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Timeless Tuesdays at the Bond Lounge. A once a month special occasion (the first Tuesday of every month) where you can network with professionals and see the latest trends in fashion.

This month’s fashion look: David Josef Fashions

David Josef Fashions (princesdailyjournal)David Josef is a well-renowned fashion designer here in Boston–specializing in women’s clothing. Designing women’s clothing for over 38 years, he has done it all. He has been blessed to have sold his clothing in department stores across America–stores like Neimann Marcus, Saks, Bloomingdales, etc–and has done television and movie work in New York.

David Josef Fashions, he says, is a “feminine, tailored, uncluttered, and simple look.” They are elegant designs which last for a life-time. His inspiration behind his designs stems from his clients who have grown with him over the years. He understands his clients needs and concerns from day one–taking the time to actually listen to them–and transforms them into beautiful celebrities, while still keeping them up to date with cultural standards. However his biggest pride and joy, is using his keen fashion designs to raise money for Amiee Takaha’s Farm Animal Sanctuary in Arizona.

aimeephoto (aimeesfarmanimalsanctuary)In a recent fashion show, held at the Beehive restaurant in Boston, Ma, David hosted a charity event to commend the good works of his good friend Aimee Takaha. Aimee Takaha is not only a dear friend to David, but a lifetime friend towards unwanted and abused farm animals. Aimee’s lifetime career is rescuing unwanted and abused farm animals or animals that are going to slaughter house. “Aimee would actually go to these auctions, where animals could be potentially bought for slaughter, and buys them,” David says. She knows she can’t save all of them, but the ones that she does save are rehabilitated and loved back to life.

In a short video (below), which was shown at the fashion show, Aimee was commemorated for her great works in restoring the lives of abused farm animals–and how over time they are able to love people again. “They are loved back to life!,” David says. And through the power of David’s charity fashion show, and his great support group of friends and clients, they were able to buy all the seats at Beehive Restaurant and raise over $15,000 for Aimee so she can continue her good work at her farm in Arizona.

David Josef Fashions (princesdailyjournal)

David Josef’s biggest advice for future fashionistas and fashion designers is to be passionate but know how to sew. “It’s tough,” he says. When he first started in the 1970s, there was nobody who was doing what he was doing. But now everyone is doing it. Regardless he says, “You need to have a passion; be poor for awhile; and most importantly know how to sew.”

David Josef Fashions (princesdailyjournal)

To see my photos from the fashion show go to my Flickr Acct: “David Josef Fashions”
To follow David Josef and his designs go to his Facebook Page: David Josef Fashions. You can also find him at on Google.

To email him, email him at david.josef.fashions@gmail.com

To follow and donate Aimee’s work with rescuing abused farm animals , go to www.aimeesfarmanimalsanctuary.com

Here is Aimee’s short video of her farm animal sanctuary, shown at the Charity Fashion Show


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  1. Congratulations David, the Designing in women’s clothing is awesome. The designs that you are designed are feminine, uncluttered, and simple look, will engage the women’s a lot. The inspiration given by you in Designing women’s clothing will gives us success designing world.

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