. He graduated from Northeastern University in 2002 (being the first in his family to attend college) and is the first in Massachusetts history to complete five majors simultaneously: Finance, Political Science, Communications, Entrepreneurship and Management Information Systems. His education has not only allowed him to become President Bill Clinton’s special appointee in White House Operations, but a director of development for United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, where he raised a record-breaking $5.8 million to reduce family homelessness and poverty in Massachusetts.

In our interview, we discussed his initiatives for Massachusetts as the next Lieutenant Governor and his personal journey in life. Our biggest topic of discussion was the minimum wage in Massachusetts ($8.00) and how the average family in Massachusetts must work three full-time jobs to support themselves. We also discussed his embarrassing moment at the White House during the Clinton Administration.

Today he is the President and CEO of Leading Cities, and is working to fulfill “The Massachusetts Promise” as the next Lieutenant Governor in Massachusetts. He wishes to build a community where children can attend the best schools in the world, where friends and neighbors can live in cities and towns that have the resources to tackle modern challenges, and where individuals can find meaningful employment that sufficiently supports them and their families.

To listen to my interview with Mike Lake, click on the link below.

Meet The Candidates: Mike Lake

To learn more about Mike Lake go to:


My co-host in this interview was Sy Yules, musician and UR Business Network Radio host of The Sounds of Business. To learn more about him (and listen in on his talks with musicians, filmmakers, songwriters, etc.) click on this link: Sy Yules, Sounds of Business (UR Business Network)