Sunday Praise: Putting Effort in God’s Grace

Pasto JJ Lopez (princesdailyjournal)
Sunday praise: Putting Effort in Grace. “Carry God’s grace without condemning. We are here to love humanity. Love everyone and not condemn everyone. Like Christ, we are here to accomplish God’s law.”
— JJ Lopez, Minister of Music
Matt 5:17; John 8:1-11

JJ Preaching the Testament of Christ’s purpose in the law of Moses. Jesus set out to love humanity and not bring down destruction to the world. It’s Religion that brings destruction not Christ. The relationship that we have with God is Christianity! One thing to note is that JJ has lost his sight but he walks and sees clearly in the spirit of The Lord. Amen!

Instagram: #princeinthecity #princesdailyjournal #preach #praisehim #blessed #gospel #sunday

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