TED Talk Speaker, Drew Dudley


“It takes about 60 seconds of speaking with Prince to realize that he is passionate about making the world a better place.  His excitement is infectious, but what I really enjoyed about working with Prince is the fact that he asks great questions.

It took me a long time to realize that the
best way to become better isn’t to passively hope that you stumble into knowledge and insight – you have to challenge people with great questions. In doing so, you often help people better understand the things they always
assumed they already knew.

Prince’s questions helped me do that, which is
why I loved speaking with him.”

-Drew Dudley, Founder & Chief Catalyst, Nuance Leadership Inc.

Drew Dudley is one of a kind. When I first saw him on TED Talks, talking about how he changed the life of young girl forever through the act of one lollipop, I knew that I had to have him as one of my Interesting People. When my assistant sent him an email in request of interview, I was quite shocked when he actually replied back, wanting to do one [I was shocked because of his caliber as a TED talker and CEO; and that he wouldn’t have time to be interviewed by a blogger]. However, I am glad that I connected with him and I am also glad that he shared, with my audience, an alternative look of what leadership is. 

Personally I thought leadership is about being the elephant in the room, but really its about keeping a set of values that mean most to you–defining each one–and caring for one another.

Thank you Drew for sharing your personal experience with us and I really do hope that I get the opportunity to meet you face to face one day.


To read his interview story go to: Drew Dudley and How He is Re-Defining Leadership

If you wish to contact him for your next public speaking event, go to: www.nuanceleadership.ca

You can also follow him and his TED Talks at www.ted.com/speakers/drew_dudley.html and on Twitter @nuancedrew

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