President of Illumination Wealth Management, Matt Rinkey

Matt on GreyI met Prince by chance as I was eating lunch in San Diego. Without having to say anything, you could tell there was something exceptional about Prince. It wasn’t too long before we got to talking and in that brief period of time I was able to learn how Prince was dedicated to making a meaningful difference for people and all of the communities he is a part of. Prince has a voracious appetite for learning and developing real relationships with people. He does all of this to serve a higher purpose. To share stories, lessons and knowledge that will inspire people to become their best selves. Not just those people he meets but everyone that he is able to communicate with – in person, in print, on the net or on the air. I was one of the lucky ones to speak with Prince and am grateful for the opportunity to be a small piece of fabric on the quilt that is Prince’s world

Matt Rinkey

What makes Matt Rinkey such a great entrepreneur and all-round great human being is his down to earth personality. The reason why I interviewed him in the first place was how approachable he was, which is key in every human relationship. I may not be a finance guru, but I know what value is when I see it. Thank you again Matt for sharing your story to the world, and I wish you nothing but the best success in the future.

To learn more about him and his company Illumination Wealth go to

You can also follow him on Twitter @mattrinkey

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