What is Politics? Election 2016


Prince Sefa-Boakye, law student entrepreneur and political correspondent answers the question “what is politics?”

Politics to many is speeches but really its more about “Marshalling Ideas And Moving Men”

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Boston Protesters Against Verizon Communications  

Prince is jumping back into politics. I just did an interview with Genie Hogan, Steward of IP 2222, who is doing an informational picketing protest against VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS. Her and other several protesters have been working without a contract since August 1st and she says that VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS is making $1 BILLION in profit a month. She and others are calling attention to Verizon for a fair contract and to keep labor here in the US.

Call 1-617-929-6000 if you wish to get more information. or join their cause.

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Weekly Political Tweet: Sen. Ted Cruz Signs up for ObamaCare (or Not?)

Each week I tweet a political issue (in less than 140 characters!) that affects YOU and the WORLD around you!

This Week: Obamacare and Sen Ted Cruz’s 2016 bid for the White House

In a live interview on CNN last Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz announces his move to sign up for Obamacare.

Remind you this is the same politician who would shut down the Government (which did happen) than Keep ObamaCare!

However, after the interview, Cruz spokesman says senator won’t take government contribution to purchase Obamacare. So we will see how this unfolds in 2016 campaign.

Next the GOP will ask for his Birth Certificate.

To follow this story, and watch the actual footage, click on the link below.

Ted Cruz is going on Obamacare..

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Remembering Selma’s 50th Anniversary

Martin Luther King in Jail (princesdailyjournal)

“A just law is a man made code that squares with the moral law or the law of God. An unjust law is a code that is out of harmony with the moral law.”

Those were Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words, when he wrote to eight powerful clergymen inside a prison cell in Birmingham, Alabama. And most often than not, you do come across cases in law school where there are “unjust” laws–not because of class/race/gender discrimination but because Congress (or in this matter the Supreme Court of the United States) have failed to articulate clearly, what is a “just” law and what is an “unjust” law.

One of the few things that you learn in law school is that courtroom judges cannot pass judgment on laws because the laws themselves are too vague or confusing. Their only duty is to interpret the language of the law that “Congress themselves have interpreted as.” And as a result, judges have remanded cases (taking them back to lower courts to have them tried again) or direct them to a jury where they decide its interpretation. In this same fashion, it is why unjust laws like Jim Crow still exists in America because of Congress’ and US Supreme Court Justices’ failure to articulate correctly on what is an “unjust” and “just” law.

It was two years ago that I wrote a political editorial on this topic called “The Federal Fight for ‘Just’ and ‘Unjust’ Laws,” which I swayed public opinion on why voting down a “just” law, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, was an unjust cause. However, it was still not enough to prevent more than five justices on the United States Supreme Court from striking down this “just” law.

It is politics, or what I would like to call realpolitikthat get in the way of moral character. It is more important for public officials to save face than to enact or uphold a “just” law. As we commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, and remember those who gave up their lives so that people of color can have their right to vote, the fight for “just” laws is still not over.

officials in selma princesdailyjournal

Be active in town hall meetings, educate yourself on political issues, and enact change through the ballot and/or run for public office–protesting and marching is not enough. Let your voice be heard!

While everyone has their own opinion on Race in America, I found that news to be a little sad.

Thank you Representative John Lewis for your continual years of enacting, fighting, and upholding “just” laws in America.

To read the story on Selma’s 50th Anniversary click here

PSA Announcement: Native American Story On Offering Amnesty is Fake

It has come to my attention that the article I posted was actually fake.

One of my followers pointed out that there is no links to verify the authenticity of the story–mainly there is no author.

This is very embarrassing on my end and it goes to show you that you have to verify your research before you share anything.

This will not happened again. I appreciate the trust that you given me to give you real news.



Weekly Political Tweet: If Native Americans Can Pass Immigration Reform, So Can Americans


If these elected officials can provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and pass a bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform, without shutting down their form of government, surely our elected officials in Congress can also.

I found this to be truly awe-inspiring. Even though this story was published two months ago, it is still relevant in today’s politics. As we approach another government shutdown, over the issue of immigration, this story reminds us that there are still leaders who can reconcile their differences and pass something that is reasonable.

It really begs the question of who is legal and who is not?

To read this story click on the link: NANC offers Amnesty to 240 million Undocumented Americans

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Weekly Political Report: Je Suis Charlie–The Scandal on Freedom of Speech

Weekly Political Report: Je Suis Charlie–The Scandal on Freedom of Speech.

Each week I write a political issue that affects you and the world around you. This week’s political issue: Freedom of Speech


On January 7th, 2015, the city of Paris witnessed the horrific attack on freedom of speech, when a small band of Islamic extremists known as Al-Qaeda jihadists attacked the headquarters of a provocative French magazine called Charlie Hebdo. And in the wake of three attacks over three days, they have left 17 people dead including editor in chief Charb and four innocent Jews. Fortunately for France, the terrorists have been neutralized, but their actions were enough to raise France’s highest level of alert and send shock waves around the world. But instead of cowering in front of enemy lines, France took the world stage, in a moment of solidarity, the following Sunday, and rallied with world leaders (German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Palestinian President Mahoud Abbas) with the exception of US President Barack Obama to show that they are united against terrorism and that violence will never be tolerated. Yet, even after all of this, France has still left a permanent hole in the Jewish community; western nations are again at odds with securing terrorism in their own borders; and citizens across the world have heightened their consciousness on the repercussions of Freedom of Speech.

So what does this mean for freedom of speech across the world?

It means that freedom of speech will be always be endangered by the speech of death led by a minority of extremists who won’t rest till it is exterminated and the people who speak it.

But in order to save freedom of speech we must teach, to the masses and the younger generation, “what is freedom of speech?”, and that violence is never an excuse to attack it.

Freedom of speech is like a beautiful artwork really–particularly it is the art of The Critique.

Behind every great artwork there is a mark of intelligence inside the work–whether it be the Last Supper by Leonardo DaVinci or any mural of The Mexican Revolution by Diego Rivera. And even if it is humor, it is smart humor. Freedom of speech is meant to critique the failing politics of the old and open the eyes to injustice everywhere through symbolic language. A pen corking the might of a AK-14 gun (#JeSuisCharlie) that is freedom of speech, and the arms of the grand jury choking the life out of the justice system (#EricGarner), that is freedom of speech. Freedom of speech can be and should be about anything that a man or woman wishes to express to the world. But when it deviates from its true purpose, it’s true art form, (when it is used just to insult, to satire, or to make fun of) then they are just doodles on the wall.

Lastly we must teach everyone that violence should never be an excuse to attack freedom of speech especially over something trivial as cartoons. The massacre in Paris would have never happen if people in the world today understood that “cartoons are cartoons”–that they should never be fought over or killed over. It is time to teach everyone including our children that violence is never an excuse to attack freedom of speech. More importantly it is time for religious leaders especially of Islamic faith to reclaim their doctrine of peace. We cannot let the minority view of religion win over the majority view which is peace.

The deaths of four innocent civilians could have been averted if there was discourse. And all future innocent lives can be averted, if all people today understood that violence especially killing is never an excuse to attack freedom of speech, which brings me to another point on freedom of speech.

I and other fellow Americans treasure freedom of speech. But we also believe that you should not scream fire [or bomb] in a crowded theater. To deliberately provoke violence especially in an area where there is potential risk of violence (or terrorism) is never wise; for the sake and safety of others. Satirizing a particular group just for fun may appeal to one but innocent deaths of 10 people (or in this case 4 innocent Jews) resulting from that satire does not appeal to all. There should be a fine line between freedom of speech that provokes positive change and freedom of speech that provokes death.

Je suis charlie

To my freedom brothers and sisters in France, I mourn for your losses–and I too wish that President Obama was there in your time of solidarity. But remember that we were and still are the poster-children of democracy. Terrorism will never divide us and Liberty will always unite us. Viva La France! –Prince


Wave of Change: #EricGarner Protest in Boston


What started as a ripple turned into a wave. Young and old, black and white marched in solidarity for the unjust death of #EricGarner. What astonished me was this hotel employee, (who is white), who marched outside and clapped proudly as they marched by. #amazing Sometimes you can’t stop the wave, once it starts.

There will be another protest at 7pm at Boston Commons. City of Boston is expecting high pedestrian traffic around the area so plan accordingly.

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Weekly Political Report: Prince Sefa-Boakye’s Reaction to the 2014 Midterms

Each week I write a political editorial that affects you and the world around you.

This week’s political editorial: My Reaction to 2014 Midterm Election.

Republicans winNovember 4th, was surely a night to remember. What America thought was impossible became the possible, with Republicans sweeping the Senate election race and the governor race across the nation especially here in Massachusetts–Not to mention that pot is now legal in Washington, D.C. And the politics that really dominated the air waves of this race was, of course President’s Obama presidency.

It seems as though you don’t need to have any government experience to run for office. As long as you have enough TV attack ads to criticize the president and attach any of his progressive policies to a candidate, that you can win election! And more importantly you can suppress a significant portion of citizens from not voting at all, which I think happened in this Midterm election. And so my reaction to this Midterm election was shocking and disappointing–disappointing in regards to Martha Coakley and Celeste Ribeiro Myers’ lost in the Massachusetts Gubernational race.

In June of 2014, after the Supreme Court upheld to lift the cap on Political Spending, I made a prediction on Twitter (and a radio talk on UR Business Network: Money and Politics inside the Supreme Courthouse of The United States), that “midterms elections will be ugly” and sure enough I was right. But the biggest thing you should take away from this election is the geography.

If you take a look at the map above, you will see the geography of how the election was fought–the distinct colors of state, corresponding to their political parties. A lot of people may not know is that most of the contested states were, for the most part, Republican states–and if not were surrounded by Republican states. And so it was very hard for any Democrat to have strong hold over a state, when it was a Republican state to begin with. But the key states that were fought for the soul of the Senate (just to name a few) were North Carolina, Virginia, Iowa, and New Hampshire. These were considered “up for grabs” states since they switch their allegiance from one party to another on each election. And as you can see from the map Republicans were not only successful in their geography but their unlimited resources (due in part of the Supreme Court’s decision to lift the cap on Political Spending)–to attack the name “Obama” and attach it to his supporters via air waves. This is in a sense of how politics in this country works. Rather than talk about ideas of progress or mobolizing people to exercise their civic duty to vote, it was more about “mud-slinging” and collecting votes, especially if you have friends at the Supreme Court level who can bend the rules on fair play: Striking down a Key Provision of Voting Rights Act of 1965 and Political Spending).

In all honesty, politics is about helping people and marshaling positive ideas to move people forward especially to the polls. Today it’s about slinging mud to an oppressor, when there is no oppression to begin with or collecting votes. In this case, it seems to me that Republicans only want to repeal Obamacare for their own benefit and not the benefit of the whole country, which has cost America a government shutdown. Now with this seized golden opportunity, Republicans (in both houses) can now bend the will of the president, and have him serve their needs, without thinking twice to those who don’t share their ideals or financial means to get by in life. Rand Paul admittedly said that the GOP has done a terrible job of reaching out to the minority community, so what makes you think that this election will be any different? Maybe now, with their newly claimed territory in the Senate House, will Republicans reach out to the minority community and engage in their issues.

So here are my predictions from here to 2016:

  • President Obama’s legacy in the White House will be more to difficult to create and restore after the huge fallout of congressional seats in both houses.
  • More gridlock than bipartisanship in DC because of prior failed attempts to agree on any issue. There will never be a bi-partisan up-down vote on any proposal, except for Immigration, but only if, Republicans will be willing to consider serious reforms and object bias opinions. Moreover, there will be more “blocks” and “vetoes” until someone blinks. But “executive orders” from the President will be a defining moment in his Presidential legacy
  • The Hilary Clinton campaign will need to have a serious assessment of how to enter the Presidential race, even if they consider a bid for President in 2016.
  • Possible repeal in ObamaCare, and a possible implementation of Keystone Oil pipeline
  • Possible cuts in Education and other programs (Medicare, Unemployment insurance, etc) that many Americans still see as a valuable.

Personal Note: On a personal note I want to send my best wishes to Celeste Ribeiro Myers and Martha Coakley for a hard fought campaign–and I am deeply saddened by your loss. I am a big fan of you and your principles of fairness and equal opportunity for everyone–the same principles that have led me here two years ago, to campaign for Elizabeth Warren on the Massachusetts Democratic Party campaign. I know this is a huge set back for Massachusetts but these same principles still exists in the hearts of many, which have made Boston and the Commonwealth great.

Weekly Political Report: Race “Does” Matter in America (Ferguson Edition)

Each week I write a political issue that affects you and the world around you.

This week’s “Weekly Political Report”: Race “Does” Matter in America (The Ferguson Edition)

This post was inspired by my mentor Dr. Cornel West

ferguson flickr joe

(Photo credit: Flickr User Joe Topichak)

mike-brown-headshot-smallerOn Aug, 9th 2014, America and the world witnessed yet again the death of another unarmed African American teenager by the hands of a law enforcer. Michael Brown, a 18 year old, was fatally shot by 28 year old police officer Darren Wilson, and has started an uproar in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Now in its 11th day, there has been no sign of peaceful resolution, to either curb the violence between Ferguson citizens and police officials or reduce the armory and weapons of the police force (military tanks, tear gas, etc.)

While its still unclear of what really happened between the teenager and the police officer, Americans are stilled faced with this divisive status quo:

An unarmed black male shot (multiple times) by an armed white police officer–no sugar coating.

Rather than talk about the evidence of this case or the witnesses’ accounts of what actually happened, I will instead talk about why “Race ‘Does’ Matter in America” from a political stand point and what must be done in Ferguson, Missouri (and across America) to prevent this from happening again–using concrete facts and examples.

Why Does Race Matter in America?

From a political standpoint, we are a nation of immigrants and “Race” implicitly drives the day in America–whether it be socioeconomic status, jobs, voting rights, immigration, foreign policy, the justice system, etc.. We come from different walks of life in different shapes, sizes, faiths, and shades of color. And what Americans (and citizens around the world) need to have is “perspective.” To recognize that each race has a history of discrimination, and not be so quick to “brush it off”.

This incident of Michael Brown is a tragedy and comes from a long history racial discrimination which young black men and women in America have been wrongfully targeted by law enforcement or the justice system for no reason except for the color of their skin–dating back to the Civil Rights and Segregation era. And it is because of the unwillingness of people (like the law enforcement) to not recognize this history, that we see “Race and Police Brutality” again and again in American Television–whether it be the post-Civil Rights era (like Rodney King) or today’s era (like Trayvon MartinEric Garner). The history is there, and will repeat itself until it is recognized. Brown University and other sources have published this report:

  • St. Louis. situated just below of Ferguson (where the shooting took place) is the 9th most segregated metro area in America, as of 2010. (Brown University)
  • In a town that’s over 60% black, Ferguson has: a police chief and a mayor that is white, only one city council that is black, one school board member is black, and just 3 out of 53 police officers are black. (US Census; City of Ferguson; Ferguson)
  • In 2013, Ferguson police officials have arrested 483 black people while 36 white people were arrested–and when Ferguson police officers arrest and search black people for contraband, only 1 in 5 are caught with them verses white people in Ferguson which is much higher, 1 in 3 (Missouri Attorney General)

These are the facts and they are not sugar coated–you cannot deny them. Many Americans, who will read this, won’t view it as a big issue (versus what is going on now in Ferguson, Missouri). But, politically speaking,

“If you have a body of government that is disproportionate to the size and views of one minority population (a minority classified by gender, race, or religion) in one particular region, the results are catastrophic!

Political unrest is bound to happen, example being today. This is a political issue as much as it is a racial one. However, the core reason why I think “Race ‘Does’ Matter in America” (which goes back to having “perspective”) is the current crises in Iraq.Image:

In July 2014, I did a radio talk at UR Business Network on the collapse of the Post-Iraqi War government. And what I said in that talk–as to “why the new Iraqi government collapsed?”–was this: the Shia government (the current Iraqi Government) marginalized their minority tribes the Sunnis and Kurds–especially the Sunnis– with their heavy armor military presence and force. This in return led to the growing opposition against the Shia government!

So it doesn’t matter where you are in the world. As long as you have a body of government that marginalizes one minority group by police or military force, you will always have political unrest in the streets.

The political disaster in Iraq is happening in the same fashion in Ferguson, Missouri. You can call the Mike Brown shooting “a freak accident” or “self-defense” all you want, but given the concrete facts from credible sources and the political perspective of having a disproportionate government overwhelm a minority population, the Michael Brown shooting incident cannot be brushed aside nor can “Race” in America.

Not to say that the government in Ferguson, Missouri will collapse, but the elements of political terror and unrest will continue unless there is a solid conversation on “Race” in Ferguson and a body of government that will represent all minorities–which is similar to what America is doing in Iraq today.

What must be done in Ferguson, Missouri (and across America) to prevent this from happening again?

First, bring Darren Wilson to trial and let the system work under Eric Holder’s watch. Second, Ferguson citizens and the police force must establish a truce of non-violence (during and after the Michael Brown trial) and start having a serious dialogue on racial disparity in their city–re-evaluate the current city government (and law enforcement) and find ways to discourage racial profiling and encourage racial diversity that will reflect the minority population of Ferguson, then, Third, have Perspective!

The sooner Americans, and citizens across the globe, have this perspective of not marginalizing a minority group, the better. The city government of Ferguson, Missouri, by all means, must not reflect the same intrusive acts done by the current “collapsed” government of Iraq–it cannot oppress or overwhelm any minority population by military tanks or force.


We are Americans and we treat Americans as our own–Michael Brown is an American! Like it or not!

Mistakes have been made in the Michael Brown incident, but Ferguson and the State of Missouri can still resolve this matter by reducing the huge racial disparity in the workforce and have a government (and police force) that is reflective of the African-American community.

The ultimate goal, in my opinion, is to set up a training course, for law enforcement and Americans, on “Racial Harassment” (like “Sexual Harassment”) that will teach people the existence of racial discrimination in America and learn how to conduct themselves in a professional manner to prevent acts of racial prejudice–and I call on President Obama to enact this legislation.

For more people and politics go to www.urbusinessnetwork.com

Here is a source where I pulled my facts from: Ferguson is 60% Black. Virtually All its Cops are White (Mother Jones)


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If you like this editorial, please send it to friends and family, so we can stop the violence in Ferguson, Missouri

Also here are two YouTube videos, that I found very helpful, to explain the war in Iraq and an idea of a training course on “racial harassment”.

This video is part 2 out of 5 videos of an documentary done by Bill Cosby. I recommend you watch all the parts.

Weekly Political Tweet: House Majority Leader Steps Down and Tea Party Newbie Steps Up

On occasions that I don’t write a political report, I instead compose a political tweet of a political issue in less than 140 characters!

This week’s Weekly Political Tweet: House Majority Leader Steps Down and Tea Party Newbie Steps Up.


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