Kevin Faulconer

Prince: Please introduce yourself and tell us why you are running for mayor of San Diego?

1173610_571024492959765_1450876050_n KF: “I was elected to the City Council in 2006 and worked for the last seven years to fix San Diego’s pension problems and save the city from bankruptcy. I’m running for mayor of San Diego to finish the job, bring back integrity and trust to City Hall, and create good-paying jobs and opportunities for all San Diegans.”

 Prince: What are the issues that you are advocating for as the next mayor of San Diego?

 1465125_622140071181540_1252962897_nKF: “I want to get the City working for San Diegans again by repairing our streets, sidewalks and infrastructure, and investing in our libraries and recreation centers. I will cut government waste so there’s more money for our neighborhoods by bringing back the program that lets the private sector bid on providing certain City services. I will make San Diego a safer place to live by hiring more police officers so every family can safely walk in their neighborhood at night. ”

 Prince: What makes you qualified to be the next mayor?

KFaulconer-Portraits_FINAL19thumb KF: “I’m ready to hit the ground running on day one. I’ve served longer than any other council member in City Hall. I have the experience and record that proves I think independently, work across party lines, and bring people together.”

 Prince: Tell me a personal story that has inspired you to run for office?

KFaulconer Portraits_FINAL (51 of 110) KF: “My mother has always served as a big source of inspiration for me. She taught me that when I strongly believe in something I should never quit. That idea has stayed with me throughout my career in public service in San Diego. I’m running for mayor because I know San Diego’s best days are ahead, and when we work together we can achieve anything.”

 Prince: One of the biggest issues, that San Diegans are questioning about, is jobs. In a recent report, done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in San Diego is 7.4%–.1% above national unemployment rate. Personally I feel that people come to San Diego to invest in tourism and education (at the college level) but not so much on jobs or to start a business–they come and leave. What will you do as mayor to reduce the unemployment rate and to also make San Diego a destination for good jobs and good business?

971286_599758393419708_1359541034_nKF: “I have a five-point plan to create a healthy economic environment where we can keep the jobs we have and create new, good-paying jobs for San Diego families. It’s my “IDEAS” plan: invest, develop, educate, attract and streamline. You can read more about my proposals at”  

Prince: In your own words, what makes Kevin Faulconer so interesting?


 KF: “I have the unique ability to work together with people from all walks of life. During my time on the City Council, I’ve found common ground with Democrats and Republicans, environmentalists and businesses, and anyone who has a good idea to move our city forward. As a councilmember, I’m proud to have passed the bipartisan Mission Bay Park Initiative, co-author a bipartisan resolution on immigration reform, and lead a historic 5-year labor agreement on pension reform. It’s proof that when we put San Diego first, our future can be bright.”

If you wish to follow Kevin Fauloconer, and his issues for the City of San Diego, go to:

You can also follow him on Twitter @kevin_faulconer and on Facebook

San Diego Special Mayoral Election Date: Feb 11, 2013

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