Rick Brutti, Co-Founder of UR Business Network

rick-brutti-bwRick Brutti is an entrepreneur extraordinaire! Having more than 30 years of experience, he has owned and operated many businesses including manufacturing, distribution, imports, exports, food and beverage, sports management, consulting, social media, advertising and marketing, and radio. His most famous business venture was becoming CFO for America’s best known athletic footwear company, New Balance.

In my interview with him, I delved into the true story behind UR Business Network and learned why he loves helping entrepreneurs build their ventures so much; entrepreneurs he says are the backbone and future of America. Rick does not only dispel the urban myth behind earning a masters degree (in order to start a business) but tells young professionals to dive right in and create your own business–instead of just waiting.

Today, he is one of the founders of the UR Business Network and has his own radio show called, “Mind Your Own Business.” He holds an accounting degree from Bentley and a MBA from Boston College.

To listen to my interview with Rick Brutti, click on the link below.

Listen to Rick Brutti on Prince in The City

Go to www.urbusinessnetwork.com/category/myob/ and tune in to Rick’s radio show, “Mind Your Own Business”


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