Help Fund McMullan Pediatric Nursing Home

McMullan Pediatric Nursing Home (princesdailyjournal)

Hello World, I have been asked again to use my talents to help raise money, and spread awareness, for a friend who’s loved one is suffering from an unknown illness. Her name is Tanya Rudenjak and I am helping her by raising awareness to build a pediatric nursing facility.

McMullan Pediatric Nursing Home (princesdailyjournal)

“My wish is to build a pediatric nursing facility so my son will be within 15 minutes from Boston Children’s Hospital.

He almost died February 9, 2015 because the nursing facility was 2.5 hours from Boston. It took the Children’s Hospital Transport Team 12 hours to get him from Keene, NH to Boston. He had a pneumonia. When he is in severe respiratory distress he can stiffen his body like a stone and would need a paralytic drug to breath. The ICU at Children’s Hospital Boston is where he needs to be, if this were to happen again.

Liam was born with sleep apnea and a year later started to have seizures and a shaking movement disorder. He does not breath, walk, talk, nor eat on his own. However, I believe that One day he will do all these things.

Help me help him” –Tanya Rudenjak

McMullan Pediatric Nursing Home (princesdailyjournal)

She has already raised over $500 and is kindly asking for more donations to not help her son but other children who suffers from what her son has.

To donate go to No donation is too big or too small. Please help me to fund her dream.

Here is a short video to show a glimpse into Tanya’s life.The only difference is that the boy in the video has his condition diagnosed, while Liam does not. To watch click on the link below


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