Prince Sefa-Boakye interviews Casey Tanaka, Mayor of Coronado

Mayor Casey TanakaIn this talk I get to re-connect with the Mayor of Coronado, Ca., Casey Tanaka.

Mr. Tanaka began his political journey, to the mayor’s office, back in 1999, when he started teaching history to high school students at his alma mater Coronado High School (Class of 1994). And having already completed his college education at UCSD (with a degree in History and a minor in Political Science), he made the career move to jump right into “Coronado Politics” and seize the opportunity to run for mayor–which he did at the age of 24.

From what he tells me, Coronado is an incorporated city of San Diego. And as such, it has a city council which the people of Coronado have elected him to serve as its chairman. So in short he serves as a liaison for the city of Coronado but works very hard with the city manager of Coronado to make the city as great as it is today! (His work includes master of ceremonies, overseeing legislation, etc.)

Today he continues to proudly serve for the city of Coronado, and teaches AP US History to 11th graders and Government to 12th graders at Coronado High School.

If you wish to visit Coronado for the very first time and reach out to the mayor for questions, go Google him under “Casey Tanaka.” You will be able to find his phone number and email address there; he says email is the best way to get a hold of him.

You can also find the mayor’s story under interesting people:

Talk Tuesdays w/ Casey Tanaka– His Life and Rise to the Mayor’s Office

And for more of my radio talks, go to and click Prince in the City

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