JPLovesit’s New YouTube Show, “JPLovesit’s Hangouts”

JP has created a new Youtube web series called “JPLovesit’s Hangout” made especially for her friends and fans alike- “It’s where music meets reality,” JP says. The idea behind the web series is to get rid of the middle man and allow artists to interview each other, themselves, and other fun stuff!

“I think this is an excellent idea because it will present an opportunity for my fans to get to know their artists even better, and see that there is a side to of all of us, besides the professional one. To summarize, this pretty much means an underground artist will have a chance to be in the spotlight and a chance for her audience to get to know her better!

As many of you already know, I’m quite down to earth. I love writing and talking about everything that goes along with passion, our feelings, love, and even subjects such as woman rights and empowerment. Besides that, expect a lot of fun, engaging, and interesting content, with special inspirational quotes, facts, images, gags and all that fun stuff in general!” –JPLovesit

To follow JP and her music go to

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