Cuisine & Dining: Fabrison’s Cafe (Hotel Del Coronado)

Fabrison's Cafe (princesdailyjournal)For all of your crepe cravings come to Fabrison’s café–located on 1125 Adella Ave in Coronado, Ca and in Little Italy on 425 India St (San Diego, Ca). The number one reason why you should come here, is that it is the only restaurant (in Coronado) that serves savory nutella crepes!

Fabrison’s has over 20 crepes to choose from–veggie crepes, turkey crepes, to sweet mouth-watering chocolate dessert crepes. Fabrison’s has been in the crepe business for five years and customers from all over the world cannot get enough of Fabrison’s delicious crepes.

Fabrison’s is not only a great place to come in the morning after a big run but to experience French cuisine and hospitality–inspired by owners Fabrice and Allison Borel. Their hospitality is a reflection of their staff, whom I had the pleasure knowing during my short stay in Coronado. When I asked Fabrice in my interview, “what is the most rewarding aspect of his job as an owner?,” he said, “being able to support the families of the employees who work for us.” Not only does Fabrice and Allison put their customers first but their employees as well!

So when you do come by and support the business of Fabrison’s, you are also supporting the families of the employees who work day-in and day-out to provide excellent customer service!

Fabrison’s is open for breakfast, lunch and now dinner, and offer cooking lessons to all who are interested!
Fabrison’s has two locations:

425 India St.
San Diego, Ca

1120 Adella Ave.
Coronado, Ca.
(Right across from Hotel del Coronado and inside El Cordova Hotel)

If you do come down to Coronado, my favorite crepe “Dark Chocolate w/ Strawberries.” But if you are looking for something to fill you up get the “Fabrice’s Breakfast Crepe.” It has sausage, beacon, cheddar cheese all tucked inside a warm crepe.

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You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram @fabrisons

Here is their yelp page:

Here is a short clip of how they make their signature crepes! This one is called “The Hungry Bear” prepared by Chef Ramon De La Mora. It has sausage, ham, bacon, eggs, and mushrooms all tucked under a toasty crepe.

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Daily Newsfeed

CEO of Germanwings gives details of the nationalities of some of the victims from flight 4U9525 (2 US citizens): Pres. Obama risks backlash in pursuit of Iran nuclear deal; UK PM David Cameron apologizes to victims of contaminated blood scandal; Yemen’s embattled president flees stronghold as Shiite rebels advance; and a man uses cut out of Dos Equis pitchman to ride in carpool lane. All this and more, click on the link below.

The nationalities of victims from flight 4U9525

Pres. Obama risks backlash in Iran nuke deal

UK PM David Cameron apologizes to victims of contaminated blood scandal

Yemen civil war on the break

“I don’t always pull drivers over, but when I do I prefer Dos passengers”

Daily Newsfeed

A stream of foreign wealth is flowing to the Elite Real Estate of New York; The state of California warns against intentional measles exposures; Samsumg reveals potential for smart TVs to eavesdrop; HSBC could face U.S. legal action over Swiss accounts; Teach For America is struggling to recruit college students; and Grammy Award winner Beck still shows love for Kanye West, even after his diss. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Foreign Wealth buying up Elite Real Estate property

California warns against intentional measles exposures

Samsung reveals potential for smart TVs to eavesdrop

HSBC could face US legal action over Swiss accounts

Teach For America is struggling to recruit college students

Beck still loves Kanye after Grammy diss

Daily Newsfeed

Malaysia declares MH370 an accident and will proceed to compensate the families of the victims; French police detain and question 8 year-old boy for saying he supported Charlie Hebdo attacks; The White House preps for expansive online privacy bill; A statistic shows that nearly one cop is killed per day; A Jordanian pilot, an Al-Queda recruit, and a Japanese war journalist are in the middle of an ISIS standoff. All this and more please follow the links below.

Malaysia family declares MH 370 an accident

French Police detain 8yr old boy for supporting Charlie Hebdo attacks

White House preps for online privacy bill

Nearly one cop is killed per day in Venezuela

ISIS standoff between a pilot, a woman, and a journalist

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Be Golden! Let the Fire Refine Your Faith!


So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while. These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

(1 Peter 1:6, 7 NLT)

This verse came to me on May 18th, 2014, when I was listening to a word of God from my pastor Jaime Perdomo at my church, La Iglesia Cristiana Nueva Vida. My Pastor, preached to me and to the congregation (in Spanish) on how our faith is like gold–but far more precious.

At first I could not fully understand his words, but when he so passionately repeated, over and over, on how necessary it was to put our faith over the fire–the trials and tribulations–so it can become Gold in Christ, I was totally floored. And it was at that moment that I finally understood his sermon and God’s plan in my life. For the first time, everything became clear:

The many fires in my life (or the trials and tribulations) were not there to torture me. The fires in my life were there to REFINE my faith, so it can BECOME GOLDEN–so I can become strong and pure in Christ.

Thank you Pastor Jaime for reminding of God’s plan, for showing me that the fires in our life are there to refine and purify my faith.

So this week and beyond, see the fire (or trial and tribulation) in your life for what it is: a tool which you can use to refine your faith and Be Golden in God’s Eyes!

Sunday Praise: Your Faith is Like Gold! (Pastor Jaime Perdomo)

Daily Newsfeed

Here’s Pres. Obama’s list of items from the State of the Union Address; GOP mentions immigration in State of The Union rebuttal but only in Spanish; Sen Ted Cruz flubs on Obama’s response on the economy; Here is a list of the Highest Paid Players in the NBA; and Dark Knight Fanatic gets batmobile baby stroller for his son. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Pres. Obama’s SOTU wishlist

GOP learns a new language on immigration

Sen Ted Cruz asks for a redo on live tv

Lebron beats out Kobe on Forbes list of Basketball millionaires

Dad get son a batmobile baby stroller

Daily Newsfeed

President Obama will be giving his State of The Union Address today at 9:00 pm EST; Seahawks apologize for MLK tweet; New England Patriots are under investigation for deflated footballs; Yemen rebels seize presidential palace; and Air Asia Flight climbed too fast before going off radar. All this and more, please follow the links below.

President Obama to give SOTU address at 9:00pm EST

Seahawks apologize for MLK tweet

Patriots under investigation for deflated footballs

Breaking News: Yemen Rebels seize presidential palace

Air Asia climbed too fast before going off radar

Daily Newsfeed

Today is Martin Luther King Day!; Vice President Joe Biden remarks on Martin Luther King Day; Map of where Dr. King was living in Boston, MA as a BU grad student; Iranian General is killed in an Israeli Airstrike; The timeline of two radical Islamist in Charlie Hebdo Attacks; and the First Lady is to invite American freed prisoners from Cuba to the State of the Union Address. All this and more, please follow the links below.

VP Biden Remarks on MLK Day

Map of where Dr. King was living in Boston as a BU student

Iranian General killed in Israeli airstrike

Timeline of two radical islamists in Charlie Hebdo attack

FLOTUS to invite American freed prisoners from Cuba to SOTU


Weekly Political Report: Je Suis Charlie–The Scandal on Freedom of Speech

Weekly Political Report: Je Suis Charlie–The Scandal on Freedom of Speech.

Each week I write a political issue that affects you and the world around you. This week’s political issue: Freedom of Speech


On January 7th, 2015, the city of Paris witnessed the horrific attack on freedom of speech, when a small band of Islamic extremists known as Al-Qaeda jihadists attacked the headquarters of a provocative French magazine called Charlie Hebdo. And in the wake of three attacks over three days, they have left 17 people dead including editor in chief Charb and four innocent Jews. Fortunately for France, the terrorists have been neutralized, but their actions were enough to raise France’s highest level of alert and send shock waves around the world. But instead of cowering in front of enemy lines, France took the world stage, in a moment of solidarity, the following Sunday, and rallied with world leaders (German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian President Mahoud Abbas) with the exception of US President Barack Obama to show that they are united against terrorism and that violence will never be tolerated. Yet, even after all of this, France has still left a permanent hole in the Jewish community; western nations are again at odds with securing terrorism in their own borders; and citizens across the world have heightened their consciousness on the repercussions of Freedom of Speech.

So what does this mean for freedom of speech across the world?

It means that freedom of speech will be always be endangered by the speech of death led by a minority of extremists who won’t rest till it is exterminated and the people who speak it.

But in order to save freedom of speech we must teach, to the masses and the younger generation, “what is freedom of speech?”, and that violence is never an excuse to attack it.

Freedom of speech is like a beautiful artwork really–particularly it is the art of The Critique.

Behind every great artwork there is a mark of intelligence inside the work–whether it be the Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci or any mural of The Mexican Revolution by Diego Rivera. And even if it is humor, it is smart humor. Freedom of speech is meant to critique the failing politics of the old and open the eyes to injustice everywhere through symbolic language. A pen corking the might of a AK-14 gun (#JeSuisCharlie) that is freedom of speech, and the arms of the grand jury choking the life out of the justice system (#EricGarner), that is freedom of speech. Freedom of speech can be and should be about anything that a man or woman wishes to express to the world. But when it deviates from its true purpose, it’s true art form, (when it is used just to insult, to satire, or to make fun of) then they are just doodles on the wall.

Lastly we must teach everyone that violence should never be an excuse to attack freedom of speech especially over something trivial as cartoons. The massacre in Paris would have never happen if people in the world today understood that “cartoons are cartoons”–that they should never be fought over or killed over. It is time to teach everyone including our children that violence is never an excuse to attack freedom of speech. More importantly it is time for religious leaders especially of Islamic faith to reclaim their doctrine of peace. We cannot let the minority view of religion win over the majority view which is peace.

The deaths of four innocent civilians could have been averted if there was discourse. And all future innocent lives can be averted, if all people today understood that violence especially killing is never an excuse to attack freedom of speech, which brings me to another point on freedom of speech.

I and other fellow Americans treasure freedom of speech. But we also believe that you should not scream fire [or bomb] in a crowded theater. To deliberately provoke violence especially in an area where there is potential risk of violence (or terrorism) is never wise; for the sake and safety of others. Satirizing a particular group just for fun may appeal to one but innocent deaths of 10 people (or in this case 4 innocent Jews) resulting from that satire does not appeal to all. There should be a fine line between freedom of speech that provokes positive change and freedom of speech that provokes death.

Je suis charlie

To my freedom brothers and sisters in France, I mourn for your losses–and I too wish that President Obama was there in your time of solidarity. But remember that we were and still are the poster-children of democracy. Terrorism will never divide us and Liberty will always unite us. Viva La France! –Prince


Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews John Putman, SDSU Director of Int’l Business

Professor John Putman is the Director of the International Business Program as well as an associate professor at the Department of History at San Diego State University–not too mention that he is a fellow alum.

Mr. Putman began teaching in the mid-90s when he was currently finishing his dissertation as a graduate student at UC San Diego. Looking for ways to support him and his family, he went into teaching which he took on a few teaching jobs at community colleges and SDSU–teaching 1-2 courses a semester while earning his Ph. D. Lucky for him not only did he finished his Ph.D on-time but earned a full-time teaching position at SDSU–where he continues to teach Aztecs on the history of the United States, including a new-forgotten course “Constitutional History.”

As the new director of the International Business Program, he says, is a huge honor for him–especially teaching U.S. History for 20 years at San Diego State University. The International Business Program, he says, is not only new for him but unique because it is housed in the College of Arts and Letters–and not in the College of Business. The idea behind it is to immerse SDSU students in the culture and language of a particular region that they wish to specialize in, and blend them with a good number of business courses. By doing this, students will be able to interact in a global economy. He says, students can either be living abroad (doing business at a region that they studied for), or represent American companies abroad. The International Business Program strongly believes that culture and language is crucial to succeed in a global economy.

Today the International Business Program has 10 languages and six regions, which they are now looking to expand more into Brazil! They are also looking to bring more international students here at SDSU so they can take advantage of their program.

Professor Putman is also a huge “Trekie” or Star Trek fan which he teaches it at SDSU and lectures at Star Trek’s annual conventions–he has one coming up this August at Las Vegas.

To learn more about Professor Putman go to his webpage:

To learn more about the International Business Program go to:

Daily Newsfeed

NYPD Commissioner calls for unity after the killings of two NYPD officers; Paul McCartney drafts Protest Anthems for Eric Garner Demonstrations; Veteran Politician Beji Caid Essebsi wins Tunisia’s first presidential free election; Sony still wants people to see “The Interview” ; and China indicts Jackie Chan’s son on a drug charge. To read this and more, follow the links below.

NYPD Commissioner calls for unity

Beatles Singer Paul McCartney drafts protests anthem for Eric Garner demonstrations

Essebsi wins Tunisia’s first presidential free election

Sony still wants people to see The Interview

China indicts Jackie Chan’s son on a drug charge