The Man Behind The Boston Income Opportunity Expo

Prince: Please introduce yourself to my audience and tell us what you do?

Michael Brady

MB: My name is Mike Brady and I am the producer of the Boston Income Opportunity Expo, as well as an on-line portal that will be connected to that event. The Expo is a three-day event (January 9-11th 2015) at the Boston Marriott Hotel in Cambridge, MA (2 Cambridge Center Cambridge, MA 02142). We have a beautiful ballroom, in which exhibitors will make presentations, and we will bring 57 exhibitors that basically have a business model that is replicable (such as, franchises). At the Expo we will have franchises looking for franchisees, multi-level marketing businesses and direct sales companies looking for people as distributors to get involved with their business opportunities. So it’s all businesses that are successful and global that are coming together while income-seeking people can take part at whatever level they decide to invest in or get involved with these businesses.

Prince: Please tell us exactly: “What is Income Expo Media?”

IncomeXpo MB: I have been in the expo business for over 25 years and my company has been known as “Full Circle Productions.” With this new show that I have worked on, I have changed the name to “Income Expo Media” specifically because “media” is a way in which people can respond; and content is what they are looking for. So I see this expo as something that is a little different from anything else out there–we are creating content for 3 days during the live event, earlier and afterwards, as well.  That content is information that helps income seekers learn about the various businesses that they can connect with. Income Expo Media is the producer of the Income Opportunity Expo. 2013-01-20 13_04_02

Prince: Why should we be interested in Boston Income Opportunity Expo? And what makes it so special?

20131028-135901.jpgMB: Well if you’re interested in income, which I think most people are, and you want to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself (you don’t want to start your own business from scratch), then this expo is great for you.  It is really something that is a “plug and go.”  We feature a plethora of business opportunities from over 100 categories, and income-seekers will have the opportunity to see different types of companies that they will be interested in joining.  Attendees can explore what it is that they want to do, and a lot of us are still trying to figure that out. If they have interest in a company to invest or to take part in that income opportunity then they can readily be in “business for themselves but not by themselves,” which will be a great opportunity for them.

UR-Business-Network1What is also special is that Income Expo Media and UR Business Network have just joined forces to give its attendees more of what they have bargained for. UR Business Network will showcase stories about the various business opportunities presented at the Expo. They will be utilizing online streaming talk radio that is accessible 24 hours per day, and 7 days a week! They will be providing custom content across every online platform, available on just about any Internet device. I feel that this partnership is a key part of a totally integrated breakthrough approach for participating sponsors and exhibitors to reach a ready-made mass audience in the The Greater Boston Market. Furthermore this partnership will enable a complete proactive delivery system unprecedented for any trade show in New England.

Prince: Tell me a personal story that has given you purpose to do what you are doing now. Your humble beginnings.


MB: My humble beginnings (laughing)… Well, I started over 25 years ago in New York City where I worked with a gentleman, Al Rappaport, who was producing the Whole Health Expo in midtown Manhattan (a large expo with 160 exhibitors and 10,000 attendees).  My humble beginnings started as a sales manager for that expo.  Since then I have produced dozens of expos; some of them successful and others better than just successful. But this particular show (Boston Income Opportunity Expo) has been four years in the making. It has taken me a long time to craft this event in just the right way, at the right time, in the right place, with the right culture, and with the on-line elements as well as the live event.

ballroom meeting roomThis show is for someone who is really seeking opportunity — and I’m creating that for that individual.  I want people to have the opportunity to discover for themselves of what they really want. I do not want to have something pushed in their face and say “You gotta do this! You gotta do that!”  We want none of that. We have 35 presentations in this beautiful ballroom and income-seeking people can view these 20-minutes presentation (coming and going as they please) or they can listen to a 45-minute presentation which is more in-depth. They can meet the individual exhibitor, ask them questions, or talk at greater length in the lounge with the people of that company.

champions lounge

Some of these people will maybe invest $500, or they can invest $100,000 or even $1 million. So you want to take your time, depending on the level of investment, to really explore what it is offered; and I do not want people to feel pressured. Every single exhibitor of ours will have an exclusivity agreement, meaning they are the only exhibitor of that type of product and marketing structure.  And as result, they do not have to look behind their shoulder and think that their best prospect will be stolen by their competition; that is not going to happen at this event. 

So I am looking at this as more of a culture and environment where people can take part and feel comfortable. They can take the time to ask the questions that are necessary to do the serious investigations for what will help them with their lives: making good business decisions and exploring business opportunities that they will be happy with. 

Prince: Rather than asking you, “what we can expect at the expo?” What can we experience when we do take part in the expo? 


MB: I think you will experience a culture that is more relaxed and, at the same time, very innovative.  With the Boston Income Opportunity Expo, we are intersecting income opportunities and technology, so both exhibitors and income-seeking attendees will enjoy a really exciting, fun experience.  Attendees will have the opportunity, with no pressure, to actually listen to presentations and meet face-to-face with exhibitors in a comfortable environment. This expo is going to make them feel more relaxed and not feel cornered into something that they are not going to be involved with. I think that is really important today because there are so many people pushing messages all the time. 

Prince: That is true.

private meeting room

MB: If you are attracted to something, it is better to ask the questions so that the pressure is gone.  (If it is a great fit, then great, but if it’s not, then that’s okay too.)  People will qualify or disqualify themselves from involvement in different companies, even, and I think that is important because people who will leave this expo after three days, or who go online at the portal, will feel like, “Gee I really feel that I made a good decision!” — and maybe find out what they really don’t want to do [And sometimes in life that is more than half the battle]. At this expo, they will find a lot of opportunities that they do want to explore, because there is such a wide spectrum (franchises, multi-level marketing companies, etc.) that they can choose from. 

Prince: What is your definition of success?

MB: I take Ralph Waldo Emerson’s ideas about success to heart. He said: 

“To be yourself, in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment.” 

He also says: “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” To me, he is saying that being successful is really about being comfortable in your own skin and living in the moment. If you can take part in life and help people’s lives be better while making a livelihood, then “what more satisfaction can there be?” It is really a win-win situation for everyone!  If I can do something to make the world a bit better [serving as a catalyst in helping people find income opportunities that they can enjoy] then I feel as if my life serves a meaningful purpose.  Helping others is what really gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

Prince: Can you please share with my audience an embarrassing story that you have done in the past which has now made you wiser than before?
MB: An embarrassing story (smiling) Well, some might think that spending 4 years producing this upcoming expo is an embarrassing story; but I don’t find it embarrassing. Like I said before, I produced dozens of expos all over the Northeast, but I have never spent this long a time working on one concept.  If I had worked at McDonald’s over this time period, I probably would have made more money there (laughing).

Prince: (laughing)

Mike at the UR Business Network Talk Show Forum

MB: The whole point behind this expo is that I really want to get this thing right — do whatever it takes. And honestly, after four years, I can say that this will be an amazing show. People will be more than satisfied, and I am looking forward to doing this expo annually in the future.  I am confident that it will be worth it in the end, but four years is a long time (smiling).

Prince: Lastly in your own words, what makes Mike Brady so interesting?

MB: That is a great question. I have done a lot of things in my life: I used to produce holistic expos; I produced environmental festivals; I even produced a dozen wedding expos [and I am a bachelor which is sort of odd, especially at 57 (smiling)]. But what really makes me interesting is that, while I work as a producer and planner of expos, I really live in the moment. I realized that to live life is to live in the moment. What is astonishing is that I am planning for things, but yet at the same time I am living in the moment. Some people who are my heroes, such as Joseph Campbell, Eckhart Tolle, and Emerson, have told me the same thing: it’s about being in the moment–moment to moment.


I am moved by what the next step is and I am looking way down the line [sometimes years in advance quite honestly] but yet at the same time I am in the moment, like what we are doing now. And that is what makes me a bit unique. I am a mono-tasking kind of guy, but I have a multi-tasking agenda. So it’s all about moment to moment, and I try to tap in that energy or whatever you want to call it, and create something that will truly blossom in the future.

Prince: Great! Well that’s all the questions that I have for you, so thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and share your story [and your expo] with me and my audience. I wish you all the best!

MB: You’re welcome and thank you for interviewing me.

If you want to register for the expo, go to And if you wish to call Mike you can do so at 617-803-2211.

UR Business Network:

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