JD Walters, President of Strategic Insight (Human Resources Consultation)

Where can I find human resources in California? Contact JD Walters, President of Strategic Insight at 619-865-4111 or email jd@strategicinsight.net.

JD Walters (strategic insight)JD Walters works with small business and business owners such as financial advisors, medical offices, and manufacturers and help them understand the employment law in California. JD says, “if you can do human resources in California, you can do it anywhere because it is constantly changing.” With his extensive knowledge in information technology, he has created and administered employee handbooks, human resource policies and practices, as well as travel and entertainment plans.

Human resources, he says, is managing people. And what Strategic Insight does is help companies, organizations, and small business owners to think strategically in regards to staffing people; providing compensation plans to employees; performance management, etc. And the number of employees can range from 1 person to 300 people. Why his job is so important to his clients and businesses is because it prevents sexual harassment and bully prevention—most importantly he coaches managers on what they should do and not do on the job, i.e. asking a potential employee’s age is against the employment law in California.

What he really enjoys most is the customer service aspect of his job–he truly enjoys helping people. Having a small boutique firm allows him to set a standard of customer service that he wouldn’t do otherwise by working for another firm. There was one incident which he consulted a client over the phone while vacationing in Europe.

“What I love about JD Walters is his personality. JD has a warm personality and makes you feel like family. If you have a product that you truly believe in, JD will do all that he can to help you achieve your goals!” –Prince Sefa-Boakye

To learn more about JD and his services, go to www.strategicinsight.net

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