Rene Mena, Hollywood Actor for RDR Management

Rene Mena (princesdailyjournal)Rene Mena was born in Sonsonate, El Salvador. Before he was an actor, he was a realtor in Richmond, VA where he sold real estate. But once the economy collapsed in 2008, he then switched careers and became an actor. He moved to Hollywood, Los Angeles in 2011 and spent the last four years perfecting his craft as a full-time actor.

For the past four years that he has lived in Hollywood, he has appeared in T.V. Shows like “Shameless” and “Crime Stoppers” and in films like “Lola’s Love shack” and “Canon.” Most notably, he was awarded the “Upcoming Actor Award” from the mayor of Los Angeles, which he is the first Salvadorean to receive such an award.

Today he is continuing to perfect his craft as an actor, which he will be auditioning in more films, TV Shows, and films–and to hopefully one day be on the big screen.

To read my first interview with Rene Mena, go to Behind The Scenes with Rene Mena.

My Interview w/ Actor Rene Mena

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Prince in The City w/ Demetrius Navarro, Director of Anything is Possible

Here is my interview with Filmmaker Demetrius Navarro of D Street Films. Demetrius has starred in films like Friday and ER and is now directing his own award winning independent films like Anything is Possible starring child music prodigy Ethan Bortnick​.

Right now he is working to release his new film called “Silent No More,” which tells the tales of battered women in domestic abuse relationships. And how they all became Silent No More through self-empowerment.

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Here is the trailer of Demetrius’ Award Winning Film “Anything is Possible”

Here is a summer flick that he is also directing called “The Martini Shot”

Daily Newsfeed

NYPD Commissioner calls for unity after the killings of two NYPD officers; Paul McCartney drafts Protest Anthems for Eric Garner Demonstrations; Veteran Politician Beji Caid Essebsi wins Tunisia’s first presidential free election; Sony still wants people to see “The Interview” ; and China indicts Jackie Chan’s son on a drug charge. To read this and more, follow the links below.

NYPD Commissioner calls for unity

Beatles Singer Paul McCartney drafts protests anthem for Eric Garner demonstrations

Essebsi wins Tunisia’s first presidential free election

Sony still wants people to see The Interview

China indicts Jackie Chan’s son on a drug charge

Photos from My Vacation


Hey everybody! Just compiled a gallery of my vacation photos on Flickr. My photos include my trips to Disneyland, Universal City Studios, Downtown LA, and USC!

(FYI: The statue where my brother and I are standing, is the location where my parents first met–and the rest was history!)

To see click on the link below.

LA Trip

I also created a gallery of my mom, Elizabeth Sefa-Boakye, from her years as a model and a young mother of two kids (Me and Asante Sefa-Boakye). To see click on the link below.

Memory Lane w/ Elizabeth Sefa-Boakye

Here is link of a YouTube video that my mom auditioned for: Room 222

Memory Lane


I stopped by my grandparents house and I stumbled upon these photos of my mom. Sometimes you need photos of your loved ones to remind you how blessed you are. Thanks Mom. I see clearly now. 🙂

(FYI: Some of these photos were used for her acting profile)

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Prince in The City w/ Makena Gargonnu, Woman Entrepreneur and Celebrity Event Producer for San Diego, CA

In this interview I get to connect with Makena Gargonnu, woman entrepreneur and Celebrity Event Producer for San Diego, Ca.

Makena started her career in event producing, back in 1998-2000, when she worked as a registration manager for Maria Dowd and her company “African American Women On Tour”. Every year Makena would travel to eight cities with Maria and watch her work with celebrities like Debbie Allen from FAME, Dr. Maya Angelou, and Malcolm Xs daughter.

Being around an African American woman in business, Makena says, was a huge inspiration. And seeing her in action was more reason enough to start her own business in event planning.

Her biggest advice to all aspiring event planners and producers out there especially young African American women is to keep the “Hope” alive! Have a plan and know your purpose for hosting an event. A good example is her “Conscious Comedy Explosion.” Her plan was to expose people to clean comedy but her purpose was to teach San Diego black history and black culture through clean comedy. From this she was blessed to have Dick Gregory, the Godfather of black comedy, to come and perform for her church last year!

“Business is a journey that we have to take every single day–You never know what turns you will take. So be flexible”


Today Makena continues to provide celebrity events and clean conscious comedy to the city of San Diego, and owes all of her success to God, her mentor Dr. Al-Najjar, and her loving husband Nasara Gargonnu.

If you wish to contact her to have your next celebrity event produced, go to her Facebook Fanpage by Makena G. (

Or call her at 619-438-0777

Check out my radio talks at and click “Prince in The City”

Prince in The City w/ Jon Medel, Prominent Photographer and Filmmaker in San Diego

In this talk I get to connect with photographer extraordinaire, Jonathan Medel.

Jonathan Medel is “The Man” behind my website cover photo shoot for and the reason why it continues to gain so much appeal from all over the world.

Jon has been perfecting his craft, in photography and film, for over 5 years –and is now working to be the next upcoming producer in Hollywood, Ca. Jon started his career in photography accidentally. His intent of buying a camera (a DSLR) was to make films. But what happened was, as soon as he started taking pictures of nature, models got caught in front of his lens–and that’s how the adventure began.

His biggest advice to anyone out there who wishes to do photography and/or filmmaking is “to fall in love with the process” and not the end product. The end product, he says, is just a memory of what you are doing. You will always be better than the last time, by concentrating on the fact that the process is what matters. Always keep learning and always move forward.

Today Jon continues to shoot models, weddings, and films (48 Hour Film Festivals) in the city of San Diego. He is a proud husband and father of four beautiful girls, and is the most down to earth professional you will ever meet in the city of San Diego.

Personal Note: Not once has he directed my photo shoots. He really gives you the freedom to be in control, and does not care how long it takes to get the perfect shot. Not only has he helped my career in journalism and social media, but hundreds of San Diegians who are seeking to find their beauty through photography and films.

If you are in San Diego, and are looking for a photographer to help you boost your career in whatever discipline of work you do (business, film, journalism, law, photography, modeling, etc.), please contact Jon Medel at You can check out his work by going to my Media File click “Correspondent ON THE GO” and “Black Diamond Ed.”

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Saturday Book Read w/ Sharine Jones: Chapter 3 Confused & Delusional Part 4

Reflections of A Woman’s Indiscretions

This book is dedicated to my mother Elena, grandmothers Josephine & Evril, & to all the Ladies in my life – Strong women I have seen Prevail no matter the circumstances or challenges.


Sharine Jones

March 2005

Alcohol has the power to make a person bold and stupid – that’s what I know. I got up off of my ass and I limped to my car. With Ori as my passenger, I sped right behind him–flying down La Brea. I didn’t know what I was thinking or trying to prove but I was angry, embarrassed, and humiliated. But seriously, “What was I going to do, if I caught up with him?”

It was a blessing in disguise when I lost control of my car that we ran into the curb just outside of Popeye’s Chicken. Lucky for me and Ori, it wasn’t through Popeye’s! Looking back at it now, I can shake my head and laugh. But right then and there, it was far from amusing because I broke the right side suspension of my car. If I had lost control of my car, then I probably would have made a bad situation into a much worse situation.

As a result from this event, I lost my car for two weeks because of repairs. So I had no choice but to take public transportation to work, and depend on Blu to pick me up where I was slacking with the kids. I didn’t see or speak to Slimm for over a week and again I thought about our “good times,” which ultimately lead me to call him.

Our separation was short lived and another episode would be in the works sooner or later.

April 2005

            Slimm and I were arguing like we always did. He would get upset for no reason and then put the blame on me. I was always the blame for everything in our relationship: whether it be speaking or seeing Blu too often, or saying (or doing) something that I shouldn’t have said. Everyday, there was always an issue. But then again, we clearly had unresolved issues.

I learned the hard way that a person has to be 100% good within themselves before they can ever be in a relationship with someone else. A person who isn’t right within themselves has nothing to offer except for problems and sex – and that’s not saying a lot because a person can get sex anywhere today.

So, there we were creating more problems from the relationship instead of adding to it. And on this particular Saturday night, he wanted to be free of me. But instead of telling me this, he initiated an argument that would soon escalate into a brawl–and words began to fly.

           “I’m with the homies tonight,” he said arrogantly.

          “Why didn’t you tell me this before I came all the way over here to see you?” I asked, bothered by his short-noticed plans.

Immediately he responded, “I’m telling you now!”

Seriously, this is how you do me?” I said annoyingly by his inconsideration.

Look, just take yo ass back to Faith’s and I’ll call you later!

And so that night he decided to go kick it with his boys, while I was forced to go back to Faith’s house; I was really pissed off.

Somehow it was always okay for him to dismiss me like I was a non-factor bitch! So, without a second thought, I flung his fitted baseball cap out the car window and drove off. The cap that I flung so vigorously happen to land in a puddle of water, which was in the middle of the street. When I saw this, I knew he was gonna go H.A.M. (Hard As a Muthafucka) on my ass. So instead of leaving, I drove and parked my car across the street by the Village Green Condos, which was directly diagonally across the street from his homeboy’s house. “Why didn’t I keep driving?” It was because I wanted him to come after me.

I didn’t realize it then, but I was glad that I accepted his negative attention–even feeding into it. However, there were things I did see clearly but could not realize.


He constantly disregarded my feelings; He never took responsibility for his actions; and He always used intimidation and fear against me. It started to bother me because I was all too aware of them. I knew everything that he did to me was wrong, so “why did I keep allowing it?” It was because I didn’t have a sense of worth. I was losing myself in him, and the truth was I just wanted to be with him. I was totally confused and delusional in regards to my feelings about the relationship.

With vengeance in his eyes, he sprinted across the street to my car.

I sat still in the driver’s seat with the window rolled up when he started banging on it.

He yelled at me saying, “You wanna fuck my shit up? Lower the fuckin’ window Sharine or I’ma break this muthafucka!”

I refused and said, “I’ll lower it when you calm down and talk to me with sense.”

Sharine, I’m not playin.’ Lower this muthafucka,” he said impatiently.

Without a second notice he took his foot, kicked and shattered my window into a million pieces. Now I was stuck with nowhere to go. I sat there in disbelief while I was covered in broken glass. By the time I looked up he ran back across the street, got into his car, smashed out; he left me there looking stupid.

Once he left the scene I slowly stepped out of my car attempting to clean up the glass from the floor and seats. I know I started it by throwing his hat into the street, and consequently into the puddle, but breaking my window? He was always so extreme with his retaliation.

That night I returned to Faith’s and told her the business. All of my girls were concerned about my unhealthy love for this man. They didn’t understand what I wanted with or saw in Slimm. Faith says this to me,

“One minute he loves you and the next he’s destroying your property, making you feel guilty–and he hits you?”

They couldn’t understand what I was fascinated with. Was it because he was a bad boy? Was it the sex? Or the size of his dick? They couldn’t wrap their minds around it and quite honestly neither could I. All I knew was that I loved him, but come on, love only goes so far. He had a hold on me, like a drug to an addict, and it was hard to break. I just wanted to believe we could work and be a family but how delusional I was.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Early Sunday morning before dawn, Faith’s phone rang; I was half asleep. When I answered the phone, I heard a familiar voice: Slimm–and he was calling on from jail. The first words that came out of his mouth were: “I hope you happy now, I’m in jail.

I couldn’t believe this guy! He broke my window; went off to hang with his home boys; got arrested; and then called me with the guilt trip?

I responded to him, “Seriously, why would that make me happy? What happened?

Explaining himself, he began, “I was hugging the block. You know we was hanging out smokin’ and drinkin’ when ‘the man’ hit the block. They got out and started harrassin’ niggas. They did a search and found a piece in the bushes. They think it was mine. Now I’m here.”

With Suspicion I replied, “Hmm, why’d they think it was yours?–out of everyone you were with. Why they just pick you?

Man! They just assume it was mine. Look I gotta go; I’ll call you later,” he says and then hangs up the phone.

He had a way of explaining things like nothing was his fault. He was so manipulative but very good at it.

Like a good girlfriend, I was there for him undeniably. And later that morning, I went to visit him–driving my car with a black plastic bag covering my broken window. I was so embarrassed in more ways than one. It was Sunday and most of the window repair shops were closed, so there was nothing I could do. However, by Monday afternoon–when his grandmother bailed him out from jail–he took care of my window, which was the least he could do for me.

Slimm’s grandmother always bailed him out. No matter how many problems that Slimm got himself into, she was always there to pick up the pieces. That’s the reason why he never held himself accountable for anything; why he refused to take responsibility; and why he always found a way to justify his wrongdoings. Slimm’s entire life was defined by escaping consequences and avoiding punishment. It was plain to see why he evaded all consequences and punishments in the real world too.



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Daily Newsfeed

Los Angeles extends smoking ban to E-cigs; EU has offered $15 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine; Study shows that one-third of EU women suffer abuse; Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates says Vladimir Putin is not delusional and “knows what he’s doing”; and watch Oprah swear at Lindsey Lohan. All this and more, please follow the links below.

LA extends smoking ban to E-Cigs

EU has offered $15 billion in aid to Ukraine

One third of EU women suffer abuse

Robert Gates says Putin is not delusional

Watch Oprah swear at Lindsey Lohan

The complete guide to tipping waiters around the world

Daily Newsfeed

Russian leader Putin calls Ukraine uprising unconstitutional; Pres Obama will offer new tax breaks to the working poor; Gay and lesbian military members perform drag show; National council of La Raza leader calls President Obama ‘deporter-in-chief’; and Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie at the Oscars was actually pre planned. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Putin calls Ukraine uprising ‘unconstitutional’

Obama to give tax breaks to the working poor

Gay and lesbian military members perform drag show

Leader of La Raza calls Obama ‘deporter in chief’

Ellen’s selfie at the Oscars was preplanned

Daily Newsfeed

’12 years a slave’ wins Best Picture at the Academy Awards; Lupita Nyong’o wins Best Supporting actress in her beautiful blue dress; The war in Ukraine continues and Obama has 5 options for Russia; Here are pictures from the Oscar after party last night; and Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie breaks Obama’s record of retweets on Twitter. All this and more, please follow the links below.

’12 Years a Slave’ wins Best Picture

Lupita Nyong’o’s acceptance speech at the Oscars

Here are Obama’s 5 options to deal with Russia’s aggression

Pictures from the Oscar after party last night

Ellen’s selfie breaks Obama’s record on Twitter

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