Operacaffe, Four Star Restaurant in Italian Cuisine (San Diego, Ca)

Where can I find an Italian Restaurant in San Diego, Ca? Come to Operacaffe located at 835 4th Ave. San Diego, CA 92101 (across the street from Balboa Theater).

Throwback w/ Operacaffe (princesdailyjournal)Peter Morales, the general manager of Operacaffe, is as friendly and approachable as they come. What I love about him is his sincere appreciation, for allowing me to do my photo shoot at his restaurant–-he even didn’t ask for any paperwork. And because of that his restaurant has become the cover photo of my website for the past two years.

Peter has been with Operacaffe for over 6 years, and what makes Operacaffe so unique is its Tuscan cuisine and hospitality. Operacaffe is one of two restaurants that has been awarded the Marthio Q award by the Italian government and the Italian American Chamber of Commerce.

Operacaffe started with Roberto Bernardoni and his passion for Tuscan cuisine.

” In 1977, at the age of 31 Roberto decided to leave his civil service position in Florence and opened his first restaurant “Ganino”. Ganino started as a family business. Shortly thereafter Roberto rose to prominence, started to be recognized throughout Tuscany, Italy, and began to enjoy world-wide recognition and fame with Ganino. Following his success with Ganino, Roberto opened his second restaurant “L’Osteria delle Tre Panche”, again in his beloved Florence, together with his wife Patrizia Branchi.” —www.operacaffe.com

In 1991 Roberto moved to California, where he fulfilled, along with other business partners, his lifelong dream of running a restaurant in the United States called “La Strada” It would be after 16 years of serving his traditional Tuscan dishes that he opened another restaurant which is known today as Operacaffe!

But in 2009, Roberto unfortunately passed away. And even though I never received the opportunity to thank him personally, for providing me a beautiful porch for my photo shoot, I am still grateful to have tasted his legacy. And now I can give back by immortalizing his restaurant through my website.

pat rob-operacaffe-1

Thank you Roberto and Patricia for everything! Salud! –Prince Sefa-Boakye

If you are in San Diego and are looking for great Italian Cuisine and/or a location for your next photo shoot, please come to Operacaffe or call Peter Morales at 619-234-6538.

Cuisine & Dining: Fabrison’s Cafe (Hotel Del Coronado)

Fabrison's Cafe (princesdailyjournal)For all of your crepe cravings come to Fabrison’s café–located on 1125 Adella Ave in Coronado, Ca and in Little Italy on 425 India St (San Diego, Ca). The number one reason why you should come here, is that it is the only restaurant (in Coronado) that serves savory nutella crepes!

Fabrison’s has over 20 crepes to choose from–veggie crepes, turkey crepes, to sweet mouth-watering chocolate dessert crepes. Fabrison’s has been in the crepe business for five years and customers from all over the world cannot get enough of Fabrison’s delicious crepes.

Fabrison’s is not only a great place to come in the morning after a big run but to experience French cuisine and hospitality–inspired by owners Fabrice and Allison Borel. Their hospitality is a reflection of their staff, whom I had the pleasure knowing during my short stay in Coronado. When I asked Fabrice in my interview, “what is the most rewarding aspect of his job as an owner?,” he said, “being able to support the families of the employees who work for us.” Not only does Fabrice and Allison put their customers first but their employees as well!

So when you do come by and support the business of Fabrison’s, you are also supporting the families of the employees who work day-in and day-out to provide excellent customer service!

Fabrison’s is open for breakfast, lunch and now dinner, and offer cooking lessons to all who are interested!
Fabrison’s has two locations:

425 India St.
San Diego, Ca

1120 Adella Ave.
Coronado, Ca.
(Right across from Hotel del Coronado and inside El Cordova Hotel)

If you do come down to Coronado, my favorite crepe “Dark Chocolate w/ Strawberries.” But if you are looking for something to fill you up get the “Fabrice’s Breakfast Crepe.” It has sausage, beacon, cheddar cheese all tucked inside a warm crepe.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are interested to have Fabrison’s cater your next event go to www.fabrisons.com.
To follow Fabrison’s on Facebook go to www.facebook.com/fabrisons
You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram @fabrisons

Here is their yelp page: www.yelp.com/fabrisons

Here is a short clip of how they make their signature crepes! This one is called “The Hungry Bear” prepared by Chef Ramon De La Mora. It has sausage, ham, bacon, eggs, and mushrooms all tucked under a toasty crepe.

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To promote my photography in food, I have created a new hashtag on Instagram called “#whatsprinceeating“. You can also see my photography in food on my Instagram widget, located on the right side of my website, but this new hashtag will provide you an organized layout of all my food photography on one board–including the restaurants where I check-in at.

If you wish to follow my Instagram photos and my photography in food, go to Instagram and find me under @princesdailyjournal.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your Monday


Cuisine & Dining: Artisan Bistro’s Lunch Special Food Review

Artisan Bistro's Lunch Special

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to taste Artisan Bistro’s Lunch Special (prepared by Chef Andrew Yeo). Here is my food review for each item on the menu along with my concluding thoughts.

Winter Vegetable Veloute
Pumpernickel croutons, olive oil

First impressions are everything. And I must say that I was thoroughly impressed by the first item that I had on the menu.

20140406-233959.jpgThe vegetable veloute was superb. The finest dish that I had in Boston–now there are only two dishes that I consider to be the finest. What made this soup so special was its taste. The soup was absolutely sweet–not too sweet but a solid sweetness! The taste of veloute closely resembled pumpkin soup. However, unlike the pumpkin soups that I had in the past, this did not burn my tongue at all. The taste that I experienced was a warm sensation– filled sweet hidden undertones of pumpkin. The presentation and the preparation was perfect–the pumpernickel croutons had a nice finish.  My only critique was not knowing the delicious ingredients behind this delicious soup. I give this veloute a 10 out 10.

Garden Salad
Pickled Squash, Sweet Potato Chips, Dried Cranberries Manchego, Raspberry Vinaigrette

For this item on the menu, it is originally called the Garden Salad w/ Grilled Chicken. And the only two ingredients that I asked to leave out were the Grilled Chicken and the Walnut Vinaigrette.

20140406-234021.jpgThe Garden Salad was exceptional. The main ingredient which brought out the taste of this salad were the cranberries–pairing well with the Raspberry Vinaigrette dressing. What I also enjoyed most, from this dining experience, was tasting the sweet thin-sliced potato chips. There was nothing traditional about this Garden Salad! The presentation of this salad was a piece of art made by an artisan–a collage of colors onto one dish. My only critique is that I could not taste the pickled squash. Unlike the other ingredients in the salad, I could not taste this particular ingredient. I give this Garden Salad a 7 out 10.

Chocolate Creme Brulee
Biscotti, Blackberries

Desserts are essential in every dining experience. Desserts do not only leave behind flavor but lasting impressions on the whole dining experience.

20140406-234059.jpgThe Creme Brulee was par excellence. What I loved most about the Brulee was its element of surprise. When I took my first bite, I assumed that I would only be tasting the chocolate. But instead, I was welcomed with a sweet tingling sensation of glazed sugar on top of my palette and melted chocolate on top of my tongue. The best words to describe this taste are:  “crunchy on the outside and gooey in the inside“–which first resonated from my mind while I was finishing my plate. What made this experience even more sweeter were the black berries–which really does not need any explanation. Unfortunately I did not try the biscotti with this dessert, but it did add a touch of class to the whole presentation. My only critique is that brulee should have been a tiny bit warmer (for my tastes of course). I give this Creme Brulee a 9 out of 10.

My Cuisine and Dining Score for Artisan Bistro’s Lunch Special: 26 out of 30

Concluding Thoughts

The lunch special provided by Artisan Bistro was truly exquisite; all for $20.00. I send my compliments to Chef Andrew Yeo for doing a great job on the preparation and presentation of each plate. (If I had tried the Grilled Chicken with the Garden Salad, I would’ve boosted my score by 1-2 points.) My favorite dish, which I recommend to any guest who do come here for lunch, is the Winter Vegetable Voulete. It is probably the best dish that you can either treat yourself to or that special someone in your life.

But above all, what made this lunch special truly special was the service behind the meals.

It does not matter what time of day you walk-in to Artisan Bistro; to have your morning breakfast or daily afternoon lunch. It’s staff are always patient and considerate of your needs–They will not mind if you need to stay an extra 30 minutes to finish your job interview or complete an important errand.

Thank you Artisan Bistro for providing me with such great cuisine and a wonderful dining experience!

Artisan Bistro is located at 10 Avery St. Boston, Ma 02111


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20140324-191529.jpgEarlier this afternoon I had the pleasure of tasting Artisan’s Bistro’s Three Course Lunch Special which included Winter Vegetable Velouté (soup), Garden Salad, and Chocalate Creme Brûlée (all for $20). This lunch special is for a limited time only! My food review on this delicious experience is on the way! Thank you Chef Andrew Yeo for lunch as well as breakfast!

Artisan Bistro
Ritz Carlton Hotel
10 Avery Place
Boston, Ma 02111

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Saturday Morning Breakfast w/ Manos Koundourakis


Saturday Morning Breakfast w/ Manos Koundourakis. Today I had my Saturday Morning Breakfast w/ Manos at the Westin Copley Hotel. Manos is a fascinating individual and I met him online through About.me; he reached out to me because he loved what I was doing with my website. Manos is a Greek civil engineer and is working on his Masters in Project Management–he also works at Northeastern University. My favorite topic from our conversation was Greek Politics. I learned that American Politics is not as worse as Greek Politics lol! You can find Manos on about.me and LinkedIn or email him at manos.koundourakis@gmail.com. I’ll be posting a story of him soon on my site.

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Cuisine & Dining: The Reserve (The Langham Hotel)


Happy Hour–a well deserved one too :).

Food Review On The Way!

The Reserve is located inside the The Langham Hotel
250 Franklin St
Boston, MA

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Breakfast At The Wynn


I love the scenery and the food was ok, but I really do not like their dress code. My brother had to go back upstairs because he was wearing a tank top yet there are plenty of women who are wearing tank tops–he was stopped when he was about to eat his food. My family paid a lot of money to dress down and relax. This is a really bad policy! They better change it soon. I really lost my tastes and appetite after seeing that. Profiling.

Think twice before you go to the Wynn for breakfast on a hot day