Adrian Madaro Swears-in as The Official State Representative of East Boston

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On Wednesday, April 8th 2015, Adrian Madaro was officially sworn-in as the official State Representative of East Boston.

Congratulations Adrian! East Boston and your peers at Suffolk Law School is very proud of you. You will do a great job as our East Boston State Rep. –Prince Sefa-Boakye

Here are words spoken by Ariel Glantz, Adrian’s Girlfriend, on this special occasion.

Adrian's Swear-in Ceremony

I couldn’t be prouder of you,  Adrian! This entire journey has been incredible, and watching you get sworn in today was absolutely surreal and amazing. You may be Representative Madaro now, but to me, you’ll always be my boo! –Ariel Glantz

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Get Out The Vote East Boston (State Rep)


Have you voted?!? If not get to the polls before 8pm and vote for your next State Rep of East Boston. If you don’t know where to go, go to To check out the candidates’ interviews, scroll down or go to my site.

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Last Day till Eastie’s State Rep Elections, Who Will You Vote For?

Have you decided on who should be the next State Representative for East Boston?! If not, check out my interviews with Joanne Pomodoro (Indep) and Adrian Madaro (Dem), before you make your decision on Tuesday!

If you are unsure on where to vote in East Boston, go to Type in your name and address to find your polling site.

Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Joanne Pomodoro, East Boston State Rep Candidate

Joanne T. Pomodoro is a life-long resident of East Boston and an independent candidate running to be the next the State Representative of East Boston. Joanne is running because she is tired of going to community meetings and not having her concerns be heard–one of them being selling East Boston to developers for profit. She wants people who haven’t been heard to be heard and will represent the underserved through representation. What makes her qualified is her work experience as a social worker or better known as a “change agent.”

As a social worker she has helped countless people with their problems; found solutions; healed people from trauma (especially from the Boston Marathon Bombing); and empowered people by becoming pro-active–versus reactive–and taking charge of their life. And what she really wants to do as the next State Rep is re-invest East Boston through stake ownership.

“If you invest in something you have ownership in it,” she says. For those who lives here and wants to stay here they should have a discount–and not be pushed out of their homes because of luxury housing. And so she is advocating a voucher program so that middle class families can stay and prosper here in East Boston.

“I don’t make a blanket speech; I speak from my heart. I am not a professional politician but I am a professional social worker which specializes in helping people.”

Her three biggest priorities that she is advocating for as state rep are: Health and Wellness; Gentrification; and Community Unification.

To follow Joanne and her campaign go to You can also follow her on her Facebook Fanpage at

Here are responses of questions from the Twitterverse that Joanne answered

JP: We don’t get to choose how we run. When I was 18 years old, I registered as an Independent. The reason I did that because I wanted to choose the issues, not the politician nor the party. If someone had an issue that I was concerned about, I aligned myself with him. That’s the way I voted. So I’ve been an Independent all my life and that’s the way I’ll stay.

JP: I bring personal connection. I don’t make a blanket speech. I speak from my heart; I am not a professional politician. But I am a professional social worker which I am an expert in helping people. And that’s what I bring to this job and to the community. I care for people no matter their economic status, race, religion, or gender. That’s what I do. And that’s what I will continue to do.

Upcoming Interview w/ Joanne T. Pomodoro, State Rep Candidate for East Boston

Joanne T Pomodoro princesdailyjournal

Saturday March 21st, I’ll be interviewing Independent candidate Joanne T. Pomodoro to learn more about her candidacy and why she should be the next State Rep for East Boston.

During my interview, I will be taking questions from the Twitterverse. If you have any questions that you want me to ask her, tweet them to me (before Saturday) @princedjc and/or hashtag #princeinthecity.

Last Day Till Election Day for State Rep (Lou Scapicchio & Adrian Madaro)

One last day till election day! And have you decided on which candidate you want to see as your next State Representative of East Boston? If not, check out my YouTube videos (with Lou Scapicchio and Adrian Madaro) to help you make your decision.

Also if you live in East Boston, but you have no idea on where you need to go to vote, go to and put in your name and address to find out your polling site.

Good luck to both Suffolk Law School alums in their race to be the next state rep.


Meet The Candidates w/ Lou Scapicchio, State Rep Candidate for East Boston

Lou Scapicchio, State Rep Candidate princesdailyjournalLou Scapicchio is an acting defense attorney for the Army Reserves and is a champion of Veteran Affairs. He has served the United States army for 14 years, and has six years of legal experience–not too mention that he is a Suffolk Law School Alum.

Lou is a long-time resident of East Boston but has a long list of hands-on experience in both the Army as Captain and in Law, which he plans to take with him to Beacon Hill. “If you want something done right, hire a veteran,” he says. What better person to represent the people of East Boston than a veteran attorney.

After serving honorably for his country, he then worked for state government in the last year, where he actively participated in the issues of East Boston.

He says filing and drafting legislation, is a just minor role towards becoming the next State Representative of East Boston. The major role is prioritizing the daily agenda of the residents of East Boston inside Beacon Hill–becoming a community leader. A community leader will not have a strong voice on Beacon Hill without the support of his/her community.

“I have no affiliation with any sitting politicians on Beacon Hill and so my only loyalty to anyone is just the people of East Boston–my family, my friends, and my neighbors. All I will care about is what is in the best interest for the people of East Boston ” –Lou Scappichio

His three top priorities for East Boston are: Balanced Real Estate Development; Safety and Security; and Veterans Affairs.

Lou Scapicchio is currently a Judge Advocate in the Army Reserves at the rank of Captain and is the legal counsel for the Massachusetts Soldiers’ Home (a homeless shelter) in Chelsea, Ma.

Election Day is on March 3, 2015

To follow Lou and his campaign go to:

Here are Lou’s responses from the same twitter questions asked before in my last interview:

LS: That goes back to that overarching question of how to keep East Boston affordable; we do not want to price out people who are already live here through development. East Boston is a gem on the Boston Harbor and everyone will know that there will be some high end development which will increase the housing rates in those surrounding areas. So to take care of this we (1) make them have the mixed housing and follow the rules that are already in place in East Boston. (2) Keep the property taxes at a rate which people who live in the surrounding areas can afford; not let it jump too high or too fast on them. (3) Have tax incentives for the workers to build more affordable housing. Keeping property taxes down is a priority for him.

LS: Whoever is State Rep of East Boston must have a plan first of what they want East Boston to be. I want East Boston to be a very enticing place for Middle Class families to raise their families in. And to achieve this we must have: schools, street safety, and lower property taxes. Incentivizing the right types of investments in East Boston and lowering property taxes will help pass savings onto the next generation of East Boston residents.

Interview Update w/ Lou Scapicchio, State Rep Candidate for East Boston

Lou Scappichio, princesdailyjournal

Just finished my interview with Lou Scapicchio, State Representative Candidate for East Boston–Thank you Lou! And thank you for your service!

This YouTube interview will be made available soon. If you wish to follow Lou, go to

Lou has made a special announcement that today at 5:30 pm, East Boston will be hosting a town hall forum at East Boston High School, which all State Rep candidates will be debating live on East Boston issues.

Also, the Boston Globe newspaper today was kind enough to feature my website in their obituary of Mark Fischer–Thank you Boston Globe!

Mark Fischer (princesdailyjournal)

To read this story click on the link: Mark Fischer Helped Define Copyright Internet Age

RIP Mark Fischer

Upcoming Interview with Lou Scapiccho, State Rep Candidate For East Boston


Tuesday I will be interviewing Lou Scapicchio on his candidacy for State Representative of the 1st district of Suffolk. During my interview, I will be taking questions from the Twitterverse. So if you have any questions tweet them to me at @princedjc & hashtag them as #princeinthecity 2 have’em read!

To learn more about Lou go to