Adrian Madaro Swears-in as The Official State Representative of East Boston

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On Wednesday, April 8th 2015, Adrian Madaro was officially sworn-in as the official State Representative of East Boston.

Congratulations Adrian! East Boston and your peers at Suffolk Law School is very proud of you. You will do a great job as our East Boston State Rep. –Prince Sefa-Boakye

Here are words spoken by Ariel Glantz, Adrian’s Girlfriend, on this special occasion.

Adrian's Swear-in Ceremony

I couldn’t be prouder of you,  Adrian! This entire journey has been incredible, and watching you get sworn in today was absolutely surreal and amazing. You may be Representative Madaro now, but to me, you’ll always be my boo! –Ariel Glantz

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Get Out The Vote East Boston (State Rep)


Have you voted?!? If not get to the polls before 8pm and vote for your next State Rep of East Boston. If you don’t know where to go, go to To check out the candidates’ interviews, scroll down or go to my site.

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Last Day till Eastie’s State Rep Elections, Who Will You Vote For?

Have you decided on who should be the next State Representative for East Boston?! If not, check out my interviews with Joanne Pomodoro (Indep) and Adrian Madaro (Dem), before you make your decision on Tuesday!

If you are unsure on where to vote in East Boston, go to Type in your name and address to find your polling site.

Congratulations to Adrian Madaro on Winning the Primaries


Congratulations to Adrian Madaro on his Democratic Primary Win! He will now go up against Joanne Pomodoro for the general elections on March 31st.

I will interview both candidates in the coming weeks.

Lou Scapicchio, State Rep Candidate princesdailyjournal

Congratulations to Lou Scapicchio on a well-fought campaign race.. Thank you again for letting me interview you and good luck to you in the future!

Last Day Till Election Day for State Rep (Lou Scapicchio & Adrian Madaro)

One last day till election day! And have you decided on which candidate you want to see as your next State Representative of East Boston? If not, check out my YouTube videos (with Lou Scapicchio and Adrian Madaro) to help you make your decision.

Also if you live in East Boston, but you have no idea on where you need to go to vote, go to and put in your name and address to find out your polling site.

Good luck to both Suffolk Law School alums in their race to be the next state rep.


Meet The Candidates: Adrian Madaro, State Rep Candidate for East Boston

Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Adrian MadaroAdrian Madaro, who is 26 years old, is a lifelong resident of East Boston and a first generation American citizen. Adrian has devoted his whole life to community service and is ready to take his service to the next level as the next State Representative of East Boston.

Adrian is running for state representative because he wants to work on policies and legislation that will really benefit East Boston–and he says that the best is yet to come for East Boston. Before he ran, he was the chief of staff (for four years) for the former State Rep Carlo Basile–who is now the chief secretary for the current governor of Massachusetts: Charlie Baker.

As chief of staff, he was in charge of addressing and solving everyday issues for fellow residents of East Boston. He knows the budget process, knows how to file and draft legislation (and push it through city hall), and has good relationships, with the representatives, on Beacon Hill (including House Speaker Robert Deleo) which he will utilize to get things done in East Boston.

East Boston deserves a state representative who can be effective and hit the ground running. He says, “there is no learning curve for me.”

His three top priorities for East Boston are Economic Opportunities (i.e. waterfront development & public transportation), Vocational Programs in Public Schools, and Public Safety.

Adrian Madaro holds a Masters in Public Policy and Urban Planning from Tufts University, and serves on several boards including President of the Harborside Community.

Election day is on March 3rd, and you can follow him and his campaign at

For those who tweeted me their questions, here are Adrian’s responses:

Adrian: Waterfront development will create jobs so we have to make sure that we (1) prioritize construction jobs for East Boston Residents and (2) make sure that permanent service jobs (hotels, restaurants, bar etc.) are for East Boston residents. We have the best waterfront in Boston, and by having development on the waterfront we will create an engine for our local economy.

Adrian: Today East Boston is one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. And because of that people are moving here not just to raise families but to develop here. Even though that investment is good for the community, it has to be balanced: responsible smart growth. That means we have to balance luxury apartments on the waterfront with affordable housing, work force housing, and family housing, so that all walks of life (senior citizen, immigrant, etc.) can thrive and raise a family here in East Boston.

Interview with Adrian Madaro, State Rep Candidate for East Boston


Just finished my interview w/ Adrian Madaro, State Rep Candidate of East Boston #1stSuffolk.

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Upcoming Interview w/ Adrian Madaro, State Rep Candidate for East Boston

IMG_9672.JPGTomorrow I will be interviewing Adrian Madaro, about his candidacy, as the next State Representive of East Boston’s 1st Suffolk District. During my interview I will be taking questions from the Twitterverse. So if you have any pressing questions that you would like for me to ask him, follow me on Twitter @princedjc and tweet your questions to me and hashtag them as #princeinthecity.