Rene Mena, Hollywood Actor for RDR Management

Rene Mena (princesdailyjournal)Rene Mena was born in Sonsonate, El Salvador. Before he was an actor, he was a realtor in Richmond, VA where he sold real estate. But once the economy collapsed in 2008, he then switched careers and became an actor. He moved to Hollywood, Los Angeles in 2011 and spent the last four years perfecting his craft as a full-time actor.

For the past four years that he has lived in Hollywood, he has appeared in T.V. Shows like “Shameless” and “Crime Stoppers” and in films like “Lola’s Love shack” and “Canon.” Most notably, he was awarded the “Upcoming Actor Award” from the mayor of Los Angeles, which he is the first Salvadorean to receive such an award.

Today he is continuing to perfect his craft as an actor, which he will be auditioning in more films, TV Shows, and films–and to hopefully one day be on the big screen.

To read my first interview with Rene Mena, go to Behind The Scenes with Rene Mena.

My Interview w/ Actor Rene Mena

To follow him go to

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