What is an entrepreneur?

Prince Sefa-Boakye, law student and student entrepreneur, What is an entrepreneur? You heard of the word but you don’t know what it is? In this video I give my own definition of what is an entrepreneur and why everyone should be one.
If being an entrepreneur is something for you, go to my website http://www.livelikeanentrepreneur.com and learn what system I’m using to help me with my entrepreneur ventures.



Check out my site, where I tell you my story and why I’m living like an entrepreneur from home (Boston and San Diego), Law School, and at fancy restaurants.

Here is Cherry Farjado, the face of Living Like An Entrepreneur

Here are others who are “Living Like an Entrepreneur” and living their Dreams via Blogging!! So Go Out There and “Live Like an Entrepreneur” –Prince

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#FashionEmbassy Presents “Seven Looks” by Framingham College

Framingham College (Fashion Embassy)

Timeless Tuesdays at the Bond Lounge.

A once a month special occasion (the first Tuesday of every month) where you can network with professionals and see the latest trends in fashion with class. This month’s fashion featurette: Seven Looks.

“Seven Looks” was inspired by seven upcoming fashion designers, from Framingham College, who put together an ensemble of clothing wear from “Alice and Wonderland” to urban street wear. One of my guests, Meshi Davis, Magazine Editor of Bon Vivant Society, was able to speak with one of the designers, Corey Ortiz, and will be doing a story in the near future.

A special thank you again to Jaclyn Zukerman and Gilda (from the Bond Lounge) for coordinating this networking event; Dynasty Models for showcasing the beautiful fashion designs; and Framingham College for providing us with intelligent and talented fashion designers.

Meshi Davis and Corey Ortiz

To get more information on the next fashion show at the Bond Lounge, contact Gilda at 617-956-8765 and visit their website at www.bondboston.com

Fashion Designers: Framingham College Students
Models: Dynasty Models
Photos: Prince Sefa-Boakye

To see these photos go to my Flickr account, by clicking on the link below.

#FashionEmbassy: Seven Looks by the College Students of Framingham College

If you want more coverage of “what’s going on?” in the social scene of Boston, Massachusetts, then be sure to follow JZ and Meshi on Twitter.

Jaclyn Zuckerman aka “JZ”: @jaclynzuckerman

Meshi Davis aka “Miss Bon Vivant”: @miss_bon_vivant

You can also check out more fashion trends, from the shows that I have attended, by clicking on my tab #FashionEmbassy.

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Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Scott Lively, Pastor Running For Massachusetts Governor

Scott LivelyDr. Scott Lively is a full-time missionary pastor who preaches the word of God in the inner-city of Springfield, Massachusetts. Scott is running for one reason: to bring Biblical values back into the politics of Massachusetts: Anti-Abortion, Natural Family, and Basic Conservative Values. Values, which he said still defined the grassroots of the Republican Party. Dr. Scott Lively is a man of many trades: he is a building contractor, Christian social activist, and a constitutional lawyer–all the while earned his doctorate in Theology. He is a fifth generation Massachusetts citizen and his family has been here since the 1620s.

(UR Business Network): Scott Lively, Pastor Running for Massachusetts Governor

Scott tells me that he is grieved by the decline of Commonwealth’s neo-christian values–values he said has been handed down for five generations. He is tired of seeing the rise of the Marxist philosophy, pervading his beloved Commonwealth state and his country, and wants to put a stop to it. Two tasks that he will accomplish as the next governor of Massachusetts is Micro-financing in inner-city neighborhoods and a citizen oversight panel to scrutinize corruption in government.

As a full-time missionary he has traveled to over 40 countries, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to countries (in Africa) that have little resources. It was during his missionary work that he saw the power of Micro-financing, which donors gave small loans to inspired farmers and push-cart merchants and taught them basic business and entrepreneurial skills. The results, he said, were tremendous and the people in Africa were able to pull their own bootstraps, pull themselves up out of poverty, and be successful. Dr. Lively says, he sees too many inner-city families (going back to three generations) that are dependent on the government. He quotes a Jewish proverb: “If you give a man fish, he eats for a day. But if you teach a man how to fish, he eats for a lifetime.” This is what inspires him to break “government-dependency” in inner-city neighborhoods. Then lastly he wants to institute a citizen oversight panel chosen by lottery, to oversee the corruption in government and have a panel of lawyers to prosecute corrupted public officials. He sees too much greed in politics and wants to put a stop to it.

Dr. Lively understands that he speaks differently from the rest of the candidates, but one thing he wants to tell you is that he is honest and a straight-talker, even if you don’t agree with his views. He does not engage in mudslinging, he is not here to pander votes, and he is not a cardboard cut-out. He is an independent who wishes to restore Christian values back into the Commonwealth.

If you wish to reach out to Dr. Scott Lively and his campaign, go to www.livelyforgovernor.com

Cheers to Mr. Mayor Thomas Menino (1942-2014)


Today Mr Tom Menino will lie in state at Faneuil Hall, where he delivered his inaugural address in 1994 along with several subsequent State of the City addresses. And where, on March 28, 2013, he announced his resignation.

Tomorrow, on Monday Nov. 3rd, Mr. Menino will make his final ride around Boston before he is placed to rest.

For more details of where he will pass through, click on this link Menino’s Final Ride

Cheers Mayor to a life of service, and may you rest in Eternal Peace.

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Here are some of my photos taken at Thomas Menino’s Funeral Procession at Faneuil Hall.

To see more of my photos, click on my Flickr Album: Mayor Thomas Menino’s Funeral Procession

What I can tell you, from my experience, is that it was a beautiful procession and dedication to the Former Mayor of Boston. When I passed by his casket, to pay my respects, I saw a gentle smile from the gentle giant himself letting me know that he is okay. Rest in Peace Mayor.

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Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Faisal AlKheriji, Suffolk Undergrad and Painter

Faisal (Fay-zl) is an undergrad at Suffolk University, where he is earning his bachelors in business. And in his free time, he enjoys to paint beautiful tapestries–He considers painting as an avid hobby.

Faisal first began painting when he was a little kid. And once he a picked up a paintbrush, he could never put it down.

He truly believes that art comes from within, and if you have a strong conviction in painting, he says, go out there and just do it because there is no right or wrong way to paint. “It’s art!” he says.

Faisal has future aspirations to one day open his vey own art gallery. And until then, he continues to showcase his artwork anywhere and everywhere in Boston, Ma.

If you wish to contact Faisal to commission your next artwork, or if you wish to follow his artwork, go to his Instagram account: @faisalkheriji (www.instagram.com/faisalkheriji)

Also go to www.urbusinessnetwork.com to listen to my radio talks and interviews

Prince in The City w/ Makena Gargonnu, Woman Entrepreneur and Celebrity Event Producer for San Diego, CA

In this interview I get to connect with Makena Gargonnu, woman entrepreneur and Celebrity Event Producer for San Diego, Ca.

Makena started her career in event producing, back in 1998-2000, when she worked as a registration manager for Maria Dowd and her company “African American Women On Tour”. Every year Makena would travel to eight cities with Maria and watch her work with celebrities like Debbie Allen from FAME, Dr. Maya Angelou, and Malcolm Xs daughter.

Being around an African American woman in business, Makena says, was a huge inspiration. And seeing her in action was more reason enough to start her own business in event planning.

Her biggest advice to all aspiring event planners and producers out there especially young African American women is to keep the “Hope” alive! Have a plan and know your purpose for hosting an event. A good example is her “Conscious Comedy Explosion.” Her plan was to expose people to clean comedy but her purpose was to teach San Diego black history and black culture through clean comedy. From this she was blessed to have Dick Gregory, the Godfather of black comedy, to come and perform for her church last year!

“Business is a journey that we have to take every single day–You never know what turns you will take. So be flexible”


Today Makena continues to provide celebrity events and clean conscious comedy to the city of San Diego, and owes all of her success to God, her mentor Dr. Al-Najjar, and her loving husband Nasara Gargonnu.

If you wish to contact her to have your next celebrity event produced, go to her Facebook Fanpage by Makena G. (www.facebook.com/MakenaGargonnu)

Or call her at 619-438-0777

Check out my radio talks at www.urbusinessnetwork.com and click “Prince in The City”

Prince in The City w/ Cleeve Morrison, Entrepreneur and Engineer Extraordinaire

In this talk I get to catch up with my oldest friend and engineer extraordinaire, Cleeve Morrison. I have the pleasure of knowing Cleeve through church, where he watched me grow from a boy to a young man, and has welcomed my family with open arms ever since I can remember.

Cleeve is not just an extraordinary engineer but a “jack of all trades”. He is an entrepreneur, architect, carpenter, husband and a proud father. He has been a design engineer for over 43 years and can fix any electrical problem, and manufacture any electrical product, that you give him.

Cleeve started his career in engineering when he was a little kid by breaking apart his toys; eventually he learned how to put them back together. However, it would not be until the military, that he perfected his craft by watching and observing his comrades on electronics. Some of the things that he worked on were telecommunications and nuclear missiles. From his military work experience, he was then able to create a business for himself in electronics–and an affordable and efficient audio product for trolley tours across the US (San Diego, Boston, and Washington, DC) which uses them on a high demand!

His biggest piece of advice to all young engineering entrepreneurs is to know that failing is a part of learning–you need to fail in order to learn. Like Thomas Edison. When he was asked, “Why he made 1,000 light bulbs?” He responded that he found 999 ways not to make the right one. So don’t give up so easily!

In the engineering field, Cleeve says, you have to believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself, (and the product that you are manufacturing) you will succeed. And how far you take it, is up to you!

Today he continues to manufacture the best quality and affordable audio products in the country and is working on new engineering products of the future.

If you wish to contact him for his products, advice on engineering, or just to call and say hi, go to www.morrisonpalmerengineering.com and find his contact information there.

For more of my radio talks go to www.urbusinessnetwork.com

Check out Cleeve’s presentation on his audio system that Trolley Tours use across the nation!

Prince in The City w/ Dr. Joanne Cornwell, Founder of Sisterlocks

In this video I get to connect with hairstylist and founder of the “Sister Locks,” Dr. Joanne Cornwell–who today just opened her brand new hair salon in San Diego, Ca; to service and educate her community on Sister Locks.

In my interview I did not only learn the true story behind her hairstyle trademark (being the first African American woman to do so) but about her passion–and how that has enriched the lives of millions Black Americans across the nation. “Sister Locks,” in her opinion, is a wonderful way to become independent, develop independent wealth, and support your family. So if you do have a passion for hair styling, and for natural hair, then look into the “Sister Locks” system.

Today there are hundreds of women who were able to quit their day jobs, support their families, and gain a level of independence that they would not have realized had they worked for someone else.

If you wish to learn more information about Dr. Joanne Cornwell and her “Sister Locks” go to www.sisterlocks.com.

And if you are in San Diego, come visit her hair salon at 2043 El Cajon San Diego, Ca.

To listen to my radio talks go to www.urbusinessnetwork.com and click “Prince In The City”


Talk Tuesdays w/ Steve Reiss, The Math Magician and The Most Boring Author in San Diego

20140624-150948-54588159.jpgAs part of my radio show I have a special segment, called “Talk Tuesdays,” where I sit down and talk with an interesting individual–who is either a politician, educator, entrepreneur, or lawyer. And on this special segment, I have invited my good friend and math tutor, Steve Reiss, to share his personal story of how he became “The Math Magician” and why he calls himself “The Most Boring Author in San Diego”

Steve Reiss started his journey as a freshly minted MBA graduate–picking up jobs wherever he could find such as lawn mowing and ditch digging. However it would not be until he climbed a series of corporate rungs on a ladder, that he would finally make a complete 180 turn to what he enjoys today as a math tutor and test-prep book author.

In our interview I did not only learn about his special relationship that he has with his brother Mike Reiss (one of the producers and writers of The Simpsons), and his insight on the SATs, but also his lifestyle as an entrepreneur. He tells me this,

“When you work in a corporate environment, on the weekends you wonder if your boss thinks you are a hot commodity. But when you work as an entrepreneur on the weekends you wonder what opportunities am I not exploiting”–which he says is a much healthier way to live.

Today he has published two more “boring” books on test-prep examinations and continues to tutor Math and teach SAT seminars all over San Diego; he is now expanding his business to China.

To listen, click on the link below.

Talk Tuesdays w/ Steve Reiss, The Math Magician and The Most Boring Author in San Diego

To get more information on his tutoring services, go to www.themathmagician.com


(Photo Credit: Earnie Grafton from the Union Tribune Newspaper in San Diego, Ca)

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On Monday, I will not be posting a Motivation Monday post; instead I will take pictures of my excursion around Boston with my Dad. To see my pictures go to my Instagram account: @princesdailyjournal. On Tuesday, I will be back in the studio to talk current events, people and politics. I will be posting my previous talks last week later this week.

424334_569524486242_876616674_nAs part of my Talk Tuesdays segment, which I sit down and talk with an interesting individual, I will be interviewing Suneal Bedi–a MA bar lawyer who received his J.D. from Harvard Law School. I will sit down with him and get the inside scoop behind his experience at Harvard–and also learn what he is doing with his law degree today!

During my interview, I will take a few questions from the Twitterverse for Suneal to answer. So if you have any questions for Suneal, please hashtag (#) your Tweet: “#PrinceinTheCity”, and I will be sure to take them down. Please tweet your questions by Tuesday! Remember to keep your tweets appropriate!

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