Photographer Artur Andronic


“Last winter, I had the pleasure of working with Prince. I have been in the photography business for a few years now, but haven’t really encountered people who actually where professional models. I must say, there’s a huge difference between customers who ask me to tell them how to pose, and customers who just ask me to photograph, and they do the posing themselves.

Prince was incredibly easy to work with. During the photoshoot, we set goals at the beginning, and during the process, we didn’t even had to speak much, everything was intuitive and easy, maybe too easy some times.

Prince definitely has a talent for modeling, and is a very easygoing person, and could clearly identify what he wanted from a photograph, which made my task very easy to achieve. I am looking forward to a new photo shoot with Prince!”

–Artur Andronic

I have had the extraordinary pleasure of working with Artur during my time in Boston, Massachusetts. I have selected him as my number one contact for photography in Boston alone. I recommend Artur for any professional photography that you need to have done–from head shots to special events. In my years of professional photography, Artur comes close to my personal photographer in San Diego, CA. Thank you Artur!


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