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Boston Marathon bombing kills 3 people and injures more than 100; Law enforcement investigates “foreigner” in connection to Boston Marathon Bombing; the White House declares Boston bombing as an “act of terror”; frantic callers causes huge phone congestion in aftermath of explosion; foreigner in connection to bombing is having his home searched and Senate negotiators have reached an agreement to make big changes in Immigration laws for nearly three decades. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Boston Marathon Bombing

Law enforcement investigates foreigner in connection to bombing

WH declares Boston bombing “act of terror”

Frantic callers causes phone congestion

Foreigner’s home is searched

Senate makes big changes to immigration laws

North Korea will not give warning to South Korea, when they strike

Queen knights former Sen Lugar

Gun control bill in peril

Huge earthquake hits Iran


Inside Story: Boston Marathon Bombing, from the words of a Marathon Runner

Today I had the extraordinary opportunity to speak with a Marathon runner (Jessica), who was near the explosion. Jessica, happened to be a few miles away from it when she heard the explosions. (Paraphrased Conversation, not exact words)

Jessica, Chicago Marathon Runner

“I heard explosions 30 mins after I completed the Boston Marathon Race. I was at a place near Boston Commons, where all marathon runners gathered when they completed the race. It was a beautiful day and everybody was having fun–enjoying the moment.

When I first heard the noise, I really didn’t know what it was–I really thought it was a car backfire. But 10 min afterwards, I see cops rushing in and then, by word of mouth, marathoners told me that it was a bomb explosion.

What I heard was that the bomb went off at “Marathon Sporting Goods.” But it was right behind the spectator stand. So whoever did it, they maybe aiming at spectators; not marathon runners.

It was really scary. I try not to think about it, but it was unexpected. Children were hurt by it. Then I hear that a bomb was exploded at JFK library. You can assume that the police is scouting the city for bombs.

The bomb that I heard was not big to me, but it did affect a lot of people. Its a shame really.”

Jessica also noted that hospitals are in lock-down, so it will be difficult for family members to see their loved ones in the hospital. A few hotels are locked-down as well.


Prince On The Move


I’m riding the red eye to Boston!! I’m looking forward to reunite with friends and begin another adventure. This past weekend was tremendously satisfying: I got to attend a wedding; had coffee with an old classmate; met with extended family; and explored San Fran!! I will post pics of my SF adventures under Prince’s Travels.

Unfortunately my flight is being currently delayed, so I won’t fly off the ground for another hour. Ah well, this will give me time to start preparing for my future posts this week.

Quick Announcement: My interview stories will now be posted on Tuesday for “Talk Tuesdays”

I highly recommend you fly Virgin America–their terminals keep it hip and classy.