In Loving Memory of Mark Alan Fischer (1950-2015)

Mark Fisher, Copyright Litigator and Entertainment Lawyer

It is with a heavy heart that I say my mentor, Mark Fisher, has passed away.

Yesterday I had the privilege and honor to attend Mark’s Memorial Service, where I listened to friends and family share a testament to Mark’s amazing life. A life that many people including lawyers wish to have in a lifetime. I heard stories from Mark’s revolutionary accomplishments in the world of Copyright and Entertainment law to his love for music (opera), creativity, clothing, the Red Soxx, his friends and his loving wife Marnie. One thing that is true about Mark, which we all shared in our eulogies, was that he had an extraordinary gift of drawing people to him.

The first time that I met Mark was at the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art), on the seaport of Boston, where I was working as a caterer for ICA’s social media event two years ago. My job that day was to greet guests, standing up-straight with a tray of white wine in one hand and a smile on my face, as they would walk-in–and that’s when I saw HIM (no pun intended). Walking through the doors was a man who had the finest light blue (bespoke) suit in the room–topped off with the coolest white brim feather hat you have ever seen. When I saw him, my eyes lit up–I told myself that I had to get the number to his tailor. Anyways, when I approached him and asked “what do you do for a living?” he said, “I’m a lawyer.” I stared at him with a confused face and quietly said “lawyers dress like that?!” During our conversation I told him about my blog and my aspirations for going to law school and that I would love to get together with him to learn about him and the law. He kindly smiled and gave me his card, and the rest as you would say was history.

Mark Fisher Copyright Litigator and Entertainment Lawyer

The one thing that I won’t forget about Mark was his sincere gift of inspiring people to do great things. When I asked him if I could interview him for my blog (my pride and joy), he candidly said, “yes”–which most lawyers today would not always do. But somehow he saw something special in me and agreed to do it–with no questions asked.

For those of you who may not know this, Mark was one of my inspirations (as well as my recommenders) for applying to law school–I can’t stress enough how important mentors are. Without his letter of recommendation, I probably would not have been accepted to Suffolk University Law School. He showed me that you can live life to the fullest and still be a good lawyer–and make a fashion statement. He really sparked my interest to explore entertainment and copyright law.

One of Mark’s clients and colleagues, who read my blog, reached out to me: to not only express the tragic news but to commend me on a well-written interview story about him. He said that I really captured his personality. After our conversation, I am reminded yet again of why I have this “silly” website that you all come to know as

So today Mark I wish to pay tribute to you for entering into my life as you always did with so many of us: with class and style. I’m sorry we couldn’t get together sooner (due to school and all) but thanks for showing me the “cool” side of law. May you Rest in Peace with the Stars! Your story and your legacy will always live-on, here at

To check out my photos from the service, click on the link below.

Mark Fischer’s Memorial Service

If you haven’t read Mark’s story, you can check it out under 50 Shades of Law: Mark Fischer.

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Upcoming Interview with Lou Scapiccho, State Rep Candidate For East Boston


Tuesday I will be interviewing Lou Scapicchio on his candidacy for State Representative of the 1st district of Suffolk. During my interview, I will be taking questions from the Twitterverse. So if you have any questions tweet them to me at @princedjc & hashtag them as #princeinthecity 2 have’em read!

To learn more about Lou go to

Meet The Candidates: Adrian Madaro, State Rep Candidate for East Boston

Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Adrian MadaroAdrian Madaro, who is 26 years old, is a lifelong resident of East Boston and a first generation American citizen. Adrian has devoted his whole life to community service and is ready to take his service to the next level as the next State Representative of East Boston.

Adrian is running for state representative because he wants to work on policies and legislation that will really benefit East Boston–and he says that the best is yet to come for East Boston. Before he ran, he was the chief of staff (for four years) for the former State Rep Carlo Basile–who is now the chief secretary for the current governor of Massachusetts: Charlie Baker.

As chief of staff, he was in charge of addressing and solving everyday issues for fellow residents of East Boston. He knows the budget process, knows how to file and draft legislation (and push it through city hall), and has good relationships, with the representatives, on Beacon Hill (including House Speaker Robert Deleo) which he will utilize to get things done in East Boston.

East Boston deserves a state representative who can be effective and hit the ground running. He says, “there is no learning curve for me.”

His three top priorities for East Boston are Economic Opportunities (i.e. waterfront development & public transportation), Vocational Programs in Public Schools, and Public Safety.

Adrian Madaro holds a Masters in Public Policy and Urban Planning from Tufts University, and serves on several boards including President of the Harborside Community.

Election day is on March 3rd, and you can follow him and his campaign at

For those who tweeted me their questions, here are Adrian’s responses:

Adrian: Waterfront development will create jobs so we have to make sure that we (1) prioritize construction jobs for East Boston Residents and (2) make sure that permanent service jobs (hotels, restaurants, bar etc.) are for East Boston residents. We have the best waterfront in Boston, and by having development on the waterfront we will create an engine for our local economy.

Adrian: Today East Boston is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. And because of that people are moving here not just to raise families but to develop here. Even though that investment is good for the community, it has to be balanced: responsible smart growth. That means we have to balance luxury apartments on the waterfront with affordable housing, work force housing, and family housing, so that all walks of life (senior citizen, immigrant, etc.) can thrive and raise a family here in East Boston.

Interview with Adrian Madaro, State Rep Candidate for East Boston


Just finished my interview w/ Adrian Madaro, State Rep Candidate of East Boston #1stSuffolk.

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Upcoming Interview w/ Adrian Madaro, State Rep Candidate for East Boston

IMG_9672.JPGTomorrow I will be interviewing Adrian Madaro, about his candidacy, as the next State Representive of East Boston’s 1st Suffolk District. During my interview I will be taking questions from the Twitterverse. So if you have any pressing questions that you would like for me to ask him, follow me on Twitter @princedjc and tweet your questions to me and hashtag them as #princeinthecity.

Fashion Embassy Presents Kinda Touma Fashion

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Timeless Tuesdays at the Bond Lounge. A once a month special occasion (the first Tuesday of every month) where you can network with professionals and see the latest trends in fashion.

This month’s fashion look: Kinda Touma

kinda toumaKinda Touma (Kin-dah Toh-ma) is not just a title but the name of the fashion designer who put all of these beautiful looks together. Kinda is a local fashion designer here in Boston, Ma, where she specializes in High End clothing for women who want to feel feminine but yet classy– and she started her journey into fashion, as a young girl in Aleppo, Syria, where she was designing women’s clothing with her Barbie Dolls.


Growing up in Syria, she says, was wonderful. And after she graduated from the University of Aleppo in Architecture, she flew all the way to Boston and attended The School of Fashion Design. Kinda’s first break began in 2010, where she put on a charity fashion show for ovarian cancer. It is charity events like these that got her foot into the door of fashion and won her fame among the locals in Boston.

Kinda Touma

Her biggest advice to fashion designers out there is to never give up. She says to never put an obstacle in your way and to keep going with your passion.

As of now, her upcoming plans is to put a hold on fashion shows, until September, so she can focus on new looks. However she will have sample sales in a month. As for Heloisa Fitzgerald, jewelry designer of this show, will showcase her jewelry again during the week of Feb 16th at the State Room in Boston. For more information, go to

To see my photos click here: Kinda Touma Fashion Show

You can follow kinda and her fashion on Twitter @kindatouma; Instagram @kindatoumafashion;; and her website

You can also follow Heloisa Fitzgerald on Facebook and Instagram at heloisafitzgeraldjewelry.

A special thank you, as always, to Gilda, manager of the Bond Lounge, for coordinating this networking event, and Joe Freeman, talent manager of Dynasty Models, for providing the models to showcase these designs.

Daily Newsfeed

Prince delivers a pointed statement on Black Lives Matter while presenting the album of the year at the Grammys; Malcolm Butler and Julian Edelman from the Patriots attended the Grammys last night; MSNBC calls AG Holder a duck and asks him to quack; President Obama and German Chancellor Merkel will be hosting a live Press Conference today at 11:45am EST; and Supreme Court allows Alabama same-sex marriages to proceed. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Prince delivers a pointed statement at the Grammys

Julian edelman and Malcolm Butler attended the Grammys last night

MSNBC Reporter asks AG Holder to quack like a duck

Obama and Merkel to host live Press Conference (to watch click here)

SCOTUS allows Alabama same sex marriages to proceed

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Consider the Wonderful Miracles of God

Weekly Spiritual Digest: Consider the Wonderful Miracles of God

“We can’t even imagine the greatness of his power. He directs the snow to fall on the earth and tells the rain to pour down. Then everyone stops working so they can watch his power. The wild animals take cover and stay inside their dens…pay attention to this Job. Stop and consider the wonderful miracles of God!” (Job 37:5-8;14)

 While I was walking the streets of Boston last night from work, I couldn’t help myself but to take a picture of God’s wondrous miracle called “snow.” The snow, that fell that night, was light and gentle; no hurling winds. And the gaslamps, that illuminated my path, fixated my eyes towards the beauty of Boston’s waterfront. As irritating as snow can be– especially when it comes to commuting to work everyday–there is still something special about it. Snow allows you to stay home, rest, and have meaningful conversations with the company that you have at home.

It’s a shame to even imagine on how consumed we are with work and not the beauty (or maybe the purpose) behind God’s miracle

So this week (unwind and) consider God’s Wonderful Miracles. All that is required from you is to stay one place, look out the window, and admire God’s work–and don’t forget to add a cup of hot chocolate with it.

Photos From The Patriots Day Parade!

Today was a great day to be a Bostonian. Comradery and appreciation filled the air as the Patriots paraded down the streets (in their duck boats) with their trophy(-ies) in hand. Everyone knew why they were there! Big thanks to all the players especially Butler for sealing our victory! One more to go! #wewant5!

To see my photos click on the link below

Patriots Victory Parade!


Daily Newsfeed

The Patriots defeat the Sea Hawks to become the Super Bowl champs for the 4th time in a row; 6,000 flights are cancelled amid Midwest snow; President Obama urges vaccination in response to a measles outbreak; Katy Perry’s sharks are under investigation after Halftime show; and The Patriots’ Super Bowl Victory Parade will be tomorrow at 11am. Parade begins at the Pru and ends at City Hall Plaza. All this and more, please follow the links below.

Patriots defeat the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl

Obama urges vaccinations after measles outbreak

Katy Perry’s dancing sharks are under investigation

Duck Boat Victory parade starts tomorrow at 11am