Help Domestic Abuse Survivor Publish Her Book at Gofundme

Sharine Jones, Upcoming Author

I am helping my Big Sister Sharine Jones publish her first autobiography book on her first hand experience of Domestic Abuse and Violence: “Reflections of A Woman’s Indescretions.” Sharine prays that her book will not only empower women but save lives.

Sharine is a remarkable woman, who overcame death and tribulations to get to where she is today. She has been waiting for over five years to get her book publish, and what we need now are the funds to make her dream reality.

The funds will pay for editing, copyright, and additional expenses.

For anyone who donates $100 or more will get a free copy of her book!

To read the first chapter of her book, click here

To make a donation, click on the badge above.

Special shout-outs to those who made contributions thus far:
–Alice Munoz, $100.00
–Rose & Solomon Acosta $40.00
–Randy Weaver $25.00
–Traci Schiavo $50.00
–Joshua & “A” Acosta $20.00
–Tracy Shah $20.00
–Jelani Weaver $20.00
–Liv Smith $50.00
–Tiffany Munoz $20.00

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