Cheryl Morrow on Being an Intra-Prenpreneur

imageMeet Cheryl Morrow, Editor in Chief of the San Diego Monitor News and Heir to the California Curl company.

Having more than twenty years of experience as a woman entrepreneur, she has successfully branded herself in hair consultation and journalism–two fields which she says are still dominated by men. Cheryl Morrow is not just a personal friend but a mentor, which she was kind enough to share, in my interview, one great piece of advice on being successful: To be an “Intra-preneur,” instead of an Entrepreneur.

In our interview, she explains how she credits all of her success–including her father, Dr Willie Morrow, the founder of Cold Wave Curl–from being an “Intra-preneur.” Being an “Intra-preneur” means the ability to be inside a nucleus that is already successful–doing away with the ego side of being an Entrepreneur. “When you are in the nucleus you can hone your skills in networking, marketing, etc. and build success with the network that you already have,” she says. [Very similar to what UR Business Network is doing today!]

Today Cheryl Morrow lives in San Diego, Ca, where she is working to launch a Hair Academy (to focus on Afro Curly hair) and a Black Hair Museum this Summer! These projects are an extension of her heir company, the California Curl company, where they develop new eco, bio, and safe beauty technology for the ethnic beauty industry–the only ethnic beauty company of its time.

To listen to this interview, click on the link below

Talk Tuesdays w/ Cheryl Morrow, Editor in Chief of the San Diego Monitor News and Heir to the California Curl Company

If you wish to contact Cheryl Morrow, for your next hair consultation and Ad in the San Diego Monitor Newspaper email her at

To learn more information about her company and upcoming projects go to

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