One Year Anniversary of Uncle Kwasi “Ernie” Sefa-Boakye

Uncle Ernie Sefa-Boakye (princesdailyjournal)

Today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of my dear Uncle Ernie. Uncle Ernie is not only remembered as an Uncle but a father of two beautiful children: Jennifer and Jeffrey Sefa-Boakye. Uncle Ernie was an entrepreneur and a man of many hilarious tales. Everyone in my family can proudly say that Uncle Ernie touched them with his lively humor and animated personality.

Thank you again Ernie for touching my life. May you continue to make others laugh in the next life.

Prince Sefa-Boakye

To read my eulogy along with others, go to In Loving Memory of Uncle Kwasi “Kofi” Sefa-Boakye


How do I pass my first year in law school?

Prince Sefa-Boakye, 2L law student, answers the question: “How do I pass my first year in law school?” One of life’s greatest questions! So here are my three tips on how to pass your first year in law school. 

FYI: this is my last video entry on law school this year 2015. Next month I will do a video series on entrepreneurship. 
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What is active voice versus passive voice?

You just got your paper back from your legal writing professor and you see in the comments “Write in active voice!” But you don’t know what that means.  

Here is a video on how to write an active voice sentence.

P.S. if you’re curious on how to earn extra income online and live like an entrepreneur while attending law school, click on the link below.

Finland2BostonXscape Live: “Pray for Paris” and ways to find peace moving forward


Hey everyone my online accountability partner Isabella Palmgren and I will be on the air in a few minutes to talk about “Pray for Paris” and ways to find peace movie forward. If you want to join in our conversation, click the link below.

Legal Word of The Day: Commerce Clause

Today’s Legal Word of the Day: “Commerce Clause Power” Under the Constitution, Congress has the power to regulate the flow of Interstate Commerce (products going in and out states). However a new question arises “Does Congress have the power to regulate INTRA-state commerce? Meaning to control transactions at a local level, amongst small business owners in states, or regulate wages, labor, hours and trade practices? #scotus for the most part have adopted lassiez faire notion “hands off” but when the Great Depression hit the New Deal required manufacturers to play by the rules–no child labor nor employee discrimination. So when you think of the Commerce Clause, ask yourself if the government should also control INTRA-state commerce? 

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#WhatsPrinceDoing: Talking Business while Working on My Golf Swing


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I created a New Hashtag on Instagram–thanks to Suffolk Law classmate Lauren Alexandra!

#WhatsPrinceDoing: Talking business with Meshi Davis, CEO of Bon Vivant Society Worldwide, while working on my golf swing 🙂


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Happy Birthday Dad!

My Dad, Dr. Kofi Sefa-BoakyeI wish to say a very special Happy Birthday to my dear ol’ Dad, Dr. Kofi Sefa-Boakye. Next Tuesday he will be traveling to Ghana, where he will be paying his last respects to his brother, my Uncle Kwasi “Ernie” Sefa-Boakye. If you see him today be sure to wish him a “Happy Birthday,” for me.

“Proud to be your son, Dad. Thank you for delivering me so I can enjoy the life that God gave me”

–Prince Sefa-Boakye

To read my Dad’s story of “Coming to America,” and listen to his interview, click here

To read my Uncle Ernie’s Obituary click here

Boston Marathon 2015!


Boston Marathon 2015 (princesdailyjournal)

Today I was blessed to visit the Boston Marathon Finish Line with good company. During my visit I ran into the Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh. In lieu of the Boston Marathon, and Patriots Day weekend, I will not be posting any Newsfeeds or blogs tomorrow.

meb keflezghi (princesdailyjournal)
In the meantime you can checkout my blogs that I’ve posted last year on the Boston Marathon.

meb keflezghi (princesdailyjournal)

Weekly Political Report: What It Takes to Be an American

Have a great rest of the weekend


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Daily Newsfeed

73 year old volunteer deputy charged with manslaughter after mistaking handgun for a taser; Hilary Clinton calls out CEOs for making too much money; Iran Nuclear Deal faces its first Congressional test; Trevor Noah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and others to join Jerry Seinfeld in coffee centered web-series; and Chess grandmaster is accused of using iPhone app to cheat during international tournament. All this and more, please follow the links below.

73 year old volunteer deputy charged with manslaughter

Hilary Clinton calls out CEOs for making too much mony

Iran Nuke Deal faces its first congressional test

Trevor Noah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and others to join Sienfeld’s web series

Chess grandmaster accused of cheating during international tournament via iPhone app

JPLovesit’s New YouTube Show, “JPLovesit’s Hangouts”

JP has created a new Youtube web series called “JPLovesit’s Hangout” made especially for her friends and fans alike- “It’s where music meets reality,” JP says. The idea behind the web series is to get rid of the middle man and allow artists to interview each other, themselves, and other fun stuff!

“I think this is an excellent idea because it will present an opportunity for my fans to get to know their artists even better, and see that there is a side to of all of us, besides the professional one. To summarize, this pretty much means an underground artist will have a chance to be in the spotlight and a chance for her audience to get to know her better!

As many of you already know, I’m quite down to earth. I love writing and talking about everything that goes along with passion, our feelings, love, and even subjects such as woman rights and empowerment. Besides that, expect a lot of fun, engaging, and interesting content, with special inspirational quotes, facts, images, gags and all that fun stuff in general!” –JPLovesit

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