Weekly Spiritual Digest: Be Golden! Let the Fire Refine Your Faith!


So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while. These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.

(1 Peter 1:6, 7 NLT)

This verse came to me on May 18th, 2014, when I was listening to a word of God from my pastor Jaime Perdomo at my church, La Iglesia Cristiana Nueva Vida. My Pastor, preached to me and to the congregation (in Spanish) on how our faith is like gold–but far more precious.

At first I could not fully understand his words, but when he so passionately repeated, over and over, on how necessary it was to put our faith over the fire–the trials and tribulations–so it can become Gold in Christ, I was totally floored. And it was at that moment that I finally understood his sermon and God’s plan in my life. For the first time, everything became clear:

The many fires in my life (or the trials and tribulations) were not there to torture me. The fires in my life were there to REFINE my faith, so it can BECOME GOLDEN–so I can become strong and pure in Christ.

Thank you Pastor Jaime for reminding of God’s plan, for showing me that the fires in our life are there to refine and purify my faith.

So this week and beyond, see the fire (or trial and tribulation) in your life for what it is: a tool which you can use to refine your faith and Be Golden in God’s Eyes!

Sunday Praise: Your Faith is Like Gold! (Pastor Jaime Perdomo)

Weekly Political Report: Race “Does” Matter in America (Ferguson Edition)

Each week I write a political issue that affects you and the world around you.

This week’s “Weekly Political Report”: Race “Does” Matter in America (The Ferguson Edition)

This post was inspired by my mentor Dr. Cornel West

ferguson flickr joe

(Photo credit: Flickr User Joe Topichak)

mike-brown-headshot-smallerOn Aug, 9th 2014, America and the world witnessed yet again the death of another unarmed African American teenager by the hands of a law enforcer. Michael Brown, a 18 year old, was fatally shot by 28 year old police officer Darren Wilson, and has started an uproar in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Now in its 11th day, there has been no sign of peaceful resolution, to either curb the violence between Ferguson citizens and police officials or reduce the armory and weapons of the police force (military tanks, tear gas, etc.)

While its still unclear of what really happened between the teenager and the police officer, Americans are stilled faced with this divisive status quo:

An unarmed black male shot (multiple times) by an armed white police officer–no sugar coating.

Rather than talk about the evidence of this case or the witnesses’ accounts of what actually happened, I will instead talk about why “Race ‘Does’ Matter in America” from a political stand point and what must be done in Ferguson, Missouri (and across America) to prevent this from happening again–using concrete facts and examples.

Why Does Race Matter in America?

From a political standpoint, we are a nation of immigrants and “Race” implicitly drives the day in America–whether it be socioeconomic status, jobs, voting rights, immigration, foreign policy, the justice system, etc.. We come from different walks of life in different shapes, sizes, faiths, and shades of color. And what Americans (and citizens around the world) need to have is “perspective.” To recognize that each race has a history of discrimination, and not be so quick to “brush it off”.

This incident of Michael Brown is a tragedy and comes from a long history racial discrimination which young black men and women in America have been wrongfully targeted by law enforcement or the justice system for no reason except for the color of their skin–dating back to the Civil Rights and Segregation era. And it is because of the unwillingness of people (like the law enforcement) to not recognize this history, that we see “Race and Police Brutality” again and again in American Television–whether it be the post-Civil Rights era (like Rodney King) or today’s era (like Trayvon MartinEric Garner). The history is there, and will repeat itself until it is recognized. Brown University and other sources have published this report:

  • St. Louis. situated just below of Ferguson (where the shooting took place) is the 9th most segregated metro area in America, as of 2010. (Brown University)
  • In a town that’s over 60% black, Ferguson has: a police chief and a mayor that is white, only one city council that is black, one school board member is black, and just 3 out of 53 police officers are black. (US Census; City of Ferguson; Ferguson)
  • In 2013, Ferguson police officials have arrested 483 black people while 36 white people were arrested–and when Ferguson police officers arrest and search black people for contraband, only 1 in 5 are caught with them verses white people in Ferguson which is much higher, 1 in 3 (Missouri Attorney General)

These are the facts and they are not sugar coated–you cannot deny them. Many Americans, who will read this, won’t view it as a big issue (versus what is going on now in Ferguson, Missouri). But, politically speaking,

“If you have a body of government that is disproportionate to the size and views of one minority population (a minority classified by gender, race, or religion) in one particular region, the results are catastrophic!

Political unrest is bound to happen, example being today. This is a political issue as much as it is a racial one. However, the core reason why I think “Race ‘Does’ Matter in America” (which goes back to having “perspective”) is the current crises in Iraq.Image:

In July 2014, I did a radio talk at UR Business Network on the collapse of the Post-Iraqi War government. And what I said in that talk–as to “why the new Iraqi government collapsed?”–was this: the Shia government (the current Iraqi Government) marginalized their minority tribes the Sunnis and Kurds–especially the Sunnis– with their heavy armor military presence and force. This in return led to the growing opposition against the Shia government!

So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. As long as you have a body of government that marginalizes one minority group by police or military force, you will always have political unrest in the streets.

The political disaster in Iraq is happening in the same fashion in Ferguson, Missouri. You can call the Mike Brown shooting “a freak accident” or “self-defense” all you want, but given the concrete facts from credible sources and the political perspective of having a disproportionate government overwhelm a minority population, the Michael Brown shooting incident cannot be brushed aside nor can “Race” in America.

Not to say that the government in Ferguson, Missouri will collapse, but the elements of political terror and unrest will continue unless there is a solid conversation on “Race” in Ferguson and a body of government that will represent all minorities–which is similar to what America is doing in Iraq today.

What must be done in Ferguson, Missouri (and across America) to prevent this from happening again?

First, bring Darren Wilson to trial and let the system work under Eric Holder’s watch. Second, Ferguson citizens and the police force must establish a truce of non-violence (during and after the Michael Brown trial) and start having a serious dialogue on racial disparity in their city–re-evaluate the current city government (and law enforcement) and find ways to discourage racial profiling and encourage racial diversity that will reflect the minority population of Ferguson, then, Third, have Perspective!

The sooner Americans, and citizens across the globe, have this perspective of not marginalizing a minority group, the better. The city government of Ferguson, Missouri, by all means, must not reflect the same intrusive acts done by the current “collapsed” government of Iraq–it cannot oppress or overwhelm any minority population by military tanks or force.


We are Americans and we treat Americans as our own–Michael Brown is an American! Like it or not!

Mistakes have been made in the Michael Brown incident, but Ferguson and the State of Missouri can still resolve this matter by reducing the huge racial disparity in the workforce and have a government (and police force) that is reflective of the African-American community.

The ultimate goal, in my opinion, is to set up a training course, for law enforcement and Americans, on “Racial Harassment” (like “Sexual Harassment”) that will teach people the existence of racial discrimination in America and learn how to conduct themselves in a professional manner to prevent acts of racial prejudice–and I call on President Obama to enact this legislation.

For more people and politics go to www.urbusinessnetwork.com

Here is a source where I pulled my facts from: Ferguson is 60% Black. Virtually All its Cops are White (Mother Jones)


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Also here are two YouTube videos, that I found very helpful, to explain the war in Iraq and an idea of a training course on “racial harassment”.

This video is part 2 out of 5 videos of an documentary done by Bill Cosby. I recommend you watch all the parts.

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Prince in The City (Day 15)


Prince in The City! (Day 15) Today marks Day 15 with @urbusinessnetwork On today’s show I interviewed my good friend and math tutor Steve Reiss “The Math Magician.” Not only did I learn about his humble beginnings as an #entrepreneur but his special relationship with his brother Mike Reiss–one of the writers and producers of #TheSimpsons. This talk will be made available on http://www.urbusinessnetwork.com soon, so stay tuned!

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Meet The Candidates: Jeff McCormick Independent Candidate Running for Massachusetts Governor

image (1)Meet Jeff McCormick. With over twenty years of experience in building innovative companies in the healthcare, education, energy, IT, biotechnology, and environment industry (including the popular Boston Duck Tours), Jeff has proven himself to be a real jobs-creator.

Born in Upstate New York, Jeff was raised in a modest blue-collar family household–where the kitchen was both a play room & a study room. His family, who traces its roots back to Ireland, instilled in him the principles of hard work and sacrifice. It is because of these principles that his family was able to give back so much to Jeff and why he wishes to do the same in the public sector through his problem-solving skills and creativity.

In our interview, we discussed his plans for Massachusetts. When I asked him, “What is the first thing that the people of Massachusetts can expect from you; when you do become governor?” He said that he wanted a top-down analysis of all the state agencies to see where they are (and what areas needs improvement), and to help small business at every corner–which he says is where economic growth comes from.

What makes him unique is the fact that he is running as an Independent. Being an Independent, he says, allows him to not be tied down by special interests and to not be afraid of challenging the status quo.

Today, Jeff continues to lead in his Vice Chair position at Citi Center for Performing Arts and is a four-time Dana-Farber Marathoner. Jeff resides in Boston with his wife Christine and their three children.

To listen to this interview, click on the link below.

Meet The Candidates: Jeff McCormick, Independent Candidate Running for Massachusetts Governor

To follow Jeff McCormick and his campaign go to www.jmacforgov.com

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Morning Coffee with the Godfather


Today I had the pleasure of having morning coffee with the Godfather of @urbusinessnetwork Marshall Sterman. He gave me great stories, advice, contacts, and tips on being a successful #entrepreneur. Thanks Marshall again for everything and I am also excited for the many promising opportunities that are stored for you in the near future. –Prince

Check out his radio show “Way Off Wall St at http://www.urbusinessnetwork.com and listen to how he is helping entrepreneurs like me.

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Daily Newsfeed

President Barack Obama will issue an executive order to help students with their loan debt; MH 370 families launch $5 million fund to find ‘truth’ behind plane hunt; Taliban captive Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl said he was tortured and kept in a cage; Taliban claim responsibility for Pakistan airport attack that killed at least 18 people; and Meet the 4 ft robot who can read your emotions. All this and more, please follow the links below

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Talk Tuesdays w/ Cheryl Morrow, Editor in Chief of the San Diego Monitor News & Heir to the California Curl Company

imageAs part of my radio show, I have a special segment called “Talk Tuesdays” where I sit down and talk with an interesting individual–who is either a politician, educator, entrepreneur, or lawyer. And on this special segment, I invited Cheryl Morrow, Editor in Chief of the San Diego Monitor News and Heir to the California Curl company, to share her personal insight as a woman entrepreneur and hair scientist.

Having more than twenty years of experience as a woman entrepreneur, she has successfully branded herself in hair consultation and journalism–two fields which she says are still dominated by men. Cheryl Morrow is not just a personal friend but a mentor, which she was kind enough to share, in my interview, one great piece of advice on being successful: To be an “Intra-preneur,” instead of an Entrepreneur.

In our interview, she explains how she credits all of her success–including her father, Dr Willie Morrow, the founder of Cold Wave Curl–from being an “Intra-preneur.” Being an “Intra-preneur” means the ability to be inside a nucleus that is already successful–doing away with the ego side of being an Entrepreneur. “When you are in the nucleus you can hone your skills in networking, marketing, etc. and build success with the network that you already have,” she says. [Very similar to what UR Business Network is doing today!]

Today Cheryl Morrow lives in San Diego, Ca, where she is working to launch a Hair Academy (to focus on Afro Curly hair) and a Black Hair Museum this Summer! These projects are an extension of her heir company, the California Curl company, where they develop new eco, bio, and safe beauty technology for the ethnic beauty industry–the only ethnic beauty company of its time.

To listen to this interview, click on the link below

Talk Tuesdays w/ Cheryl Morrow, Editor in Chief of the San Diego Monitor News and Heir to the California Curl Company

If you wish to contact Cheryl Morrow, for your next hair consultation and Ad in the San Diego Monitor Newspaper email her at beautewealth@yahoo.com.

To learn more information about her company and upcoming projects go to www.californiacurlgreen.com

Daily Newsfeed

The release of Taliban captive Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl stirs resentment from fallen soldiers’ families; Brazilian Judge sentences Pele’s son to 33 years for money laundering; Obama seeks 30 percent cuts in power plants’ carbon pollution; The White House seeks Pentagon delay on immigration; and a New Yorker from Yemen plotted to kill US troops. All this and more, please follow the links.

For fallen soldiers’ families, Bergadahl release stirs resentment

Pele’s son gets 33 yrs for money laundering

Obama seeks to cut 30% of greenhouse gases from power plants

The White House seeks Pentagon delay on immigration

FBI: A New Yorker from Yemen plotted to kill US troops

New Hashtag: “#whatsprinceeating”


To promote my photography in food, I have created a new hashtag on Instagram called “#whatsprinceeating“. You can also see my photography in food on my Instagram widget, located on the right side of my website, but this new hashtag will provide you an organized layout of all my food photography on one board–including the restaurants where I check-in at.

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