Mark Halby, San Diego Financial Planner

Where can I find a Financial Planner in San Diego? Contact Mark Halby Certified Financial Planner and AIFIP Certified.

Mark Halby (princesdailyjournal)Mark received his Certified Financial Planner certificate from the Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards and has been in the Financial Services Industry for over five years–committing himself to the betterment and wellness of his clients. Growing up in Northern California, Mark looked up to his father, Anthony Halby, as his inspiration for becoming a Financial Planner.

Seeing his father work and changing the lives of countless clients through his prowess of financial planning, for over 40 over years, allowed Mark to explore this field of finance. And so when he moved to San Diego, CA in 2004 to attend San Diego State University, where he studied financial services, he discovered how important Financial Planning was for him and immediately made it a profession to pursue. As a result, in his senior year at San Diego State University, he joined the local Financial Planning Association and became a founding member of the Financial Planning Associations’ Student chapter at SDSU–serving as its first membership chair!

My main reason for reaching out to Mark Halby was his warm personality and knowledge on Personal Identity Theft. Mark was able to meet with me at a convenient location and give me a set of requirements to protect my personal information.

Today Mark holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University and is now advisor to the same chapter that he founded alongside his classmates. He continues to demonstrate his dedication to the Financial Planning profession and has been an active member of the Financial Planning Association since 2008. Mark remains very involved in the community and is a member of the San Diego State University Alumni Association as well as a member of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce.

To reach Mark Halby via email, email him at
To reach Mark Halby via phone, call him at 619-331-0427
You can also follow Mark on Twitter @MarkAHalby

To Reach the Halby Group go to
or call 530-265-2400

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