JPLovesIt, Rising New Music Star in Boston, Ma

JP Lovesit (princesdailyjournal)

JP LovesIt (Joanne Pritemps) is a burgeoning music artist who is ready to take over the music scene of Boston, Massachusetts, with her star powered voice and authentic flair.

JP was born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, but was raised in Boston for almost all her life. Her love of music came from her Haitian roots, where she was exposed to all genres of music: from the carnival rhythms of Zouk music to the soulful ballads of Country music.

She began her singing career as a child when her parents enrolled her into the Handel and Hayden Society–an after school program that is known for their Classical and Opera training. Witnessing her natural musical talent, JP was recruited by the New England Conservatory and starred in operatic plays with the Gilbert and Sullivan Production Company. What began as an after-school hobby would evolve into a life long passion (Written by Attey Harper)

Today she is getting ready to make her encore debut this summer at Boston’s annual Haitian Carnival! And in preparation, I will be sending out weekly press releases to keep you up to date with her music, videos, interviews, and red carpet appearances in Boston, Ma.

To learn more about JP Lovesit and her music, go to

To check out her music go to

You can also follow her on Twitter @JPLovesIt

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