Prince’s Personal Story


“Never disrespect the hand that fed you.”

These are the words that were said by my Mestre, which in turn taught me to appreciate my mother. This is the final weekend weekend that I’ll be promoting Mestre Preto Velho under Interesting People. If you haven’t already please read my Personal Story along with “His Life Story” and “What is Capoeira?” Please share with friends and family as well.



Talk Tuesdays with Mestre Preto Velho

15436_215321324516_3575572_nHere is my two part interview with the Legendary Master of Capoeira Angola Sao Bento Grande: Mestre Preto Velho. You will find these two parts (including my personal story) under Interesting People.  Please read and share with friends and family, (and make this viral), for we are trying to start a fundraiser to have Mestre Touro come to the United States. 

Next week we will hear the inside story of the Mayor of Coronado: Casey Tanaka

His Life Story.