Harley Lewin, Intellectual Property Attorney at McCarter & English LLC.

LewinHarleyHarley Lewin is a Renaissance Man of the Law. He is an Intellectual Property Attorney and Partner at McCarter & English LLC. With over 40 years of litigation experience, and traveling around the world, Mr. Lewin has been successful in protecting trademarks, designs, ideas, inventions, and clients’ businesses in general. Most notably, he is renowned for litigating and winning limited trademark protection for French luxury shoe maker Charles Louboutin against Yves Saint Laurent America, Inc. in the fight for Louboutin’s distinct red lacquered soles for women’s heels.

Prince in The City w/ Harley Lewin, Intellectual Property Attorney

Mr. Lewin initially became a lawyer as a last alternative, due to the Vietnam War. And during those times he said, “you had two choices: go to school or be drafted to Vietnam.” And so he chose the latter and completed his legal education at the University of Wisconsin School of Law. After graduating from law school, he then worked for a small boutique law firm where he practiced (soft) intellectual property and delved into the entertainment business, where he represented clients who needed protection from “copies” and “knock-offs” he says. Furthermore he says that he was the first and only person in the United States to practice trademark protection at that time.

Today he conducts investigations and legal action against people who are copying brands in over 50 countries (mostly in Asia); negotiates agreements for acquisition and rights; file and prosecute applications to report trademark infringement; and conduct major case litigation.

The clients that he and his firm represents are luxury goods (Dior, Alexander Wang, etc.), start up companies, fragrances, jewelry (both high end and costume), apparel companies, and manufacturing goods like Caterpillar. He recently represented Milk Studios, an entertainment company, who sued Samsung for copying their brand name in their online music videos.

What he enjoys most is representing the good guys of Intellectual Property–he and his firm assisted a Canadian company in acquiring their trademark from Indonesia!

His biggest advice for future lawyers is to work hard; hone your writing skills; and have fun–but to take Civil Procedure very seriously. Mr. Lewin cannot stress enough of how frequent and relevant Civil Procedure is in his line of work. So take Civil Procedure very seriously!

If you wish to reach Mr. Harley Lewin, you may do so via email hlewin@mccarter.com and phone: +1-212-609-6818

In Loving Memory of Mark Alan Fischer (1950-2015)

Mark Fisher, Copyright Litigator and Entertainment Lawyer

It is with a heavy heart that I say my mentor, Mark Fisher, has passed away.

Yesterday I had the privilege and honor to attend Mark’s Memorial Service, where I listened to friends and family share a testament to Mark’s amazing life. A life that many people including lawyers wish to have in a lifetime. I heard stories from Mark’s revolutionary accomplishments in the world of Copyright and Entertainment law to his love for music (opera), creativity, clothing, the Red Soxx, his friends and his loving wife Marnie. One thing that is true about Mark, which we all shared in our eulogies, was that he had an extraordinary gift of drawing people to him.

The first time that I met Mark was at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), on the seaport of Boston, where I was working as a caterer for ICA’s social media event two years ago. My job that day was to greet guests, standing up-straight with a tray of white wine in one hand and a smile on my face, as they would walk-in–and that’s when I saw HIM (no pun intended). Walking through the doors was a man who had the finest light blue (bespoke) suit in the room–topped off with the coolest white brim feather hat you have ever seen. When I saw him, my eyes lit up–I told myself that I had to get the number to his tailor. Anyways, when I approached him and asked “what do you do for a living?” he said, “I’m a lawyer.” I stared at him with a confused face and quietly said “lawyers dress like that?!” During our conversation I told him about my blog and my aspirations for going to law school and that I would love to get together with him to learn about him and the law. He kindly smiled and gave me his card, and the rest as you would say was history.

Mark Fisher Copyright Litigator and Entertainment Lawyer

The one thing that I won’t forget about Mark was his sincere gift of inspiring people to do great things. When I asked him if I could interview him for my blog (my pride and joy), he candidly said, “yes”–which most lawyers today would not always do. But somehow he saw something special in me and agreed to do it–with no questions asked.

For those of you who may not know this, Mark was one of my inspirations (as well as my recommenders) for applying to law school–I can’t stress enough how important mentors are. Without his letter of recommendation, I probably would not have been accepted to Suffolk University Law School. He showed me that you can live life to the fullest and still be a good lawyer–and make a fashion statement. He really sparked my interest to explore entertainment and copyright law.

One of Mark’s clients and colleagues, who read my blog, reached out to me: to not only express the tragic news but to commend me on a well-written interview story about him. He said that I really captured his personality. After our conversation, I am reminded yet again of why I have this “silly” website that you all come to know as princesdailyjournal.com.

So today Mark I wish to pay tribute to you for entering into my life as you always did with so many of us: with class and style. I’m sorry we couldn’t get together sooner (due to school and all) but thanks for showing me the “cool” side of law. May you Rest in Peace with the Stars! Your story and your legacy will always live-on, here at princesdailyjournal.com

To check out my photos from the service, click on the link below.

Mark Fischer’s Memorial Service

If you haven’t read Mark’s story, you can check it out under 50 Shades of Law: Mark Fischer.

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My Acceptance to Suffolk University School of Law

20140813-183653-67013316.jpg After much anticipation, contemplation, & deliberation. I am pleased to announce that I will be going to Suffolk Law School this fall to pursue my Juris Doctorate–which is right in the heart of Boston!

I would like to say “Thank You” to God, my family, and all of you who have supported me and prayed for me during this process. Not only am I a political correspondent but a law school student too!?! Man I have to say, “this year will be an exciting year!”; I am really thinking about creating a new website called, “www.princesdailyLAWjournal.com” lol. However, I do recognize that this year, especially being the first year of law school, will be challenging–so I will not be investing too much time on my website when school starts.

Here is a special list of people, that I want to thank, who made this achievement possible: Mom, Dad, Suneal Bedi, Esq. Mark Fisher, Victor Marsh, Hon. Judge John A. HoustonDrew Dudley, Trimaine Davis, LaDarrel HagansSharine Jones, and my LSAT tutor Lee Spriggs (I could not have done it without you)!

Thank you Suffolk University again for accepting me and I am looking forward to a great and academically challenging year!


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My Talk w/ Attorney Mark Fischer


Here I am again catching up with my good friend Attn. Mark Fischer, who was nice enough today to take time away from his busy schedule to chat with me. We reminisced our first interview together; talked about his recent travels to NY and the UK; and he answered some of my personal questions about law school and his profession as a copyright and entertainment lawyer–he also liked my personal statement (w/ a little tweeking of course). He says the workload of a lawyer is the same as a good tailor or doctor. What is important is qualitative work (not quantitative); and the path that put yourself on to give you success. Thanks Mark for the wonderful advice and the little push I needed to apply for law school. If you haven’t read his interview story go to 50 Shades of Law and click Mark Fischer.

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Talk Tuesdays with Attorney Mark Fischer, Entertainment Lawyer and Copyright Litigator. Mr. Mark Fischer is the first lawyer to be featured on my new interview section, "50 SHADES OF LAW." This section allows you to learn more about the law profession and the people behind their chosen field of law.

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