Harley Lewin, Intellectual Property Attorney at McCarter & English

LewinHarleyHarley Lewin is a Renaissance Man of the Law. He is an Intellectual Property Attorney and Partner at McCarter & English LLC. With over 40 years of litigation experience, and traveling around the world, Mr. Lewin has been successful in protecting trademarks, designs, ideas, inventions, and clients’ businesses in general. Most notably, he is renowned for litigating and winning limited trademark protection for French luxury shoe maker Charles Louboutin against Yves Saint Laurent America, Inc. in the fight for Louboutin’s distinct women’s red lacquered soles.

Prince in The City w/ Harley Lewin, Intellectual Property Attorney

Mr. Lewin initially became a lawyer as a last alternative, due to the Vietnam War. And during those times he said, “you had two choices: go to school or be drafted to Vietnam.” And so he chose the latter and completed his legal education at the University of Wisconsin School of Law. After graduating from law school, he then worked for a small boutique law firm where he practiced (soft) intellectual property and delved into the entertainment business, where he represented clients who needed protection from “copies” and “knock-offs” he says. Furthermore he says that he was the first and only person in the United States to practice trademark protection at that time.

Today he conducts investigations and legal action against people who are copying brands in over 50 countries (mostly in Asia); negotiates agreements for acquisition and rights; file and prosecute applications to report trademark infringement; and conduct major case litigation.

The clients that he and his firm represents are luxury goods (Dior, Alexander Wang, etc.), start up companies, fragrances, jewelry (both high end and costume), apparel companies, and manufacturing goods like Caterpillar. He recently represented Milk Studios, an entertainment company, who sued Samsung for copying their brand name in their online music videos.

What he enjoys most is representing the good guys of Intellectual Property–he and his firm assisted a Canadian company in acquiring their trademark from Indonesia!

His biggest advice for future lawyers is to work hard; hone your writing skills; and have fun–but to take Civil Procedure very seriously. Mr. Lewin cannot stress enough of how frequent and relevant Civil Procedure is in his line of work. So take Civil Procedure very seriously!

If you wish to reach Mr. Harley Lewin, you may do so via email hlewin@mccarter.com and phone: +1-212-609-6818

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