James Arena-Derosa

Leg breakfastJames was born in Boston and raised in Walpole. Born from a family Italian immigrants, and raised with the concept of making a difference in the lives of others, James always knew that his life as an American citizen was meant for public service.

During his academic years, James attended Xaverian Brothers High School and went on to graduate from Harvard University with a degree in Anthropology. Shortly after graduating college, he then began working to give back to his community and improve the lives of those around him. He became actively involved in local Democratic politics and was trained by the United Farm Workers in community and campaign organizing.

Some of his notable achievements in public service were: Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Director of Public Advocacy at Oxfam America, SEIU Union Leader, New England Director of the Peace Corps (appointed by the Clinton Administration), and Northeast Regional Administrator for the USDA (appointed by the Obama Administration), which he oversaw 15 federal food and nutrition programs with a $12 billion annual budget.

In our interview, we discussed his initiatives for Massachusetts as the next Lieutenant Governor and his personal journey in life. Our biggest topic of discussion was hunger and nutrition in Massachusetts. He told me that Massachusetts is ranked 48th in the country for school breakfasts! Furthermore, Massachusetts leaves half a billion dollars in already appropriated federal food funds on the table, in addition to meeting hunger and nutrition needs, that could be used for other critical needs. As Lt. Governor, he wants to ensure universal breakfast for every elementary classroom in Massachusetts so that our kids will do better in school, have fewer problems with discipline, and will do better on those standardized tests. He says by feeding those who are hungry, it will boost our economy by buying locally sourced food.

Today he is happily married to Lina Arena with their two sons, Anthony and Alessandro, and continues to be an active member of the community such being a member of the Finance Committee, a Little League Coach, and a photographer for the Holliston High School Theater.

James Arena DeRosa is running to be an advocate for the cities, towns, and underserved communities of Massachusetts.

To listen to my interview with James Arena-DeRosa, click on the link below

Meet The Candidates: James Arena-DeRosa

To learn and follow James Arena-DeRosa’s campaign go to www.jad2014.com

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