UR Business Network: Prince Sefa-Boakye, author of Prince’s Daily Journal


Prince Asare Sefa-Boakye is the writer behind Prince’s Daily Journal, a WordPress blog about everything from politics, to sports, fashion, and food.  Though the blog started off as a way to develop content in between freelancing jobs, his readership now extends globally with readers contacting him from countries ranging from Singapore to Switzerland.  He joins Rick Brutti, Nathan Roman, and Income Opportunity Expo host Mike Brady on MYOB.

The idea behind Prince’s Daily Journal is to share stories in a way to bring people together.  In addition to opinion-based posts and articles, Prince’s Daily Journal features interviews with politicians, business owners, actors, and speakers.  Though sports and politics are two of the topics he features, Prince presents them in a way that people can relate to.  For example, after watching a L.A. Lakers game Prince wrote an article entitled “Play The Game! – Not The Man” about how people can take a page out of Kobe Bryant’s book, and focus on goals, not the obstacles before them.  He takes the same perspective for politics pieces.  Taking the viewpoint that politics is more than just bantering, Prince writes about issues, policies, and politicians in order to educate people, not just create more media noise.

Prince’s own background is in politics.  He graduated with a degree in politics from San Diego State University, and worked for Senator Kristen Gillibrand in Washington D.C.  His family background is also political—he was named ‘Prince’ in honor of his Ghanaian grandfather, a chief in the Ashanti tribe.  In the future, Prince hopes to go on to law school, in order to expand his knowledge and help more people.

For the original story, and to listen to his full interview w/ Rick Brutti, Nathan Roman, and Mike Brady on MYOB, go to: urbusinessnetwork.com


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